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January 2016

Traveling the Frankincense Trail

My travels around the world have been numerous over the last 30 years, looking for…

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April 2012

The Transforming Power of Frankincense

As you are diffusing Transformation, it will stimulate the receptors in the limbic system and…

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November 2011

Frankincense and Enzyme Blueprints

The other day Dr. Suhail and I were talking about frankincense, and he asked me…

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March 2011

French Lavender: In Great Distress

What would I do if I couldn’t get pure essential oils? How do I know…

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October 2010

Part 3: Finding Pure Essential Oils

At home that night, I began reading and did not stop until 3 a.m. I…

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July 2010

The One Gift

I am so pleased at how well my book, The One Gift, was received. I…

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June 2010

Boswellia sacra

I hope my readers can understand the joy that filled my heart at convention as…

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December 2009

12 Oils of Ancient Scripture: Frankincense, part I

This is the beginning of the story of 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture, including some…

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February 2009

Gary Young's 2010 YL Convention Sneak Preview

I am proud to announce that at the Young Living 2010 convention, I will be…

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December 2008

Frankincense in Kenya and Oman

A note from Gary Young: Over the past five weeks I have traveled around the…

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