Learning about Trends

GARY: Are you studying the trends of today? Even Cosmopolitan magazine talks about trends. I remember years ago Faith Popcorn was writing about trends. How many have heard of Faith Popcorn? Yes, she writes about business. Twenty years ago she wrote: “Pay attention! The new trend is aromatherapy.” Where are we today? Essential oils are vitally important!

france lavender 3So, it’s about reading and studying trends, staying ahead of them, and looking at how you can adapt, improvise, adjust, and become part of the trends that are happening. It’s really important. Yes, it’s how Mary built 20 years ago, and how 25 years ago, I built my distributorships, my businesses. I was the top person in two different multilevel companies in the early 1980s. Why? Because I needed money to get through school.

There’s so much that you can do, and this industry is the greatest industry in the world that allows you to be independent, free-thinking, progressive, and successful financially, progressing every day into what you want to become.

So where is the essential oil industry going? Look at the trends. I think everybody here has grown a garden or at least had a plant in their house or a tree in their yard; so they understand that there’s only so much space and so many farms to grow and only so many plants, and yet the increase and the demand for more oil is growing very fast.

Young Living is the only company that studied the trends and demand. We understand where it’s going and have positioned ourselves to be the supplier of your future. If I hadn’t started 30 years ago, we wouldn’t have the oils today. Some of you can remember, I told you five years ago, if I hadn’t developed the farms in France 23 years ago, we would not have lavender. You Young Living people may be the only ones in the world today who have true Lavandula angustifolia, also called Lavandula officinalis—true lavender.

Gary planting lavender in France, 2003.

Gary planting lavender in France.


Conventions: Seeking Substance

MARY: I have to tell you a funny story. When I was building my business many, many years ago, long before Young Living, I loved conventions. Why? Because I could see the people in my organization. It was about being together, the meetings before, the meetings afterwards. We loved each other so much, and it was such a thrill to see everyone.

Jean Marie Hepworth

Jean Marie Hepworth

But you know what? There wasn’t much substance in the general meetings, and the leaders would be out in the halls visiting. I remember looking at that and thinking, “How sad it is that the company speakers have so little substance that the leaders don’t even want to be in their meetings.”

GARY: I also have to tell a little story, and I hope Mary will be okay with it.

MARY:  Uh oh!

GARY: There was an annual convention of the other company in Anaheim, California, shortly after Mary also became—shh!—a Young Living distributor, and I was teaching a Raindrop seminar in Santa Barbara. She called me and asked me if I could stop in Anaheim on my way, that there were people she would like me to meet. So here they are at their annual convention, and I dropped in on them. The biggest meeting was held upstairs in Mary and Vonn’s suite, where I introduced Young Living to—Jean Marie Hepworth and her husband. That was where Mary’s Young Living organization began. So yes, she is a unique teacher.

Building Relationships

GARY: I’d like to share about business building today. Mary, do you see yourself building a business today the way you did 20 years ago?

mary picMARY: I would build much the same because I’m not a Facebook person, an Internet person, nor a social media person. I’m a one-on-one person. I like to be close to the people I bring into the business, and I feel that I have a responsibility to make sure that they become successful if that is their desire. I stay with them and help them and teach them until they are able to start teaching their people. It creates a foundation that is so strong, so solid, that people don’t leave. They don’t go looking elsewhere.

GARY: And part of that is just like being here the last three days. It’s about building relationships. I’d like to see a show of hands of how many of you have started a new relationship here at convention this year.

MARY: Wow! That’s fantastic!

GARY: Darn dust in the air. I keep getting a lump in my throat, but it’s precious to me because that’s what Young Living’s about: building relationships and bringing our Creator into those relationships. It’s so bonding.

But as we look at today, all of you have your own talents and personalities and build in little different ways.

The Foundation of Your Business

GARY: I was asked to share with you my feelings about business building. I thought starting out I’d just like to set the stage by saying you can be whatever you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you came from. That does not have to equate to what you are today.

GARYS FATHER image5This picture is of my father on his horse, and behind him is the little cabin that my sister Nancy and I were raised in until I was age four. Then we moved into a big cabin that was 30 feet by 30 feet. So my beginning was not like those of newer generations. My father came out of World War II and never changed; he never got past the warrior depressions. Even with this thinking and his way of life, he was the hardest working man I ever met.

What I’d like you to just think about is when you look at your past or you look at your ancestors and the connections that they provide, it’s like building a skyscraper. Your heritage is the foundation; it’s not the building.

Many of us look at our ancestors and what they’ve taught us and the belief systems they passed on to us as that has to be our building. That is absolutely a false belief. You want to look at those beliefs and values as the foundation, the platform, but you can change the structure as it goes up to become whatever you want it to be. You pick the decor, you pick the design, you pick the colors, you choose whether it’s wood, cement, or brick. You are building your life, building your future, and building for success. All of that is up to the architect and the engineer, and that architect and engineer is YOU. You are in charge of that life.

YL Einkorn Fields and Products

France_GaryHarvesting copy

Here I’m cutting einkorn at our farm in France, where we made the Einkorn Flour and the Einkorn Pancake Mix.

This is the old steam engine that we use to thresh with. We're rebuilding it so that we can get it back into service.

This is the old steam engine that we use to thresh with. We’re rebuilding it so that we can get it back into service.

Einkorn has only 14 chromosomes; other wheats/grains have 28 to 42. The extra chromosomes create new proteins that man was never meant to consume. These foreign proteins cause confusion in the digestive system and increase small intestine permeability, which starts autoimmunity and inflammation throughout the body.

einkorn granola

We also gave you your newest product, Einkorn Granola. I had this for breakfast yesterday morning, and the only reason I didn’t have it this morning is because Jacob and Josef ate all of it. You’re going to have problems in your home if you don’t put it in unmarked containers that the kids don’t know about, so beware. It is so delicious that they will eat it like trail mix. It’s just wonderful. Great taste, very satisfying, nutritionally and in every aspect.einkorn rotini pasta

Then we brought you one more. This came out of popular requests for another pasta. Isn’t your Einkorn Rotini Pasta fun and delicious!

wolfberry crisp chocolate pkgHow many of you like Wolfberry Crisp Bars? We added some einkorn to the Wolfberry Crisp Bars, because the einkorn is so balancing and nutritious. I just want all of you as often as possible to be eating foods that contain einkorn. What would you think if I decided to put a little chocolate on the outside? Yeah, I did that. So, they’re yummy. Again, they disappear very quickly. So you will enjoy your new Wolfberry Crisp Bars. We also did one other thing. We reduced the sugars by 70 percent, creating a really beautiful, healthy, and enjoyable treat.

Einkorn growing on the farm in Mona.

Einkorn growing on the farm in Mona.