A Warm Welcome and Hello to All

A special welcome by Gary Young, founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils.

Staff members who have been with me the longest may be chortling that I have finally joined the 21st century with this blog! They can remember how long it took me to switch from the overhead projector that my wife, Mary, handled so ably, to PowerPoint presentations. But I finally agree with them that blogging is a terrific way to keep friends, distributors and family apprised of what’s going on in my life and with my company, Young Living Essential Oils. This will be a wonderful means of communicating my thoughts and feelings about life, health and how essential oils can help change your life.

Gary Young's Lavendar farm in Mona, UT
Gary Young’s Lavendar farm in Mona, UT

In the nearly 20 years since that quarter-acre beginning, there are now lavender farms in Mona, Utah; St. Maries, Idaho; and Simiane-la-Rotonde, France. But lavender is not the only essential oil Young Living is famous for. We also grow plants to distill oil from clary sage, peppermint, thyme, German chamomile, melissa, and many, many others.

My latest venture has been in South America. I now have a magnificent farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with a year-round growing season. Ecuador is the home of cloud forests where curious plants are waiting to be discovered. In my years in this beautiful country, I have spent time in the Amazon jungle with a mobile surgical team, taking medicine to folks who wouldn’t be helped otherwise.

I built a thriving community center in Guayaquil where people can regain their health and rest in a peaceful setting. I teach classes about essential oils, their chemical constituents, and how they can support our physical and emotional health. I am proud of being the major force in reintroducing essential oils to our day.

Gary and Mary Young

I want to share with you the science behind natural health, how I came to create some of Young Living’s famous essential oil blends and supplements. I’d like to tell you about the profound secrets of health and longevity I learned from remote cultures.

So it is with true joy that I say welcome to my blog – we are in for one amazing ride!

41 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome and Hello to All

  1. Awesome Gary! Thank You!!!

    As full of an amazing life you have, I am so happy to hear you will be in touch with all of us with all the latest and greatest knowledge, discoveries and joys of our precious most sacred oils. Thank you for all that you are, all that you do, all that you give and share. There is none other quite like you on our planet.

    Many fruitful abundant blessings for you, Mary, Jacob and Joseph and to all those you touch

    In deep gratitude and love

    Julie Chertow

  2. Dear Gary,

    It’s wonderful to have this connection with you and your personal thoughts!
    What a great idea; I’m so glad you said yes to blogging…and now you can learn first-hand how much your loyal old-timer distributors love you and appreciate your work. I’ve been with you since ’97 and not only am I here to stay, but get even more involved in bringing hope to and educating the masses.

    Thank you Gary, for dedicating your life to the betterment of mankind through your personal research and vast experience on true health and longevity.

    I am proud to be part of Young Living; the only company who can truly be called, the world leader in essential oils and the first to introduce to the Western world the power of the revered Ningxia wolfberry, which is the core ingredient in our tremendously powerful antioxidant drink, NingXia Red®.

    Thank you and your family for all of the personal sacrifices you continue to make in order to serve us all with this incredible vehicle.

    April Travis

  3. Hey Gary–welcome to the 21st century with your blog. I too have just started a blog called http://EssentialOilEducation.com with the purpose of continuing to educate others on these amazing oils. We need folks like you and Mary who are dedicated to producing the world’s finest essential oils. I have been to three of your farms including the farm in Ecuador and I have seen the dedication you have to quality and perfection. And, I have used the oils enough to see their outstanding healing qualities.

    I want to be one of the first to go through your PhD program in Ecuador so hurry up and finish that curriculum. I will always be a perpetual student of healing plants and I want to continue to learn from you.
    Many blessings on the success of your endeavors,
    Linda Smith
    Arvada, Colorado

  4. Dear Gary,

    I agree it’s an amazing adventure being connected with Young Living Essential Oils. An adventure that began for me over 6 years ago after suffering from a car accident and began when my young son’s lungs were filling with liquid from pneumonia. In both cases the oils came to our rescue and resolved our conditions quickly. Thank you! You have saved thousands of lives with the oils and I’m grateful. Thank you for your deep conviction, passion, love, and dedication to the essential oils, to people, and to natural health.

    I think about you, Mary, and the boys every day and wonder what you’re doing and where you’re traveling. How exciting that this blog will link us directly with you and answer these questions and much, much, more! Have fun communicating your thoughts, feelings, stories and your current events with us. I’m ready to learn what you have to share. I joyously choose to be on this journey with you — now and for years to come.

