Starting with a Quarter-Acre Plot

There are some Diamonds sitting up in that next level in those plush seats that they’ve earned, and I can remember one lady who said to me, “Gary, if you ever teach marketing, I’ll get up and walk out.” So I didn’t teach it. I didn’t want her to get up and walk out because she was too precious.

And that wasn’t my passion. Even though I knew it was an integral part of it, my passion was teaching the value of God’s gifts, the pure essential oils that He ordained for the improvement and betterment of his children on this earth.

Gary in the one-quarter acre plot in Spokane, Washington with his first crop of lavender.

Gary in the one-quarter acre plot in Spokane, Washington, with his first crop of lavender.

Seed to Seal means taking it from the field, from the dirt. But first you have to plant that seed. But if you don’t prepare and cultivate the soil and you don’t do the things that are important for it, how are you going to grow the right quality of plant that’s going to produce the oil that has strength? It won’t happen.

It all began in 1989 in Spokane, Washington, on a little quarter-acre piece of ground, where I started experimenting to see if I could grow lavender, clary sage, and thyme. Everyone was telling me that I was crazy, “This is not possible; Gary, you’re wasting your time; Gary, we don’t have very much money at this point, and you’re just throwing it away.”

Well, I’ve been crazy my whole life. I want all of you to know that if somebody says you’re crazy, take it as an honor, because they don’t recognize the genius and creativity in you, which is why they call you crazy. They don’t understand why you’re outside of their comfort zone.

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