A Life Shaped by Purpose

The life of D. Gary Young began in poverty in the mountains of Idaho, living with his parents and five siblings in a 30 X 30-foot cabin without electricity or running water. Led on a journey of discovery by a lifetime of turning trials into triumphs, Gary became the World Leader in Essential Oils, touching the lives of millions of people around the globe. His was an epic, true-life adventure of perseverance, against all odds, achieving the impossible, and seeing his vision of taking essential oils into every home in the world. Today, millions of people carry his message of achieving emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being to those who are looking for a better way.

D. Gary Young: An Inspiring Educator and Mentor

A lifelong student of health, nature, technology, and many other subjects, Gary was also an enthusiastic educator. He could often be found teaching others—from single individuals to crowds of thousands—about the subjects he had made it his life’s work to understand.

Because Gary was so passionate about sharing the precious gift of essential oils with the world, he was also passionate about sharing his lifetime of knowledge with trusted individuals who will continue his vision. Young Living’s hand-selected executive management team is full of individuals who are, like Gary was, committed to representing the best of nature and bringing pure, authentic essential oils to the world. These dedicated individuals are not only leading experts in their fields and specialties, but they also share his vision and have been personally mentored by Gary to continue his work for decades into the future.

Gary and Jared visiting a melissa farm in Serbia.
Gary and Mary visit the Young Living lab.
Mike and Gary in the lab discussing the science of essential oils.
Gary and Mark assess a dying helichrysum field in Serbia, where wet, lowland, soft-soil conditions prevented the hardy, rock-loving plants from thriving. Gary determined not to grow crops in this region.
Gary congratulates Lauren on becoming the Chief Supply Chain Officer.


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