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Spiritual Healing (2012 Convention Workshop)

August 2019

Surrender Negativity and Unconscious Manipulation With Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: This blog post is the fifth and sixth of six summarizing the workshop…

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Understanding Energy and Emotions

Think back to when you first saw your sweetheart. The emotion and connection you felt…

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July 2019

Connecting to Emotions Through Writing and Essential Oils

Editor’s Note: This blog post and the five following are an overview of the workshop…

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November 2012

Build Your New Life with Essential Oils

If you fell in love in the beginning, you can fall in love again, because…

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Start Dancing, Then Decide What You Want!

For those of you who want to change your life, use your oils, and speak…

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Become What You Desire to Be

What is energy? How do we define energy? Energy is strength of body or mind…

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October 2012

When We Need to Make Changes

Just by physically making the motion of going counterclockwise, you’re erasing that blueprint in your…

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Live in Total Abundance!

Last week we talked about programming with essential oils. Now let’s back up and do…

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