The Gift

Dr. Mahmoud Suhail gathering gildeadensis branches
Dr. Mahmoud Suhail gathering gildeadensis branches for testing at the Young Living distillery in Salalah, Oman.

Another oil blend that was a gift to me from my sweetheart is called The Gift. It has almost all of the oils of Arabia in it–sacred frankincense, jasmine, galbanum, myrrh, cistus, and spikenard.

When I was traveling in Yemen two years ago, I found the Commiphora gileadensis tree in Yemen. When traveling in Oman, John and Cole also found the gileadensis tree there. We have done some distilling and extracting of it. The oil that comes from it is very fragile, very volatile. It is absolutely amazing.

Gileadensis oil was used very extensively in Arabia in what was called Arabia Felix. It was distilled at Ein Gedi in the ancient distillery, is mentioned in the Bible numerous times, and is even referred to as the Balm of Gilead–some individuals believe that’s a direct relation.

We added Idaho balsam fir to The Gift because I believe that God put a plant on each continent to serve the same purpose, and I believe that Idaho balsam fir was a tree that would provide the same benefits to the human body as the gileadensis balsam in Arabia in ancient times.

Galbanum from Arabia, which now comes from Iran; myrrh that comes from Arabia; cistus that grows in Arabia; and spikenard that grows in Arabia are all in The Gift.  All of these oils are very, very supporting, very beautiful, and very helpful.

3 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. I have been wanting to purchase The Gift, but it is not in Australian catalogue. How can I order it from the US catalogue please? I am a distributor.

  2. I can’t wait to try this oil! I have been a Young Living distributor since 1999 and I never cease to be amazed at what these oils can do for us. Thank you Gary for your continued research, your passion and your never-ending quest to find new plants so that your fellow humans can benefit! xoxox

  3. I gave The Gift to my daughter-in-law Missy, not really sure how to use it, but said if you have an owwie, put it on. Within a few days she unfortunately got burned while using a hot glue gun. A blister whelped up on her inner thumb, by the webbing. She had her husband drop a drop of The Gift on it and within 5 minutes all of the pain was gone and it had been hurting a lot. She had peeled off the hot glue and skin came with it before they applied The Gift. The next morning she could find no sign of the injury. She even checked her other hand to see if she remembered incorrectly which hand it was. Now she KNOWS the power of Young Living Essential Oils.!!

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