    With love and blessings,
    Monica Goldberg

  5. Hi Gary,

    You are VERY important to me. I’ve been part of Young Living for a little more than 5 years and have been like a sponge to your teachings and your theories/proofs.

    My WordPress blog is found at http://www.enjoyingyourhealth.com. I help people with bipolar because my husband has bipolar tendencies and thanks to YOUR teachings about nutrition and essential oils, Dave Has Changed His Bipolar Mind. We have a daily treatment plan that involves YL oils.

    I’m awfully glad to see you have a blog now.

  6. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to stay in touch with you, Mary, Jacob and Joseph. Thank you for being open to ever expanding technology, you continue to walk your talk and inspire people around the world!

    I have been using our superior essential oils since 1997 and became a distributor in 2000. I have leaned so much about myself (on all levels of my being) from you and Mary. My gratitude and love for both of you runs deep. I feel like we (You, Mary and all the distributors) are one large family with a love and a mission so big, the world can’t help but be drawn in.

    I have been blessed to have visited all the YL farms and each of them is my favorite, as each of them is unique, – yet all of them are places of peace and serenity. I was with you and Mary in Ecuador this past Feb./March and again, such deep gratitude for your unending spirit of giving. Gary, your dedication, passion, and integrity are appreciated far beyond what words can convey. You continue to inspire me to live my life with passion and intention. I am a sponge to the knowledge and wisdom you give so freely.

    One question to you… have you had the opportunity to read a sentence, a paragraph, or even a chapter in the book, “Forest Under My Fingernails”? Soothing words from nature to lose oneself in for a few moments here and there…

    With love and unending gratitude,
    Rebecca Reynolds

  7. Hello there Gary and Mary and boys !

    I am so thrilled to see you online here Gary! Wow!

    I know you have been resistant to the computer and I am certain that you will see things differenly as you start to read on this blog the outpouring of love and gratitude that we all have for you and your work and you will feel so supported and connected to all of us ~ ongoing.

    Many people in Young Living know that I’ve been passionate about the internet (almost as much as I am about the oils) because it can bring us together and we can feel our sense of community and support from the comfort of our homes with literally a click of a button.

    How powerful it is that we can ‘follow’ you as you manifest your magnificence in Ecuador.

    I hope that this blog will inspire others to create their own blog – and we can all be interconnected. . . . but not only that, collectively on the internet we can have such an impact on the world with information on essential oils. This is the most powerful way to get the message out there about Young Living Essential Oils.

    For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been teaching ‘healers’ and holistically oriented health care professionals how to get their work on the internet.
    ( http://www.introtointernetmarketing.com )

    I’ve had many Young Living distributors come through my classes and they have created wonderful online businesses centered around Young Living (and have increased their business too!).

    I am so happy to see that you and Young Living corporate are making the leap “on the net” (kinda like the zipline but in a different way!)

    Thanks so much for being available in this way and continuing to lead, inform, and inspire us all ~

    With grateful blessings,
    “Home Spa Lady”

  8. Dear Gary & Mary, I look forward to reading entries and learning more. I learn so much more and have deeper understanding when I can read and see the informaiton.

    The oils and products have made a difference in my life and my family’s for more than 15 years as we use them every day. The education from Young Living has helped us eat better and heal our bodies. It is a continual journey of new discoveries and understanding.

    Thanks for all you do and thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    Annalee Phillips

  9. Dear Gary and Mary,
    You, Young Living and the YL essential have change our entire family. We started some 5 years ago in a quest to help our Mother with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The quality of life and peace that has prevailed from the miracle of the oils as been astounding. Today, Mom continues to live in peace with my sister’s constant care and attention. The home in which she lives takes classes to learn about the uses of YLEO and continues to fill the diffuser in between visits. I can say that many in our family today are committed to using the oils on a daily basis and spreading the word, all because of your commitment and dedication to bringing this information to us and sharing your life’s journey.
    Thanks so much to both of you for your continued dedication. Look forward to coming to Ecuador and I am now waiting for the information on the PhD programs.
    God Bless
    Carol Garvey

  10. Dear Gary, Mary and all,
    Its a fascinating time to be alive and a privilege to be a part in the Young Living Family. Thank you Gary and Mary for all your good work and for staying connected with us through this blog.
    Group hug!
    Kathy Spohn

