The Power of Scent

Gary Young smelling Ylang Ylang flower
In this photo Gary is checking the scent of his Ecuadorian ylang ylang during the 2011 harvest. On a deeper level perhaps the fragrance is reminding him of creating his first blends years ago and of him imagining growing his own ylang ylang flowers!

Essential oils have electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy has an entire color spectrum.  Electromagnetic energy and all energy forms are measured in wavelengths, and each color of that spectrum has a specific wavelength.

Each essential oil based on the molecules within it contain a spectrum of mixed wavelengths. Why? Because one molecule like thymol will have one color, carvacrol will have another color. Borneol, linalool, lavendulol, esters, and aldehydes will all have their own individual colors and wavelengths. This is so that as it is introduced to the human body, it corresponds to the wavelengths of the receptors.

The human body senses and understands the language and quality of this energy interaction, so we see the wavelengths portrayed in colors as they are being measured, which are created simply from the energy of language.

We’ve heard about the power of the spoken word. In 1960, Richard Feinman taught about energy and its ability to produce a spiritual effect. Traditional energy manifests in the form of heat, motion, vitality, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s interesting that we have thoughts before feelings and emotions, isn’t it?

How powerful are your thoughts? We think a thought, we feel a feeling, we smell a substance, we have a bodily reaction, physical or emotional. How many of you have smelled something, and it started you thinking?

How many of you have walked through a bakery or the mall, smelled Cinnabons baking, and have thought of Grandma on the farm or Mom baking bread when you came home from school, which you could smell as you walked across the yard to the house?

How many of you who grew up on a farm love the smell of the freshly mown lawn in the evening, and it takes you back to cutting or pitching hay and bucking bales? Isn’t everything connected?

4 thoughts on “The Power of Scent

  1. Smell is important! I recently took Dr. David Stewarts Raindrop Technique classes but when I returned home I felt led to pursue Aromatherapy & Emotional Release for certification. I have begun my first Anatomy & Physiciology class. I love it & can’t wait to get training in the Aromatherapy field.
    Question: Next year I am moving to Israel & was wondering about my continued shipments of oils there. Where will the oils be shipped from. Have you thought about having a YL distribution center in Israel. I will continue selling oils & in future provide an Aromatherapy ministry. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate your loving care with the quality of YL oils.
    Sincerely, Connie Massey

  2. Dear Gary,
    Scent is so dear to us, and pure natural scents are so healing and precious.
    I would like to share the following quote that was sent to me (author unknown). “A teacher asked, what is forgiveness? The little girl answered, It’s the wonderful smell that a flower gives when it is being crushed.”
    Thank you for bringing essential oils in bottles to the world. We really need them.
    Dianne Tzouras

  3. Dear Gary,
    Thank you for the experience of bringing essential oils to the world.
    A teacher asked, What is forgiveness? The little girl answered,
    it’s the wonderful smell that a flower gives when it is being crushed.

  4. I have realized since yesterday that I was not reading this blog clearly enough. Anyhow it was boinking my comments off. I also found one of my questions answered within it. The opiate one/Ecstasy is the filler of opiate receptor, thank you. Also one of my favorite smells in new mowed oat straw hay. Also lavendar and my ancestry is from La Provence, coincidentally. Yummm!!! Plus all the evergreens, that is the Scottish/Irish. I moved to southern California and really missed those. Thank you so much for all the oils of that type especially Valor and Believe.

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