European Brokers Contact Gary Young

Young Living lavender fields in Mona, UT

The purple glory of Young Living’s Mona, Utah, lavender fields.

Perfume companies are already on the alert and are sending their buyers around the world to look for little farms from which they might be able to obtain oil. The perfumers have built businesses with the lavender growers over the past 100 years, and believe me, they will get it before some new aromatherapy company in the USA.

How do I know that? Because I have already been called by three European brokers who know that we grow lavender and are asking that if I have any excess, would I sell it to them? They tell me I can name my price.

In September of 2010, lavender prices went up 30 percent with another 30 percent increase projected the first of this year. However, as of November 17, 2010, lavender prices had already increased 100 percent from the price a year ago at the same time.

Companies that try to play down these facts and assure you that there isn’t a problem are companies that are either lying or are completely ignorant of the world situation with lavender. Either excuse makes them dangerous.

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