  11. Dear Gary and Mary,
    I am excited to have this opportunity to share in your knowledge and insight of nature’s best remedies and therapies and look forward to reading your blog.
    Thank you. I truly am excited about this adventure.
    Sandra Numedahl

  12. Hi Mary and Gary,
    I look forward to learning more from you through this tool of the 21st century. Continued success and well-being for all that you do and provide through the love you share. I am honored to be a part of this business family.
    Thank you again,
    Sharon K. Young

  13. Dear Gary and Mary,

    So often I think of the contributions you are making to humanity with your pioneering spirit and intention of global healing, and I send you blessings. I am very excited to know that I will be in closer communication with you and can’t wait to hear of your travels and oils experiences. Thank you for the many sacrifices you make! I am honored to be a part of this healing family!

    Jeanne Natré

  14. Hi Gary and Mary!
    Thank you SO much for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to share your life and knowlegde with us! I am excited to see what you will teach us through this tool, I will be checking this site often. You are amazing people and I am honored to be part of this incredible company.

    Thank you very much
    Yvonne VandeDrink

  15. Dear Gary and Mary,

    Thank you so much for sharing your time with the world. It´s so powerful to hear it directly from you. I just want to learn more and more and hope to be able to go to Ecuador in january. It´s all I have wished for in months. It´s such an unique opportunity!! Thank you and lots of blessings to you.
    I have a blogg in Swedish and share a lot about my experiences with the oils there.
    Hope to see you soon in Ecuador. I want to serve humanity.

    Big hug and I wish you the best for you and your family
    Lisen Bengtsson

  16. Hello Gary, Mary and little ones,

    Thanks so much for all you do for us, I have been a member of your team since 2001 and have learned so much from you. I really appreciate all you do for us and look forward to learning more and more. I have so many personal success stories because of these great oils. I am a massage therapist and have a very successful business and I know much of my success is due to the oils and training you provide. I have all of your earlier training tapes and cd’s and cherish them greatly. I am really looking forward to this blog and learning so much more.

    Abundant Health to you and your family
    There is great love here for you

    Cyndy Streitz
    Lincoln, California

  17. G’Day,

    My name is Kaaren and I am a year in “trying” out the oils of Young Living.

    Thank you with deep gradification:
    Gary and Mary – I am thankful you have made a life mission out of restoring the medicine of essential oils – thousands, I’m sure, have and will benefit from your drive, dedication, and passion.

    I am a lover of the body, how it works, moves, and how and why medicines affect it. This world of essential oils seems endless in R+D! Gary I am excited to see what you post and to learn from the knowledge you have obtained thru your years of study!

    How did we get hooked up with Y.L.?:
    I had just been Western medicine trained when our (my husband and I) eight year old dog died from the Chinese dog food poisoning back at the beginning of 2007. She left one of the top vets in the country with 12-24 hours to live. My husband contacted a homeopathic vet out of Australia who got us started on Homeopathic medicine. In school, I had never been told or taught this form of medicine, and regarding essential oils, I was taught they smell good! She lived for another 2 months as we battled kidney failure. I was astonished at how well these NON-western “drugs” worked! She took an upswing and looked to get better but ultimately she died.

    A few months later we came in touch with Young Living Essential Oils. And now my husband and I use both homeopathics and Young Living Essential Oils for our daily medical needs.

    My Issue:
    Essential Oils are up against a tough fight in my life right now. I am loosing vision in an eye due to retinal bleeding. The eye doctors have said I will grow out of it or I will go blind.

    I do not agree with doing nothing, so I have read the eye parts of the Essential Oils Medical Guide and have applied the practices it has suggested. I am also drinking 1-4 oz. of Ning Xia Red a day.

    I have been applying these practices for the last +2 months – it has not worsened but has not gotten better either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or other research???

    Another Question:
    Does anyone have information, testimonies, etc – outside of the Medical Guide – on HOW and WHAT to use for infertility?

    Thank you for all you “do” for the improvement of mankind! May you continue to be blessed in all ways!


  18. Gary (and family)
    Thank you so much for all you do to further the discovery of plants and what they have to offer us through the distillation of essential oils! And thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and are continuing to make for all of us to have better choices for our health and well-being. I look forward to your blog as a way to educate myself further and to share what I learn with others! Thanks!

