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February 2017

Eugenio Tells His Story

MARY:  Gary, I think it would be very interesting if Eugenio told them what it…

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The Ecuador Team

GARY: This is the distillery in Ecuador. I want you to meet our Ecuador team,…

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December 2015

Ylang Ylang at the Farm in Ecuador

And this is looking out on the fields of ylang ylang trees. We have 45,000…

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The Young Living Farm in Chongon, Ecuador

I had to build the 2-mile road into the farm, which was quite an accomplishment;…

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Ecuadorian Expeditions

We were in Chongon in 2005 when I started teaching at the university there and…

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January 2015

The Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador

The Young Living Academy is being expanded to include preschool and high school for the…

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April 2014

Harvesting in Idaho’s Mountains and at the Ecuador Farm

Here are some of the people who made this year’s distillation of our beautiful Idaho…

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March 2014

Distilling Challenges in Ecuador

This is our distillery in Ecuador. I built three chambers, 14,000 liters each. The next…

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February 2014

Ylang Ylang Trees in Ecuador

Land in Ecuador was cleared and prepared, and many of you came and planted ylang…

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July 2011

Ylang Ylang—The “Flower of Flowers”

Ylang ylang means “flower of flowers” and was named such because the tree has beautiful,…

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