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I hope my readers can understand the joy that filled my heart at convention as I saw a dream come true. For 15 long years, I have traveled to the Middle East in search of the most precious frankincense essential oil of all: Omani hojari. At the 2010 Young Living Grand Convention it was my great honor to place this treasured oil in distributors’ hands.

Omani hojari is beloved of Omani royalty and the royal family of Saudi Arabia. It grows in the Dhofar region of Oman. In meetings with trade officials in the Ministry of Agriculture in Salalah, Oman, I learned that the only species of frankincense that grows in the kingdom of Oman is Boswellia sacra. This species has a higher content of the constituent alpha pinene than frankincense oil from Boswellia carteri, even though both varieties carry frankincense’s therapeutic power.

Because Young Living has established two distilleries in Oman and fulfilled all Omani government requirements, for the first time in modern history frankincense is being exported from Oman. REAL Omani hojari!

At the Young Living Product Expo at the Young Living convention, distributors swarmed the single oil booths and were thrilled with the new frankincense oil from Oman: Sacred Frankincense. Young Living staff who shared samples of the oil reported that our distributors were surprised by the lighter, sweeter scent of Boswellia sacra and many actually experienced its uplifting, spiritual effect. I am gratified to know that prayer and meditation for thousands of Young Living distributors will now be enhanced thanks to the use of Sacred Frankincense.

My heartfelt thanks to the Young Living distributors who so warmly embraced this new Young Living essential oil!

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  1. I think that this is exciting news to the Young Living Network!
    I am so happy to be a part of this revolution in our time!
    It is wonderful the way these oild have helped, and continue to help people all over the world.
    Keep up the GREAT work, and thank you for all your efforts.


  2. living in Oman I have sometimes been able to explore the wild, magical areas where Boswellia Sacra is found.
    Such remote areas that its only on foot that one can actually touch the tree. What an uplifting experience.

  3. Hi Gary,

    The Hojari Frankincense is a true gift – thank you for sharing with us all. Since convention I have been looking for a reputable distributor of the resin. Thus far, my best find is on Ebay – which is risky – so I have not purchased yet.

    Is this resin either Boswellia sacra or Carteri product that Young living is considering carrying in the future? or Do you have recommendations for purchasing the high quality resins that I received at convention?

  4. Dear Gary,

    I spoke to staff as well as Upline and Distributors at Convention about the blight of the people on the Gulf Coast. People and animals are subject to inhaling petrochemicals as well as the oil dispersants. Hydrogen sulfide, benzene, methalene chloride and others are in high concentrations in the air. The threat of a hurricane brings more dread and fear. We have been trying to reach as many people as we can and giving out oils and encouraging people to diffuse YL oils. We need your prayers and intentions as well as your expertise and advice. What can we do? What can we offer? Could YL do a health seminar across the coast?
    Please help. Our sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, birds, fish are dying. Soon it will be our pets, our children and us.

  5. We have been using Frankincense to help people with respiratory symptoms here on the Gulf Coast. The oil dispersants and petrochemicals are coating the lungs as well as the brain and many are having asthma like attacks, sucidal depression, flu like symptoms.

    The Frankincense oil works better than R.C. or Raven and seems to give people a spiritual lift as well.

    Thank you Gary and Mary for all you do for so many. The people on the Gulf Coast need prayer.

  6. I’ve a question. Am on coumadin(bood thinner)…anything in your “Pan Away”
    that might prevent me from using same for muscular pain??? thank you


  7. I am wanting to know more about the various kinds of Frankincense and which one was used during Jesus time. Who does the studies on the use of this Frankincense and where? Utah? I’d like to know more specific testimonials about the use of this oil.

  8. I got a piece of the Boswellia sacra at convention and took it home to my husband who was unable to attend convention. For several days he has been biting the inside of his cheek when he ate and flesh was hanging. He put the sacra on that side of his cheek and after four hours he took it out and felt for the hanging flesh with his tongue. To his amazement the flesh had healed and the inside of his cheek was smooth.
    I definitely would like to buy the Boswellia sacra resin. I would like to buy it a pound at a time. I am not kidding. I heard Gary say that he was bringing the resin in. Please bring it in soon. I will even by the Cateri. Thank you, Sharon Jones

  9. I am grateful to you, D. Gary Young, for your years of research and commitment to locate this most precious Sacred Frankincense essential oil. I am deeply moved that you are sharing this oil with us, your distributors, that we may strengthen our oneness with our Source, and more wisely share Young Living throughout the world, with “oils in every home.”.

    I, too, would like the opportunity to purchase some of the pure resin for oral application, in addition to the Frankincense toothpaste that is to come.

    I did purchase the Frankincense burner with its bag of resin, however, the accompanying tag states that it is not to be used internally. In the meantime, I am enjoying the blessing of the incense, along with the use of the Bowsellia sacra essential oil on the tip of my tongue and pressed against the roof of my mouth.

  10. Gary, this was my first convention of Young Living. I have to tell you about using the One Gift. I had walked so much in non walking shoes and one day we went home the wrong way, I think about three miles or it seemed so. I was lying on the bed and my feet felt like they were on fire from my knees on down. I have diabetic neuropathy. Anyway, I was really hurting. I got up and put some One Gift on and then put a little bit on. Just a little bit later, after complaining to my husband that I was dying I hurt so bad, I said “My feet don’t hurt”. My husband said “What?” Anyway, we got in the car and went to a large mall to shop for a jacket for my husband. We were going from there to Idaho to assist a distributor and knew it was cool there. Anyway, we walked from one end of this humongous mall to the other and then cross ways in that mall and I felt great. My husband could not believe it. I really like the One Gift. Thank you!

  11. Hi Gary!
    I like your blog. Since I started a blog last week, I decided to see what others are doing and yours is the finest, most personal one I’ve come across yet. Reading it makes me feel you are writing to me personally!
    Keep up the great work!

  12. Gary,
    I thought this 2010 convention was the best ever atmosphere. I loved the Arabian marketplace. The odor of frankincense has been in my clothing and on my mind. I have been using both the Aria and the Resin burner. Diffusing 50/50 orange and frankincense. People love it and I love it. Very uplifting and vibrational. It has taken me to the next level when presenting youngliving and sharing the passion of “The One Gift”

    The Resin burner drove the termites out of our cottage..

    Thanks for all your labor of love and passion for sharing. See you in Idaho. Warm Regards

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