Connecting to Emotions Through Writing and Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: This blog post and the five following are an overview of the workshop given by D. Gary Young at the 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention.

Is writing old fashioned? No! I will teach you how to tap into your emotions so you can reprogram those things you wish to change—and the key is writing.

an old-school fountain pen writing words on a page


Put your iPads and laptops away and get out the pad and pencil; we’re going to do it the old-fashioned way. Yup, sorry. There’s a very specific reason for it. The mind does not connect to emotion through electronics; it connects to it through energy that is produced from the nimble movement of your fingers wrapped around a pencil shaft. I’m not saying that you can’t put it in your iPod, your laptop, or whatever later; please do so that you can put it in a file, save it, and never look at it again. That’s what we do, isn’t it? But for this class, please, I want you to write, not type. You’ll understand the reason one day if not before class is over.

A lot of you are going to connect with some very deep emotions today, and I really desire for you to experience that because there’s a reason for it. As you do, please just write, write, write. That’s how you get it out, by writing.

Typing on a computer will not allow it to erase out of the mind; only when your hand is in motion with the feeling of the energy and moving and inscribing will it erase. Many of you have been in my classes when I’ve talked about writing, writing, writing.


Writing is one of the keys that I attribute to my success, because I write and write and write constantly, and I do it on paper. After I’d written three or four or five chapters of The One Gift, Mary said, “Honey, Why don’t you type it in the computer so that it’s easier for me to edit?”

the cover of the book "The One Gift" by D. Gary Young, featuring a frankincense tree in the foreground and a camel caravan in the background.

I said, “Okay.” So I moved over to the computer, sat down, and typed three words—and it stopped.

What does it mean when I say that? The flow. When I was writing The One Gift, it was like I was watching a movie, and I was trying to write a script for the movie. But when I would put down the pen, the movie would shut off; and when I went to the computer and started to type, the movie never came on. So I went back to my writing table, picked up the pen, and the movie came on. It was beautiful.

I write small when I’m writing, and what I wrote on one 8½-x-11 yellow note paper was translated word-for-word on to a full typeset page in the book. I could write 32 pages in a day. Then I could lay down the pencil and go two or three months and never pick it up again, and the moment I picked up the pencil, I didn’t have to go back to read what I had written; it picked up where I left off and just flowed.

Trying two or three different times to type instead of write was an incredible experience. When I went back and relooked at my experience and started doing research, I came to understand and recognize that the hand in motion. So it is very specific. Write, write, write.

For 30 years I always had my clients have five notebooks, one of which was just for negative thoughts only, and they would write every negative thought, every negative feeling they had until they couldn’t even conceive of another thought. I have had clients who would fill five spiral 8½ x 11 notebooks, both sides of the pages, with their negative thoughts and feelings.


Folks, you’re not my clients, you’re my family. But I’m telling you, if you want total success, never quit writing in your negative notebook. It’s the greatest dumping ground you can have, and when you’re writing, diffuse Release and get that a bottle of Young Living's Release blendenergy really going. Use Frankincense during writing and other self-reflection activities to enhance the experience and open your mind to new ideas.

Writing is the greatest thing you can do by yourself without paying a therapist $250 an hour.


a bottle of Young Living Sacred Mountain essential oil blendLet’s start with an oil blend named Sacred Mountain. As you smell the aroma, write down the first thought that comes to mind. Was it the last time you were camping with your family? The last time you were mowing the lawn? The last time you were chopping wood? Whatever thought comes first to your mind, write it down.

Pay attention to what feeling that thought produces and follow up with writing the feeling— just a very short description of what that thought triggers as it comes to your mind. Through that you can continue at home doing your own self-evaluation, your own analysis, your own discovery to find out what is missing and what you’ve been doing wrong.

This is your transformation. Every person in this room will affect everyone else within at least a 40-foot radius. How about that? So as you think, so shall your friend react. Wow. How many of you have thought about how your thoughts are projected on to others and how their response is a mere reflection of your thoughts in many cases? Okay, so write down your feelings, what you’re thinking.

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