    Jackie McLaughlin
    San Antonio, TX

  19. Hi Gary~ ~ ~

    What a great way to keep in touch with the Young Living Family. Thanks for taking the time to blog. I was at the Utah farm a few years ago and spent the week working with you. It was an amazing experience! Young Living is not just a company any more, It is a family. The experience of working together with you and other Young Living Distributors to harvest and distill the lavender that we then sell to others to balance their bodies and heal their spirits carved a place in my heart that You and the Young Living Family will always hold. This company is so special and those who can feel the love that goes into each bottle of oil are drawn to us and become family also.
    I am grateful to have this opportunity to express to you how visiting the farm for that one week impacted my life. By living your dreams you enable us to also live ours. We are all on this wonderful ride together and I am excited to see what you come up with next.

    Hope to see you soon in Equador.
    Ahrisha Carol Lesher

  20. Hello, Mary and Gary,

    Congratulations for starting another great tradition. The time it will take to make it work will be worth every minute to us, the distributors. We are blessed, now, to have this firm connection. Thank you.

    You must know that you have a dedicated email blogger in ‘Mary Lou.’ I continue to marvel at her patience and dedication to manage her heavy responsibility with a smile and an occasional rap on the knuckles with the traditional teacher’s ruler. My essential oils education has been blessed by this email privilege. Jacquelyn Phillips in Iowa

  21. Dear Gary and family,
    I applaud you, the true mavericks that will make the difference for society as a whole, mind, body and spirit! Thanks for all you do and for this blog to keep us informed and inspired.
    Leslie DePiero, Ohio

  22. Dear Gary and Staff:

    Convention 2008 was my first Young Living Convention. I was so impressed with the information I heard and read on the large poster-like cards that Attendees wrote their “healing” stories on for you. I read some of those submissions and everyone of them had amazing “acolades” to Gary, Mary and his Staff on the benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils. I will always remember the stories of miraculous-type healings and each person’s passionate “Thank You”.

    I am Blessed that I have found Young living Essential Oils.

    Rosemary Ficalora

  23. Fantastic! thank you Gary! Great to meet you and your family in Ecuador last Spring! I learned so much from you! ( Had a great time shopping with Kathy and Jacob too! )

    Cannot wait to get back to Ecuador! I hope you let us all know when your University Program will be ready to attend. Learning from the master is the only way to go!

    all the best,
    Sprice Drury

  24. Gary and Family,
    Thank you does not say enough for what you do for millions of people. I am somewhat new to the oils, trying them for about 2 years now. I was fortunate enough to be a patient at the Nova Vita Clinic in Ecuador last June and July. I was there for 5 weeks (unfortunately I did not get to meet you), BUT my visit there has transformed my life and all I dream about is going back. The highlight of my time there was when Guillermo took my mom and I to the farm and we sat in a pile of Ruta Vala!

    I am thrilled to be learning more and more everyday and experiencing what amazing things these oils do. I am looking forward to the next convention – it will be my first and I’m sure it will not be my last!

    Thank you for this Blog – I cannot wait to hear more from you.
    With much gratitude and love,
    Laura Robinson
    Chantilly, Virginia

  25. Hello Gary and family. I am brand new to your amazing oils and am hooked. I have been using most of the Thieves products as well as your lavender and other oils.

    At present I am struggling with a health problem with my dog. Sheba has an imbalanced thyroid problem and will need medical support for the rest of her life.
    There is an easy and cheap prescription remedy for this but the problem is that her immune system is very weak.

    For a couple of years now she has had a recurring bacterial skin problem for which the vet dermatologist prescribes heavy doses of antibacterial medicine. Ofcourse, this has caused an outbreak of Candida, the yeast infection, and this poor dog is miserably itchy. Her skin is either red and raw from the bacterial infection or the Candida. The dermatologist really has no solution for the candida but to apply a toxic solution on the yeast flare up and change the dog food brand. She also suggest a life time antibactial program… one month on and two weeks off (or something like that) for the bacteria.

    Instead I’ve taken her off all dog foods and given her raw + fresh cooked food suggested to clear the yeast infection, and keeping her off the antibacterial medicine. I’m hoping to continue to do this but the bacteria infection is very persistent and according to some research I did on the internet, her immune system just doesn’t have the strength to keep these natural bacterial elements under control. This month the bacterial rash came back in full force and Sheba was once again knawing at herself to the point of tearing her fur off and bleeding.

