French Lavender: In Great Distress

lavender field in Mona, UT
Sunset at the Mona, Utah, lavender farm

What would I do if I couldn’t get pure essential oils? How do I know if the essential oils I am buying are pure? How can I know the origin and the species of the oil I am buying? Does this mean that I need to question whether all the oils I may be buying that I am told are pure are actually pure? Because the salesperson and the promotional literature say so, does that make it so?

These are the questions that every person representing, selling, buying, or using essential oils should be asking. If you buy an oil from a broker who tells you it is pure, does it guarantee that it is? Absolutely not! Many essential oils come from countries far away from us, and visiting the distilleries could be very difficult.

An essential oil such as frankincense is one where people can easily be deceived. Even if you were to go to Oman and buy directly from the market in Salalah, the land of frankincense, could you be guaranteed that you are buying pure Boswellia sacra frankincense? Absolutely not!

But, you could more easily travel to France to see fields of lavender being harvested and distilled, or could you? That certainly was possible in years past, and tens of thousands of visitors have done just that. But what is happening today in France? Lavender, one of the world’s most favored essential oils, is currently in great distress. Many difficult circumstances surround this beautiful oil, and if you go to France today and buy directly from a producer, does this guarantee that you are buying 100 percent pure Lavandula angustifolia—pure lavender essential oil? Absolutely not!

6 thoughts on “French Lavender: In Great Distress

  1. Dear Gary,

    Please please send a message for Japan!
    We’re waiting for your word!
    Please share us your great wisdom.

    Many people can’t meke sure if their family members are safe or not and it is really worried about the suffering from radiation from Fukushima-newclear power plant.

  2. Dear Yoko,

    Yes, we are very concerned about our Japanese members and I have been corresponding with Mr. Shinriki Nozomo, your General Manager, about what we can do to help. We are keeping you in our prayers daily.

    In the meantime, it will be important to take EndoFlex, 10 drops 2 times daily to support your thyroid that gets compromised from the radiation; DiGize to help eliminate the poison, 10 drops 2 times daily; Melrose, 10 drops daily to prevent radiation damage to normal cells, Exodus II for the immune system; and take a good fiber to help absorb the poison as well as drink 3 liters of pure water daily and lots of fresh fruit juice daily. Eat many green vegetables, do not eat red meat or fish at this time for the next 30 days or more.

    NingXia Red is very important, 2 to 6 ounces daily for the antioxidant, superoxide dismutase.

    With love and concern for everyone,

  3. What are the differences between Young Living lavendula augustifolia and the high altitude French lavendula augustifolia?

    There would be differences as the chemical constituents would have changed due to the different growing conditions between France and the US.

    It would be interesting to know.

    Many thanks.

  4. Lisa B: I’m 99% sure Gary is saying that even though the industry is in distress, YL Lavender will always be of the purest to be found! Other sellers may fib on purity, but YL grows, distills, & analyzes for maximum purity so WE can be SURE.
    Thank you.

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