Discovering Einkorn

Einkorn field in Mona, Utah.

Einkorn field in Mona, Utah.

Next I’m going to share with you a little bit about einkorn. How many of you are eating einkorn? Do you like it? It is the oldest grain in the world. They don’t even know how far einkorn dates back yet, because every time another discovery is made, they discovered that what they said before was wrong. Five years ago they said einkorn was about 3,500 years old. Three years ago it was 5,000 years. Then last year they discovered a new finding in Turkey that dated back 10,000 years.

Pakistani einkorn threshing

Einkorn threshing in Pakistan

Here’s something I want you to think about. Everything has DNA. Every substance has a blueprint. The blueprint of einkorn is perhaps the oldest blueprint in our food chain that exists today. When you’re eating that einkorn, you’re partaking of the oldest ingested food, blueprinted for the support to the physical body; and therefore it was designed to give you the nutritional support that your body needs in every aspect, from protein to vitamins, to fiber, to amino acids, and to enzymes. No other grain today has all that, just einkorn.

So if you have some compromise to your digestive system with the gluten intolerance from the hybridized grains that are grown today and you start eating einkorn, you might need to go a little slow introducing it, take a little time, because your body has to adapt to the new blueprint. Does that make sense? You’ve got to reprogram your body back to the way that God created it and find its homeostasis, and you will find great satisfaction in your nutritional needs with that.

Einkorn at the YL farm in France

Einkorn field at the YL farm in France

I found einkorn the first time in the Karimabad Valley in Hunza Land [in Pakistan] in 1996. It took four years before I was able to get the word translated from their language to discover it was einkorn. I looked all over the world and finally found some seed in Jordan, on the east bank of the Jordan River across from Israel.

We took the seed to France, where Jean-Noël was investigating einkorn. We started planting and it started to grow, and it is flourishing there today.

Creating Live Your Passion Blend

live yr passion convention ctr

Histoire_et_culture_des_orangers_A._Risso_et_A._Poiteau._--_Paris_Henri_Plon,_Editeur,_1872 wiki commonslive yr passion 5 ml bottleNow we come to something that might be important to you, and that is your new convention blend. In this blend I used Orange. Why? Your citrus oils, particularly Orange or Tangerine, invoke the feeling of childhood. They bring out that feeling of innocence when we were children and had so many happy times. How many of you are old enough to remember at Christmastime when they made candy orange slices? Oh, there are a few of you as old as I am. So Orange oil recreates those happy memories of childhood.

Sandalwood seedling

Of course I added our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. It is so anchoring and grounding and beautifying to the soul, both spirit and physical.

Myristica_fragrans_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-097Nutmeg. Why did I put Nutmeg in it? Because I knew if you’re going to live with passion, you have to have that little extra support for the endocrine system to give you energy to live your life with passion.Citrus_×aurantiifolia927505341 wiki commons

Lime. Lime and Orange complement each other in those childlike qualities that those beautiful fragrances bring out in us.

Then I had to pick two other oils that are very special to me.

6942037168_88dc6f8f05_zIdaho Blue Spruce. This oil really helps to enhance the masculine energy in both male and female. Ladies, you need a little more of that, so you can keep us guys in line and remind us of our place.

A_mist_rises_from_a_black_spruce_forest wiki commonsI also added Northern Lights Black Spruce to complement the Idaho Blue Spruce, just to bring that balance between masculine and feminine energy. Oh, what a magical combination!

Ylang Ylang fields in EcuadorThen we had to have a little romance in that passion, because nobody likes to be passionate without romance, right? What did I put in there to bring out the romance? You’re right, Ylang Ylang from Ecuador. Eugenio and his distillery team distill Ylang Ylang 6 days a week, 11 months of the year. Oh, it’s fantastic.

Omani Frankincense TreeThen, when you are living your passion, you’ve got to be creative, think outside of the box. The best way to do that is to be in the spiritual realm. So what did I put in there for that? Frankincense!

PeppermintThen there’s one more oil that needed to go in there, just to round it out and push the effects of all the rest. Peppermint. You’re right again. Oh my goodness, you all get A pluses.

So, that’s your Live Your Passion blend. Use it and see what a joy it can bring to your life.

A People Caring and Sharing Business

GARY: Back to the Seed to Seal; there’s more to it than just planting seeds. Young Living is about planting seeds in human life.

Members from all over Europe visit the new distillery in Croatia during a helichrysum harvest.

Members from all over Europe visit the new distillery in Croatia during a helichrysum harvest.

MARY: Yes! That’s the truth!

GARY: That’s what I wish for all of us to keep in mind. There’s more to Young Living than just one aspect of producing an oil. It includes the lives of the people we touch on our journey through life. Young Living is a different kind of a company. We have a purpose and a mission that are far beyond anything that can be purchased with a dollar bill. This is one of the reasons that I seldom taught marketing in the early days.

Here is our newest distillery in Croatia. How many have been to Croatia? Yes, thank you. A beautiful time.