    In desperation I decided to swab her with Kangan water i get from a friend of mine and then put a few drops of Thieves oil and a layer of the Dog Ointment.
    It seems to be working, her bacterial rash is no longer red and she is not scratching herself, and when she does I immediately repeat my dressing.

    Could you advice me ? Do you have any other suggestion, am I doing the correct thing or is there something better or to add to what I’m doing.

    Thank you for your dedication and passion in this field and I am excited to have jump on board.

  26. God has answered my prayers through you, yet again! God continually provides for our needs and through your faithful service and committment to excellence we have the Pure Plant Oils to heal & make us whole!

    Wishing You Every Blessing in Heaven on Earth!

    All the Glory to Our God!!!

    Big Smiles & Much Love
    from Carol Tonne

    visit me at my blog http://www.glorydayzcafe.info

    ~ Serving Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual Refreshment!!! ~

  27. Hi Gary, I’m glad you joined the blogworld..I, myself am not a blogger! 😉 I met you at the farm, I loved it! Beautiful Utah! I’m the other Cancerian who walked up to you and asked you when your b’day was..and you replied July 11th, and I said July 5th. 😉 Anyway, your doing a super duper job…I am happy with the oils I have chosen…it makes my life more serene and fulfilled just knowing that there is someone out there in this vast wonderland who Cares about us humans. 😉 (and animals too).

    I was shopping in Whole Foods in Wheaton, Illinois and there were some people from India asking the clerk about WF oils, I happened to chime in..and told them about Gary’s oils, the clerk was a little upset with me, she commented “You can’t come in WF and start selling your oils”, I said I am not selling anything, I am merely stating a fact about my brand of oils, and furthermore we should all share in this world…I ended up making peace with the clerk before I left Wholefoods. 😉 We need people to be more open-minded in this world of ours, I am so glad I’m an open book!;-)

    Love N Light, Floretta

    P.S. The people from India gave me their phone number, and they are now; New Young Living Believers! 😉

  28. Thank you Gary and Mary for keeping us in the loop on your ventures. In our challenging economic times I believe it is even more important that we take care of ourselves, emotionally and physically and what a better way than with the purest oils that YLEO has to offer. My husband and I have a counseling and holistic center and enjoy teaching the benefits of the oils and supplements to our clients. Through counseling and oils we are seeing great results, we are getting people of meds that are clients so desperatley want to get off of. We would like to know if you are going to offer any chewable supplements for teenagers? You have wonderful kid chewables. Some people have a tough time swallowing pills. We are happy to report that our family has not been sick since using YLEO. This has been 2 years.
    Thank you for sharing your products and information to the world, you have and will continue to help so many people.
    The products you share are from Mother Earth just what God intended, keeping it pure and natural.

    We look forward to learning more from you as you continue to research and grow.


    Dr. and Mrs. Lopez

  29. Dear Gary, Mary and Boys,

    Thank you for your dedication to helping the world become healthier and stronger. I have been using YLEO since approximately 1995 and have seen wonderful results from their use. I have not been ill (no flu, cold, etc) since I starting using the oils. God bless you in your continued work. Looking forward to new products.

    Thanks again, Judie Brantley

  30. Dear Gary & Mary,

    Thank you for creating a way for us to hear from you from time to time! I am so grateful for the blessing Young Living has been in my life and the life of countless others. I cannot imagine my life without Young Living.

    Allow me to thank you both, belatedly, for the wonderful time at St. Mary’s at Silver Club in July! It was so wonderful to see where the vision began and to go home filled with wonder and inspiration!

    I learned about Ruta Vala just in time. My husband had been suffering from depression, mostly due to a terrible job situation. I have been giving him capsules with Ruta Vala before work and at night and we were doing the whole body anointing with Valor, Harmony, Joy, White Angelica and Frankincense twice daily. It has gotten him through the darkest of times.

    Another distributor and best friend of mine now lives in Russia and has been a long-time user – now helping people there. She is 64 and believes she has Endometriosis, but has not been able to get a true diagnosis there and does not want surgery. She has been using Ruta Vala and it has been helping her, so we praise God for that, but could use further help with knowing how best to address this since it causes much back pain.

