Don’t Let Friends Discourage You

If somebody tells you that you can’t live your dream—you know, that’s why I have these boots. You just give them a raise, dust them off, and find another friend, because you can have whatever you dream.

Gary now travels in this sleek airplane with pilot Mark Harris.

I dreamed about having a plane, and my pilot and his beautiful wife are sitting right here in the front row. Well, this is not my first plane, but it is my best and fastest plane. It’s wonderful. Now I can go and do the things I need to do in a more efficient way. But sometimes you have to practice a little bit; I had three plane crashes before I finally got it right. So it’s all okay.

Gary’s field of einkorn growing at the Mona, Utah, farm.

I dreamed about growing einkorn from the time I found it in Hunzaland in 1995. This picture was taken on the farm in Utah last year, and tomorrow you will see it but not walk through the field, because every little einkorn stem you bend over is $6,000; so you walk along the road and protect it.

Right now we estimate that this fall, we will have between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds of einkorn flour coming from our farm in France.

Gary Dreams of a Laboratory

I dreamed about having my own laboratory. When I went to school and Dr. Casabianca started training me 23 years ago, I just kept dreaming: I’ve got to have a laboratory; I’ve got to be able to analyze my oils as I’m distilling them; I’ve got to know what I have. So I went back and took more training.

I went to the Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, and spent 121 class hours studying with Professor Hans Baser to learn to run a GC and a Mass Spec, so I could analyze the oils. Now I have four labs. So just keep dreaming.

Gary operating the GC/MS with Dr. Hervé Casabianca and Chris Packer in the Ecuador laboratory.

For 10 years I dreamed about having a computerized, automated distillery. Tomorrow, all of you will see it in operation down at the farm in Mona, which is the second distillery to be automated. The first was Highland Flats.

This has been an incredible, amazing fulfillment of another 10-year dream of creating the first automated distillation system in the world today. Now we have it in two of our distilleries. Isn’t that exciting? Yes.

Dream, then Achieve!

I dreamed about having a farm where children could come and touch the soil and reconnect with God. Because we live in these cement, plastic, pavement worlds today, we’re losing the real connection with our divine Creator. That’s what gives us the balance; that’s what inspires us. That is the power that heals and rejuvenates us and builds us to be something greater than we were when we came here. Every day we have the potential to go beyond that. Know it, live it, and live for it.

I dreamed about having the largest lavender farm in the world, and what did you hear from this stage yesterday? Young Living has the largest lavender farm in the world today with 2,000 acres of lavender in France.

Jean-Marie Blanc, Benoît Cassan, Jean-Noël Landel, and Gary Young merged their farms into the world’s largest true lavender farm with 2,000 acres of exquisite Lavandula angustifolia!

Jean-Marie Blanc, Benoît Cassan, Jean-Noël Landel, and Gary Young merged their farms into the world’s largest true lavender farm with 2,000 acres of exquisite Lavandula angustifolia!

Folks, if you don’t dream it, you will never achieve it. If you don’t see it, you won’t achieve it. If you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it.


Giving Back!

I dreamed about having a farm in South America. In 1997 I told my employees at the farm in Utah, “One day I’ll build a farm in South America. If you’re here and you qualify, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a transfer and go with me and help build a farm in South America.” One of those employees, Larry Nelson, has been in South America with me now for the last 4 years and has worked for me for 15 years. We graduated from high school together.

Young Living farm, distillery, and spa in Chongon (Guayaquil), Ecuador.

Young Living farm, distillery, and spa in Chongon (Guayaquil), Ecuador.

I dreamed about having an excess, so I could do more and give more. You see, part of dreaming and part of creating is so you can give back. When we don’t give back, maybe sometimes our dreams fall short because there’s a spiritual law that God taught us all, which some call tithing. Whatever that means to each person, it is a God-given law.

Gary found a way to give back by building the Young Living Academy, a K-12 school, a short distance from the farm for the children of Chongon and which now includes children from Guayaquil as well.

How we give back is up to each individual; but I can tell you this, it is one of the main principles in my life that I feel I can credit to my success, because I have always given back. Mary and I continue to give back, every day, personally and with Young Living, wherever there’s a need in the world.



We’re here in Salt Lake City at the 2016 Grand Convention with over 23,000 members! Seeing the Vivint Arena and Salt Palace filled with enthusiastic members and employees having a fabulous time is amazing! We hope you’re here with us.

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In 2014 Gary gave his “Live Your Dream” presentation to 9,000 Young Living members. Remember when we thought that was an astounding number? In 2015 we had two sessions with over 8,000 in each session. Today, the 23,000 members in attendance have filled the Vivint Arena and flowed over into the Salt Palace! What a thrill!