Building New Distilleries

2014 Highland Flats Distillery FinishedThis is the distillery in Highland Flats. However, now we’ve added another 21,000-liter cooker. How many of you have been to the Highland farm for the winter harvest? Fabulous!

Mona 2002 over 103,00 liters of distillation capacity

Here is the Mona farm. How many of you were there yesterday? Wow!

NL_FinishedBuilding copy

Here is our second newest farm and distillery, Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Ben and Carol Howden came and dedicated a year to help me build this. We owe them a big round of applause. Without them and their son Cory, I’d still be building.

NL_Basement3 copy

But what a wonderful time. We worked right through the winter in temperatures dipping down to 55 degrees below zero, and we shut down for part of only two days and kept right on working.

NL_GatheringTrees copy

This is the harvesting of our black spruce trees, which produce an oil that is beyond magical.


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