Member Memory: Gary Young and Laurie A.

Since Gary’s passing, many members have shared their memories of him and appreciation for his legacy. Today, we share another member’s memories with you as a way not only to keep his legacy alive but also to inspire others seeking wellness and purpose. This one comes from Laurie A.

I had the pleasure of knowing Gary since 2000 and really got to know him at those “small” early conventions and at the farms during Leadership Retreats. We all loved his heart and ability to tell stories like no one else! His knowledge, passion, and determination enthralled his listeners; we hung on his every word. What a gift he had!

Gary Young teaching people about lavender in the fields

Gary’s relationship to the plants was astounding. He knew them like individuals with unique needs, and he knew how to communicate with them. I often referred to him as the “Plant Whisperer.” At my Sliver Retreat at St. Marie’s in Idaho, Gary explained that the difference between natural heirloom lavender and hybrid lavender could be seen by the color of the blooms. Learning that the majority of lavender being cultivated around the world is hybrid brought tears to my eyes as the world is losing the true essence of God-created plants. Thankfully Young Living still grows true Lavandula angustifolia, all because of Gary.



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