Types of Dreaming

Then you have imaginative dreaming. How many have had imaginative dreaming, where you dream of something like a fairy-tale dream? You’re the princess; you’re the king. Well, it’s not real; it’s not going to happen. Why is it imaginary dreaming? Because we don’t believe it.

Creative dreaming can take you many places, as it has done for Gary!

Creative dreaming can take you many places, as it has done for Gary!

Then there’s creative dreaming. Creative dreaming is where you take control of your life, and you start controlling your destiny, your future, and directing it to be what you want it to be through creative dreaming. This is the most important part of the success of your life. You Crowns, Royals, and Diamonds have engaged in a lot of creative dreaming, and you may not even realize it. Once you learn creative dreaming, we’re going to have to put in five more levels above Royal Crown Diamond.

But for all of you who have not reached the Diamond rank yet, this is where you need to start learning how to use creative dreaming to enhance your life. If you do not believe you can earn an $8,000 check, it’s because you are not creative dreaming.

Making the Most Out of Life

Gary’s accident cost him everything he had worked for: home, family, business, and his health. He still has residual pain but that accident led Gary to his mission in life—Young Living Essential Oils and his beautiful family.

The results of the accident weren’t easy to overcome, and for 40 years I’ve lived with residual problems and pain from that accident. But what did I do with it? That’s what’s a lot more important. Forget the pain. Just focus on going forward and making the most out of life. Through this process, these are principles that I learned.

First, I had to understand that there are different kinds of dreams. This is where I find that a lot of people miss the ship because they get confused in how to identify a dream.

How many of you have had nightmares? Oh my goodness, yes; nightmares upon nightmares of a horrifying experience. Trauma and pain are where they come from.

Then we have recreational dreaming, where it’s just a fun dream, and you wake up and can’t even remember it. How many have had that kind of a dream? Yes, that’s a nice recreational dream, and sometimes it will even take you into the theta level of sleep.

Then you have self-destructive dreaming. How many of you have had self-destructive dreaming where you’ve been beaten up in the dream, have had something taken away from you, or your loved one was taken away from you? That often happens because of low self-image, and so your dreams during the night can substantiate and support how you see yourself.

When you learn to evaluate your dreams, you can learn to channel and empower them, for they will take you to the highest heights.


It’s All in What We Project

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is never a thing that comes into your life that isn’t for your betterment. No matter how bad it looks, how ugly it gets, how horrible it seems, every experience you have in life is for your betterment. However, sometimes it’s hard to believe and swallow at the moment.

Gary tells us that even the horrible things in life, like his logging accident, are for our betterment. We must choose to find the good in all circumstances, as Gary has done.

Gary tells us that even the horrible things in life, like his logging accident, are for our betterment. We must choose to find the good in all circumstances, as Gary has done.

After I came out of the coma, the doctors finally came into my hospital room with my parents and my wife at the time and announced to me that I was paralyzed from the waist down. They said that on the right side I had a severed brachial plexus, a ruptured spinal cord in 3 places, 16 broken or crushed vertebrae, 11 ruptured discs, a broken pelvis, the right scapula was broken in 9 pieces, 19 other broken bones, and 3 open skull fractures, that I would never, ever walk again, and that it would be very unlikely if I even regained 10 percent of the feeling back in my right hand. I couldn’t believe it.

You see, it’s all what you think, it’s all what you project, it’s all what you believe, it’s all what you choose.

Even my own father came in my hospital room one day when I was feeling sorry for myself and shook his finger at me and said, “Grow up, Gary! Accept your fate in life and get on with it the best you can.” Well he knew my personality, he knew I wouldn’t accept it that way, and I didn’t. But that was what pushed the final button to cause me to fight for life and to get out of the wheelchair and walk.

Don’t Let Friends Discourage You

If somebody tells you that you can’t live your dream—you know, that’s why I have these boots. You just give them a raise, dust them off, and find another friend, because you can have whatever you dream.

Gary now travels in this sleek airplane with pilot Mark Harris.

I dreamed about having a plane, and my pilot and his beautiful wife are sitting right here in the front row. Well, this is not my first plane, but it is my best and fastest plane. It’s wonderful. Now I can go and do the things I need to do in a more efficient way. But sometimes you have to practice a little bit; I had three plane crashes before I finally got it right. So it’s all okay.

Gary’s field of einkorn growing at the Mona, Utah, farm.

I dreamed about growing einkorn from the time I found it in Hunzaland in 1995. This picture was taken on the farm in Utah last year, and tomorrow you will see it but not walk through the field, because every little einkorn stem you bend over is $6,000; so you walk along the road and protect it.

Right now we estimate that this fall, we will have between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds of einkorn flour coming from our farm in France.

Gary Dreams of a Laboratory

I dreamed about having my own laboratory. When I went to school and Dr. Casabianca started training me 23 years ago, I just kept dreaming: I’ve got to have a laboratory; I’ve got to be able to analyze my oils as I’m distilling them; I’ve got to know what I have. So I went back and took more training.

I went to the Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, and spent 121 class hours studying with Professor Hans Baser to learn to run a GC and a Mass Spec, so I could analyze the oils. Now I have four labs. So just keep dreaming.

Gary operating the GC/MS with Dr. Hervé Casabianca and Chris Packer in the Ecuador laboratory.

For 10 years I dreamed about having a computerized, automated distillery. Tomorrow, all of you will see it in operation down at the farm in Mona, which is the second distillery to be automated. The first was Highland Flats.

This has been an incredible, amazing fulfillment of another 10-year dream of creating the first automated distillation system in the world today. Now we have it in two of our distilleries. Isn’t that exciting? Yes.