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Taking Risks

How many here want to change your paradigm? Okay, how many are willing to take a risk? Thank you!

2017_Convention_Gary_Friday.010Is the risk worth it? What if I take the risk and it doesn’t work out? Do I risk losing my friends? Do I risk losing my marriage? Do I risk everything financially? Do I risk getting hurt physically or mentally? Could I decide that it is not worth the risk? Yes, you can decide that. And unfortunately, many of us at different times in our life make the decision that it’s not worth the risk, and so we don’t do it. We sit back and become disappointed the very next year when we discover we’re in the same place, doing the same thing, having the same thoughts, regretting our life.

Is driving this dune buggy a risk? Yes, it’s a risk. Is it worth it? Well, at the moment of impact, I’d have to say no. But the reality of it is, yes, in the long term, it was worth it. It cost me $28,000 to put my car back together. But do you know how much Nitro we sold after that?


This photo was after the rollover you just viewed. You’ll notice my flags are gone, and the lights are gone off the roof. But after the car rolled seven times, John Whetten, the cameraman, and a couple of his assistants came running down the mountain to help me roll the car back up on its wheels and fire it up and go again. You don’t quit because you have a little rollover.


Dare to Change Your Paradigm!

Next, do research about your idea. For example, if you’re looking at being a Silver or a Platinum, research and learn all you can about the aspects of being that person and what it takes to get there. Study your business; study the market.

Look at the pitfalls. Look at the negative things. Look at everything. Because that’s how you make a firm decision of what you really want to do with your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether you’re buying a franchise for an auto parts store or you’re going to be a Royal Crown Diamond; it’s the same principle.


What empowers us to build a business? What enables us to be successful? Changing our paradigm, changing our belief system, changing how we see ourselves! Do I see myself being successful, or do I see myself going down to the welfare office and getting food stamps? I can change my outcome by changing how I see myself.

Some would say it’s fear that keeps us from doing this, and I say, no, it’s not fear. I’ve heard people say the greatest fear is public speaking. If that were true, I wouldn’t be up here on this stage. Public speaking is not the greatest fear. You know what the greatest fear is? It’s taking the risk to change your paradigm.


Dream to Overcome Negativity

2017_Convention_Gary_Friday.022Capture an idea and dream about it. Now, this is where you can start taking control of your negative thoughts and emotions. This is where I would go when I would start feeling like giving up, because I had all these doctors telling me it was impossible. We had three doctors in Houston tell Mary and Mark, my pilot, and me that I should have been dead four different times. Well, what do they know about dying? That’s an individual thing.

You want to get out of that mindset. You capture an idea and dream about it. You dream about it until that’s all you see. Then talk about your idea with your family and friends. Maybe it’s about: I want to run a marathon, or I want to be a Gold.

Talk to your family and friends. Why do you talk to your family and friends first? Because you want to get any negativity past you. You want to get all of the “That’s crazy. I’ve never heard anything so foolish. That’s multilevel stuff; why would you want to do that?” You want to get that kind of talk out of the way! Then you can start focusing forward. Study your idea in your mind; rehearse it, look at it, and analyze it. Scrutinize it so you start putting a plan to that idea of how you’re going to do it.


Now, if you’re actively engaging your brain in doing this, you know what your brain is not doing? It’s not telling you to give up. It’s not telling you to feel sorry for yourself. It’s not telling you it’s impossible. It’s not telling you the doctor’s right. You’re focusing your brain on an idea that’s outside yourself that’s bigger than you.

Give Yourself Permission to Have a Hard Day

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There may be some days that you just don’t find a way to deal with “it”; and on those days, you just take it all in and say, “Okay, I’m not really at the top of my game today, but I’m going to get through this; and tomorrow will be a different day.”

There may be times when you don’t have the resources, mentally, physically, spiritually, to fight that day. So just sit back and give yourself permission to feel that way; it’s okay. Because if you don’t, you will fight harder and harder, and what you resist will persist.

I didn’t learn all of this overnight, and my family has been through a lot of uncomfortable moments because of my bad attitude when I would get down. I know what it’s like; I’ve been there several times, but this past year was the worst. So I started looking at ways I could fix it, things that I could do that would make things better, and how and what I could do to live with this until it’s better. Things don’t always change in the moment.

So, I’d like to share with you now my presentation on how to become successful in two weeks. Is anyone interested? Yes!


Defying the Death Sentence

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Today, June 16, 2017, is a very special day for me in so many ways, because on November 15, 2016, I was told that I would be lucky if I lived 6 months. So, when I made it past six months, I turned over to Mary that morning and said, “Honey, how does it feel to be in bed with a dead man?”

You don’t have to put up with or believe anything you’re told unless you want to!

In the past year, Mary’s been told four or five times that I wouldn’t live. And again, just this past April, she was told once again! So, I’m here and am feeling better than I’ve felt in several years!

It hasn’t been easy, but has it been worth it? Yes. Have I had days when I wanted to quit? Yes. Have I had days of depression? Yes. I’m a human being and those are things that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, and we fight them if we want the right outcome. We put them behind us and find ways to deal with them.