A Message From Ecuador

On a recent trip I took into the jungle in Ecuador, I was shown a huge vine that has promise as a future source of new essential oils. It’s a heavy vine that grows high into the canopies, but it puts on an orchid-looking flower about four inches in diameter and black in color. This vine starts coming out the end of September or October and is in full bloom by November. The people said it gives off one of the most beautiful, exotic fragrances that can be smelled for one kilometer—just absolutely beautiful—and the natives gather it and press the oil out of the flower. They use it for perfuming themselves for wedding ceremonies and special events.

According to the natives, there’s just a symphony of aromatic fragrances during those months of the rainforest when this vine is in its flowering state. So I’m looking forward to going back during that time to gather some of these flowers and do further studies and exploration of some possibilities for beautiful future essential oils and future products!

When I’m not traversing the rainforest, we’re keeping ourselves very busy here at the farm in Ecuador. Currently we’re busy distilling Dorado Azul essential oil, and we just finished distilling lemongrass and basil essential oils.

Whatever you do, whether you can join us here in Ecuador or not, you don’t want to miss out on Grand Convention in September; it’s going to be very, very exciting. I can’t wait to see you there and share more of my recent adventures with you and recount our explorations as we have been searching out new essential oil-bearing plants for Young Living, proving that we are truly are the world leader in essential oils!

Essentially Yours,

D. Gary Young

4 thoughts on “A Message From Ecuador

  1. Thank you, Gary, for all you do. I can hardly wait for that new, exotic oil that you’ll be preparing for us. I had the awesome pleasure of spending time with you in May at the Amazon Adventure experience. Your Raindrop and NAT teaching was appreciated and particularly your great love and respect for the land and the Ecuadorian people. The Farm is forever etched in my memory! I’ll be back next year and stay longer!!

  2. Hi Gary! I’m Claudia Musello, from Ecuador… I was wondering if you were still in town because I met Valorie Judd from NovaVita this weekend and I told her that I work for a holistic magazine called Sadhana…and maybe we can work with you guys. I was wondering if we could have and interview with you…
    I really love your work and I am very interested in what you are doing here. Do you think we can get together sometime and talk about your job?? Is that possible? Maybe if you like you can ask Valorie for one our issues, I gave her one or two. Actually I am going to NovaVita this week… Please let me know. My email is cmusello@hotmail.com.
    Thank you so much,

    Claudia Musello

  3. Hi Gary, I am a YL customer and have been using your oils for years. I have trigeminal neuralgia since 2/05… I have consulted with my upline to find out what oils would help with nerve pain and have been happy with some… but know your past history and how you recovered from a serious accident.. wondered if you could direct me to oils that help with nerve pain..
    Thank you for your consideration .. and your continuous work to help the world.
    Shirley Thorley

  4. Hi ..
    I just received 2 auto emails, one regarding orchid iol (I think) from the convention..unfortunately that email and the other one have been dropped/lost some where in my computer can you send them back? or tell me about the orchid iol..I truly want to purchase some! it sounds fabulous..wish i could read about it again! Thanks

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