Dannette Goodyear on How to Use Young Living Products, as Recommended by Gary

What is it that makes your life and oil business grow? Is it your enthusiasm, your business savvy, your handy use of social media, Gary’s legacy, or Young Living products themselves? It can be a mixture of all of the above, depending on you. A group of Royal Crown Diamonds at Young Living’s 2019 International Grand Convention, for instance, agreed and elaborated on that here.

Dannette Goodyear, an energetic Diamond who also spoke at 2019 IGC, focuses on the products. In her presentation, she passed on several essential oil and product usage tips from Gary that you might find useful in your quest for growth.

Dannette Goodyear, speaking at Young Living's 2019 International Grand Convention

Dannette Goodyear, speaking at Young Living’s 2019 International Grand Convention

How to Use Young Living Products, as Recommended by Gary

  • When you’re applying your oils, especially blends, put them on with intention: Gary created blends by looking at the frequencies of single oils—their benefits as well as their chemical constituents—and combining them to produce the frequency of the emotion that he was looking to evoke. This is what he shared about why he chose the oils that go into the Live Your Passion blend:
    • Orange: because its aroma evokes the happy feelings of being a child and gives a sense of relaxationA bottle of Young Living Live Your Passion essential oil blend (red with gold lettering).
    • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood: because its scent is great for grounding and stabilizing
    • Northern Lights Black Spruce: Its sharp, green fragrance may help release emotional blocks
    • Lime: Its aroma uplifts, helps creativity, and complements the Orange oil
    • Ylang Ylang: Its flowery fragrance encourages passion, helps increase focus, and filters out negative energy, while restoring confidence and peace
    • Frankincense: Its scent brings the spiritual realm to our consciousness so that we are aware of what is going on around us
    • Peppermint: Its stimulating scent helps enhance the effects of the other oils in the blend

Dannette said: “We all heard Gary say that he never made a product for profit, only for a purpose. Gary was committed to helping each of us find our purpose and walk it out, which is why he created so many of our great essential oil blends.”

  • Apply Acceptance essential oil blend and accept what you’re going through, what you’ve been given, and what you’ve chosen to take on. Then layer on Gratitude and Trauma Life for extra support, and then finish by applying and inhaling Release. Use the empowering scents of your oils to help move past negative events.
  • If having a hard time remembering to use your oils or take your supplements is becoming a habit, then change your habits. If you rarely eat vegetables because they’re in the lower crisper of your fridge, then move them to the middle so that every time you open it, veggies are all you see. Same goes for your NingXia Red, MindWise, Life 9, Mineral Essence, K&B, or any other Young Living products that you refrigerate: Put them where you see them and don’t forget to take them. Figure out what works for you. Dannette keeps her citrus and herb Vitality essential oils by her home water purification system in their kitchen because “it’s a great way to instill a habit,” she says. “Keep those bottles right there so that every time you go for a glass of water, you see the bottles and put some oils in.”
  • Find ways to have positive associations with the oils and supplements that you might not love at first but that your body needs. Your mind will catch up.
  • Take enzymes. Dannette remembers flying to Michigan and hearing Gary talk on enzymes for an entire day. “It was just a stream of amazing enzyme information,” she said. He’s also spoke about them here and here. This is how Dannette takes them:
  • She takes Essentialzymes-4 always when she eats out.
  • She keeps Allerzyme at her desk for a great mid-day “pop” of enzyme support.
  • She loves Detoxzyme and uses it often when she needs extra support, such as when she’s on the road and not eating optimally.
  • She loves Essentialzyme* too, the first enzyme product Gary created. She takes four or five tablets out of the bottle right before bedtime and puts them on the lid of the bottle. She drinks a large glass of water before she goes to sleep and keeps her Lavender, Grapefruit, and Cinnamint lip balms close by so that when she gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, she takes her Essentialzyme* with more water, puts on lip balm, goes to the bathroom, and then back to bed. “I do that,” she said, “because (A) It works for me, and (B) I don’t want those enzymes digesting food. I want them digesting things at the next level, as Gary taught us. Also, if I’m out of the country, I always make DiGize Vitality* capsules and have those ready, so I’ll take those at bedtime too. If you don’t get up in the middle of the night to do that, drink more water before bedtime so that you do.”
  • Use RutaVaLa: Gary was brilliant in combining Ruta with Valerian and Lavender, said Dannette. That’s why it’s called RutaVaLa: Ruta, Valerian, and La “I remember being in Ecuador for my Gold Retreat,” said Dannette, “and seeing Gary growing ruta out in the fields. . . . He found that the sun during the day at the equator was too strong for the plant, which he called ‘her.’ “The next year I was there for Platinum Retreat and went to a [nearby] banana grove and saw all these beautiful, feathery little ruta plants there. He said it was the perfect amount of speckled sunlight yet shaded in the afternoon to help ‘her’ thrive there.”
  • Start low and slow. Many of us may think that “more is better.” But Gary taught that more is not necessarily better, and we can actually flood our receptors by using too much essential oil. One drop of oil can make a difference in your life. Start with one drop of oil occasionally to see how your body chemistry reacts to it. There are also other factors that may influence how your body reacts to any particular oil, including genetics, exposure to environmental toxins, diet, deficiencies, emotional state, and gut health.
  • Remember that you can’t “out-supplement” a consistently bad diet. If you are eating, drinking, and even reading unhealthy things regularly, don’t think that a handful of supplements here or there or a little bit of diffusing once in a while is going to cancel out a lifestyle of less-than-healthy choices. As you start living a cleaner lifestyle, your tastes will actually change. Try using the uplifting scents of essential oils to stay motivated when bad habits call your name. You’ll soon move past them and choose better options.
  • Know that you are your best scientist. Methodically experiment with dosages, products, and the times of day you take supplements or use products.

“Some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet or spend time with Gary,” said Dannette, “but you do have the opportunity to participate in his legacy.” A big part of that legacy is the products that he created to improve your life, so use them to not only connect with him, but also to connect with a better you.”

Watch Dannette’s whole talk here:

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