You folks are the chosen. You’ve paid the dues. You’ve done what it’s taken to get you where you are. Even those of you who are brand new, who are just getting started, are part of something that maybe you don’t totally understand yet, but you feel it. It’s what drew you to the people in Young Living, because we are a people caring and sharing business. I wanted everyone to focus on the caring and sharing of people, not the caring and sharing of money.

I haven’t yet met one person in Young Living who is in Young Living because of the money. You’re in Young Living because of your mission and wanting to be part of a bigger purpose.

This is our distillery in Salalah, Oman. Some of you have been there and have seen this. Stand up. Who has been to our distillery in Oman? Yes! We have seven distillers there now in operation.

Our distillery in Salalah, Oman

Our distillery in Salalah, Oman

This is the sandalwood distillery in Hawaii, and some of you were there last month. It’s a growing proposition as well.

Members in Hawaii in 2013 congregate around the new distillery, which has a 3,500 liter capacity.

Members in Hawaii in 2013 congregate around the new distiller, which has a 3,500 liter capacity.

Here is Taiwan.

Dr. Lee and Gary Young with Dr. Lee’s small distiller.

Dr. Lee and Gary Young with Dr. Lee’s small distiller.

We also have a small operation in Israel that is now starting to grow.

Gary with Israeli partners

Gary with Israeli partners.

Eugenio Tells His Story

32517511342_8549911333_kMARY:  Gary, I think it would be very interesting if Eugenio told them what it was like for him in the beginning and let Nicolas translate.

GARY:  Yes. Can we get another microphone on stage?

NICOLAS:  Eugenio says that he didn’t expect to be here to talk, and now he’s going to tell the story about his life in Young Living.


Eugenio and Nicholas

(Nicolas continues translating for Eugenio): In 2005 around November, I met the Young family. I was working in another place, doing security and also cleaning. When Dr. Gary was with his translator, he asked me, “How long have you been working in that place?” I was new there; I’m from Peru.

The next day Dr. Gary asked me to work helping at the distillery. I didn’t know what a distillery is. My first experience with the distillery was just contact with two little cookers and with a lot of his students from the university. Those cookers were the first experiments in Ecuador.

When I accepted the job, Dr. Gary asked me if I had family. I said, yes, I had two girls in Peru. He proposed that I bring our kids to Ecuador to be with us. I was very excited about that proposal.

We started working in Cuenca, and it is a cold city. My wife said, “Eugenio, I can’t live here; it’s too cold. We have to move to Peru again.” At that time my wife was pregnant with our son, who we named Jakob. After that, Dr. Gary told me we were going to move to Guayaquil, which is a hot city. That place is a comfortable place for my wife.

MARY: Para mi tambien.

NICOLAS: For Mary, too!

[Translating for Eugenio]: So I started working in Cuenca with just a little distillery with a lot of aromatic plants, doing experiments with Dr. Gary and a lot of university students. Today, I am very happy to be with Dr. Gary and Mary.

My son and my daughters have grown up with Dr. Gary and Mary’s sons, and they love each other a lot. Thank you for Dr. Gary’s vision to have that school to give an opportunity to a lot of kids to study and be prepared. Our daughters are learning English, so I am proud of that, too.

Thank you to the Youngs and to you. Thank you very much.

EC_School_BothBuildings copy 2

The Young Living Academy today.


The Ecuador Team

Ecuador Distillers copy

GARY: This is the distillery in Ecuador. I want you to meet our Ecuador team, Nicholas, our general manager of the Ecuador farm, and Eugenio, our distillery manager. I met Eugenio’s family in Ecuador in Cuenca when I started there in June 2005. I hired him and started training him as my distillery operator. Eleven years later, he manages the entire distillery operation in Ecuador. His beautiful wife, Rosa, and daughters, Naeli and Lisette, are also here.

Folliowing the ylang ylang harvest with Nicolas the farm manager on right.

The ylang ylang harvest, with Nicholas, the farm manager, on the right.

MARY: Yes, it’s a really interesting story I want to tell you quickly. When we met them in Cuenca, they were the caretakers of the building that Gary was leasing. We were friendly with everybody, so when Eugenio had a little bit of a cold, we went down to visit them to see what we could do to help. They were living in just one room on the ground floor of the building.

The floor was dirt, and there was a wire that went from one side of the room to the other. They used an old blanket or something over the wire to split the room in half. One half was the kitchen, which had just a little pot and a little stove; and the other side was a place where they slept, which was just cardboard and mattresses on the floor. We looked at that and thought, “Oh, this is horrid.”

As we talked, we found out that they had two little girls. “Well, where are they?” we asked.

They replied, “We didn’t have enough money to bring them with us, so they’re at home in Peru with their grandparents.”

Gary said, “No, no, no, no, no; we cannot have this.” So he sent Eugenio home to get the girls. Their daughter, Lisette, is 6 months older than Jacob. They were babies and grew up together.

Gary and Mary Young with Nicholas, Eugenio, and his family at the 2016 Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.