Creating Live Your Passion Blend

live yr passion convention ctr

Histoire_et_culture_des_orangers_A._Risso_et_A._Poiteau._--_Paris_Henri_Plon,_Editeur,_1872 wiki commonslive yr passion 5 ml bottleNow we come to something that might be important to you, and that is your new convention blend. In this blend I used Orange. Why? Your citrus oils, particularly Orange or Tangerine, invoke the feeling of childhood. They bring out that feeling of innocence when we were children and had so many happy times. How many of you are old enough to remember at Christmastime when they made candy orange slices? Oh, there are a few of you as old as I am. So Orange oil recreates those happy memories of childhood.

Sandalwood seedling

Of course I added our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. It is so anchoring and grounding and beautifying to the soul, both spirit and physical.

Myristica_fragrans_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-097Nutmeg. Why did I put Nutmeg in it? Because I knew if you’re going to live with passion, you have to have that little extra support for the endocrine system to give you energy to live your life with passion.Citrus_×aurantiifolia927505341 wiki commons

Lime. Lime and Orange complement each other in those childlike qualities that those beautiful fragrances bring out in us.

Then I had to pick two other oils that are very special to me.

6942037168_88dc6f8f05_zIdaho Blue Spruce. This oil really helps to enhance the masculine energy in both male and female. Ladies, you need a little more of that, so you can keep us guys in line and remind us of our place.

A_mist_rises_from_a_black_spruce_forest wiki commonsI also added Northern Lights Black Spruce to complement the Idaho Blue Spruce, just to bring that balance between masculine and feminine energy. Oh, what a magical combination!

Ylang Ylang fields in EcuadorThen we had to have a little romance in that passion, because nobody likes to be passionate without romance, right? What did I put in there to bring out the romance? You’re right, Ylang Ylang from Ecuador. Eugenio and his distillery team distill Ylang Ylang 6 days a week, 11 months of the year. Oh, it’s fantastic.

Omani Frankincense TreeThen, when you are living your passion, you’ve got to be creative, think outside of the box. The best way to do that is to be in the spiritual realm. So what did I put in there for that? Frankincense!

PeppermintThen there’s one more oil that needed to go in there, just to round it out and push the effects of all the rest. Peppermint. You’re right again. Oh my goodness, you all get A pluses.

So, that’s your Live Your Passion blend. Use it and see what a joy it can bring to your life.

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