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September 2018


EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Gary Young’s passing, we have been taking stock of the tremendous contributions…

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November 2011

Frankincense and Enzyme Blueprints

The other day Dr. Suhail and I were talking about frankincense, and he asked me…

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August 2011

We Pick the Best Flowers & Leave the Rest

Oil brokers who are just selling oils to the food and flavoring industries as well…

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March 2011

French Lavender: In Great Distress

What would I do if I couldn’t get pure essential oils? How do I know…

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January 2011

Part 15: Finding Pure Essential Oils

7. Can different distillation practices change the oil quality? Yes! Commercial distilleries push process pressure…

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Part 13: Finding Pure Essential Oils

I met with Saud Salim Al-Harthi, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture–Dhofar. I have also visited…

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December 2010

Part 11: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Today throughout the world, natural and nature identical do not mean the same thing. Nature…

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Part 10: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Many people have tried to enter the essential oil market and have no idea about…

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Part 8: Finding Pure Essential Oils

In November of 2006, I found myself in Ecuador expanding Young Living’s farmland.  I purchased…

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