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July 2019

Make This Your Year of Transformation

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Gary Young’s passing, we have been taking stock of the tremendous contributions…

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November 2012

Build Your New Life with Essential Oils

If you fell in love in the beginning, you can fall in love again, because…

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Start Dancing, Then Decide What You Want!

For those of you who want to change your life, use your oils, and speak…

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Become What You Desire to Be

What is energy? How do we define energy? Energy is strength of body or mind…

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October 2012

Surrender Negativity & Unconscious Manipulation

When I was sitting in the wheelchair, I didn’t have to cough, I didn’t have…

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When We Need to Make Changes

Just by physically making the motion of going counterclockwise, you’re erasing that blueprint in your…

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Live in Total Abundance!

Last week we talked about programming with essential oils. Now let’s back up and do…

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September 2012

You Only Live Now

It’s all right here in our cell structure, so think the thought, “I can win…

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Molecules in Motion

We are affected by emotions. In 1972 Candace Pert, PhD, discovered what is called the…

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The Power of Scent

Essential oils have electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy has an entire color spectrum.  Electromagnetic energy and…

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