    Thank you Mary for the huge sacrifcie you are making in chosing to live with Gary and the boys there among the mosquitoes, spiders, and all the other creepy crawlers! Whenever I come out West for the conventions, I realize all the more what a wonderful climate you’all have left! We pray for blessings on all of you and thank you both for chosing to help humanity by discovering the treasures that lie there and sharing them with the world and saving the land for the generations to come!

    Sabine Barnett

  31. Greetings,

    It was my greatest experience so far, to be at the farm during the 2008 convention. I was in awe of the beautiful land and fresh air we experienced that day. I will always treasure Gary sharing his experiences regarding the early days in distillation at the farm. It was late that afternoon and only a few of us were still there, yet I felt like an old friend in Gary and Mary’s presence, perhaps because they were “home”.

    We are very blessed to have Gary and Mary as our leaders not only in good health but more so as being excellent in Godliness and family. I believe they have been anointed to change the world with what God gave us for good health. I am thankful for their family and pray for their continued health and well being.

    The energy on the farm was amazing, I felt uplifted, inspired, and peaceful. Even though I made a lot of new friends that day, I felt like I was with family. I was also pleased to find out that the farm animals have an oil and supplement regiment. Yet another example of excellence, to care for all living creatures in our family with YL products.

    After leaving the farm I was inspired to start working with horses, not only the physical issues they encounter, but also the emotional things too. A lot of the emotional stuff is complicated, but with prayer and trusting my instincts with the oils, and some healing touch techniques we have helpled a few horses get over some issues. It melts my heart to see these wonderful creatures to finally have peace and be happy and content. They are very thankful and the love you feel from their great big hearts is amazing. I always feel wonderful after working with these gentle giants. I am there to help them heal but I also get a healing too.

    So thank you Gary for your raindrop teaching with Prince, I never would have tried helping horses with our products. Now I know what I was missing! You just never know where this company will take you.

    After reading many comments there are a lot of animal related questions. I know Gary does not have time to answer everything, but maybe there are alot of us out there that could colaborate with our experiences and perhaps a few holistic veterinarians have information to contribute to some kind of animal essential oil blog or website. If such a thing exists someone please email me : goodforthesole@aol.com.

    God Bless

    Cyndi Klepper RCR
    Dandridge, TN

  32. To all of you,
    I’m happy I get a chance to see whats going on in YOUR LIVES and the many members .We who care how much all the research and belief in essential oils have given to so many people including me and my family. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your research in the essential oils.
    Karen Hammer

  33. Blessings,

    Gary I was blessed to study with you over 12 years ago in Vancouver, Canada a few times. You spoke of many of your journeys and lessons then in Egypt and other places. Fasinating! You kept us memerized. Class was from 9-5 and you’d still be teaching at 9pm. Truly you love your work. I remember Mary, who you had only met recently, saying Gary it’s time to go. We were like DANG! We wanted to know more, more, more.

    You spoke of the Blue Lotus oil and your 3 year seach for the Blue Lotus plant and how you found it in Egypt. Amazing story. You said that you had found the perfect place to farm it in Guadalupe Mexico and were looking into land to begin growing it.

    I was wondering if you had followed thru on that project. I know you spoke of how it made the veils thiner for accessing the spirit world and how people could call on the dark or light. Free will. That all the Blue Lotus plants had been destroyed by the Pharoh of Egypt because to many people were choosing to use it for unloving reason. Do you feel we on planet “Earth” are ready to work with this oil now? God works in amazing ways and the planet is in need of major healing. I would love to hear an update on your feelings about this amazing essential oil “Blue Lotus”. That you introduced us to.

    I loved all your stories about Egypt! How you came there and everyone was told they had to leave because of political unrest and you had a mysterious visitor who took you to an elder, your journey thru the three days of initations. Your cellular memory. The annointment in the King’s chamber. Or initation chamber! So fasinating your stories. You have a way of keeping us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next sentence. When looking back over my life’s journey’s you are certainly one of the highlights!

    Where ever you go, Gary Young, wonder follows! We love you for exacatly the way you are. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bright Blessings in Love and Peace,

  34. Hi Gary & all the great people at YL,
    I love all the products & oils. You have a great customer service staff as well. They have always been very helpful when I’ve called.
    My email is also for one of your bloggers name Kaaren with the eye problem. My daughter & I have a small hair salon & spa. We try to supply our clients with good healthy info, so they can make good informed decisions. I have a product available for Kaaren that you might try.
    We tried it on my mother when her caterates got bad. It help her so much that her eye doctor posponed her surgery 4 times.
    I would gladly send you a bottle of drops free if you pay the shipping.
    My email is spiritspas@gmail.com
    Thank You again Gary & Mary for all your hard work with the oils.

  35. Dear Gary and Mary,
    This is wonderful way to keep in touch with us in a twentieth Century Way.
    As I am writing to you my boys (Husband Vince,Vincent,Kevin, and Christian) are building a light pen out of an old highlighter. It is really cool. They found it on Youtube the other night. They are using the Wii remote and a computer so we can write on the monitor with the light pen. It can turn the monitor into a memo pad. My point is that the technology is so advance theses day. But the we always go be to the core, Nature.
    I broke my pinkie toe on my driving foot on 8 days ago. With in 5 minutes I put oils on the injury. In my shock, I went to my EODR and found some choice. I immediately knew to use PanAway. I was initially in pain for a few minutes. I added Lemongrass and my favorite healing oil is PaloSanto.
    I have been soaking in our Bath Soak Salts we made at the Lavender Harvest in St. Maries this summer. Last night I realized that my foot was no longer hurting me. So I experimented with moving it slowly and gently.
    I started driving on friday after 6 days. I truly believe that these oils and NR are Gods gift to us to heal everything.

    My family did and amazing cross country adventure this summer to the Lavendar Harvest on the Farm in St. Maries. It was absolutely my favorite family vacation we have ever taken. On about day 3 , my son Kevin said to me (as we were walking down to the distiller for a talk and demonstration and to turn the lavendar), Can we come back next year. But can we fly next time?. Marcie, watch out we will be back!!!
    Your boys are just adorable. All the way home my boys talking about riding the ATV. It was not until the next day that I discovered that Jacob was the drive of the ATV, not another adult!!! But they had a blast.
    Kevin started to get posion Ivy on his foot on the way home. But our trusty Thieves Spray nipped it and it never developed. He is highly sensivitve to it and he probably got it on the ATV Ride or from the vehicle itself.
    My husband vince is interested in coming to edcador to help you in the mobile medical unit. Email him “Drsmilefix@lwcnet.com”
    Thank you for this blog and I look forward to reading often.

    God Bless you and the boys.

    Karen Schembari and her boys

  36. Gary,
    I have a very smart mouse, that made his way into my kitchen and found my brand new box of Core Essentials. He proceeded to eat every one of the PM packet contents in the box. He sampled one AM, but left it and the noon alone. I guess he new what he needed and I hope he leaves satisfied and never comes back. Or I suppose that I could get resourceful and put a trail of LIFE 5 on my trap to catch him, except I don’t have anymore because he ate it all. I find this funny, but interesting.
    June Watkins

  37. Hello Gary, Mary and All! You are Truly a Blessing to everyone!

    It is a GREAT honor to be a part of Young Living Essential Oils since 2005.

    Many Thanks for sharing God’s Love for HIS people in all your hard work, loyalty and passion for uncovering in the essential oils what God intended us to use from the beginning of time, just like it is written in the book of Genesis. God provided all our needs and it was NOT processed food, it was HIS foods! Thank You Jesus!

    Again Thank you so much for all you do and I pray your days are ABUNDANTLY blessed full of Peace & Joy!

    Love in Christ,
    Diane H. Dickerson

  38. Gary

    I am worried! I just got a historical perspective on the new Codex Law which will become effective Jan 1, 2010. Acording to that the Feds will be able to put all of us in Jail. The FDA is requesting comments. There are provision for amendments to the law, are you aware of this and what if anything is Young Living doing about it. For that Matter what are any of the non-alined natural pruduct companies doing about it. I just found out that Manatec, Shaklee, GNDL and others are owned by the pharmaceuticals and they are behind this. I was a political candidate for the house of representative in PR and I am a Doctor and a member of the Naturopathic Union un PUerto Rico. UNALI. Is there anything we can help with. Signatures, petition, What?

  39. According to the Codex compliance, all natural products, vitamins and minerals will be treated as toxic substances and will carry the same legal penalties as dealing in drugs. I can send you a copy or the two newpaper page size of the article in spanish. There is suppose to be web sites for this: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org check it out.

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