Not Just for Men

31265999361_eb21943209_kThere’s something new coming to the Skyrider Wilderness Ranch [in Tabiona, Utah]. I’m just completing the building of a new facility that sleeps 48 people, with a huge conference room that will seat 300 people or more, and a kitchen that will feed 100 people or more. Because I have a great desire for next year, I’m telling you ahead of time; so when it’s listed in YL Events, you will understand what it is.

How many of you here tonight have children? Wow. And some of those youth and teenagers from Kids Camp and Teen Camp are here tonight. Will you raise your hands if you’re here? Oh, fantastic. Here are some right on the front row. Thank you; thank you for coming!

This is something that’s been dear to my heart that I’ve wanted to do for years. A lot of your children don’t have the opportunity to get off the pavement or out of the cement city, so next year the Young Living Skyrider Wilderness Ranch is going to start hosting a Boys’ Camp and Girls’ Camp in addition to Men’s camp. So stay tuned! Maybe the first year we’ll just have one Boys’ Camp and one Girls’ Camp to see how it goes, what the interest is, and how much excitement there is.


2016 Men’s Camp participants

For the youth who would like to come to the camp, you’re going to experience many things, including learning what it’s like to work with wild game. I have 300 elk and 85 buffalo on my ranch, and we’ll have roundups. You’ll get to work in the fields haying; you’ll get to move sprinkler pipe; you’ll get to dig a ditch; you’ll get to do all kinds of things, as well as enjoy the fun things that we will have. So it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime, and there’ll be education classes in the evening, just like we have for Men’s Camp.

Gary Young’s 2017 Convention Keynote Leadership Address

D. Gary Young, Mary Young, Josef and Jacob Young

Are you excited? Are you happy? Well, let’s get up and show it. Come on, let’s be alive! Whoo! This is fabulous!

First on our agenda, are you truly happy? Yes! This convention is a celebration of so much hard work and our successful year!

D. Gary Young

D. Gary Young

Let’s give another round of applause for our special guest speaker, Shawn Achor.

Let’s also give another round of applause to five great people who were up here before Shawn— Ben Riley, our Executive Vice President of Global Sales. The beautiful Lauren Walker, our Executive Vice President of Global Operations [now Chief Supply Officer]. The “entertainer,” Matt French, our General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer [now Chief Legal Officer]. Dr. Mike Buch, our Chief Science Officer. And, of course, Jared Turner, our Chief Operating Officer and host for tonight.

They are the best of the best. I hope you all appreciate where you are and what you have because you have not only the best oils in the world, the best products in the world, you also have the best corporate leaders in the world. Yes!

So with that excitement, how many want to come back next year and do this? All right! For next year’s convention, 2018, our theme is Freedom! And that means so many things—freedom from emotional bondage, freedom from guilt, freedom from fear, freedom from pain, freedom to be alive, and freedom from health problems and limitations, to name a few. We can be everything we want to be.

Manifest Your Dream!

32517512092_4d20f526ab_zGARY: I’m going to ask one last important question: how many of you are here because you want to change your destiny? Oh my goodness, you just filled my heart. I am so happy, because we can do it together! Yes!

MARY: Gary, I want to know how many of our audience already feel like they’ve changed their destiny? Yes! Oh my goodness, that’s so wonderful.

GARY: How many of you are ready to go on to greatness? How many of you want to fill a stadium next year? It’s done. You speak it; it’s done.

Here are your key ingredients. The intensity of your dream, the passion of your heart, and the knowing of the spirit. These will create the perfect manifestations of your dream, your fulfillment of destiny.

This I will say in closing. There isn’t one human being in this building I don’t love, because you’re a child of God. I love you. We love you. I believe in you, and I know you can do it. You can achieve everything you want in life. All you have to do is grab it, sink your teeth into it, and go for it with a deep, burning desire. Build it with passion. God bless you.

Taking Risks

Don’t stop because you have an accident or a problem. Don’t stop because someone’s not interested.

Don’t stop because you have an accident or a problem. Don’t stop because someone’s not interested.

GARY: I crashed my plane 5 years ago. The FAA inspector who came the next morning said it was the worst crash he’d inspected in 27 years that somebody walked away from. That was my second one; and then 3 years ago, a third one. But I didn’t stop. I went and got another plane. This was my third crash. Only I wasn’t flying this one.

You don’t stop because you have an accident. You don’t stop because you have a problem. You don’t stop because somebody says, “I’m not interested in your essential oils. They stink.”

There’s a risk in coming to convention; you might get addicted to Young Living!

There’s a risk in doing research. Now if you don’t know who the foreigner is in this photo, look at the ankles. This is in the Forbidden Zone in Yemen. I was the first foreigner to go into the Forbidden Zone in 30 years. How did I get there? I sat on the minister’s step and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I wanted to do the research. I wanted to go to the ancient city of Shabwah [Yemen]. I wanted to film it and I wanted to be the first to video record it—and I was, because I wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Gary’s Example to You

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want to succeed.

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want to succeed.

GARY: People say, “Fear keeps me from being successful.” No, it is not fear: false evidence appearing real. People have used the old fear word for their escape forever. It is not the fear of being successful that is keeping you from building your business; it’s the risk. Why are you afraid to take the risk? Are you afraid somebody will criticize you? Are you afraid you don’t know enough? You often take risks, even when you play a game.

I think most of you have seen me holding my hand and being a wuss the last few days. I tore my hand Tuesday morning jousting in practice, but I haven’t quit. I put a brace on, I ace wrapped and taped it, and I jousted again yesterday. Yes, it hurt, but it felt good when I knocked the other guy off the horse. It’s the only sport where you can hit another man with a big stick and get paid to do it.

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want success. Block your mind to it and keep blocking it. I didn’t have to get in that arena Wednesday morning or yesterday afternoon, and I don’t have to do it today. I simply don’t have to do it.

Mary said to me, “Honey, I wish you wouldn’t.”

And I said, “I have to.”

She said, “No, you don’t have to,” and she was absolutely right. I didn’t have to, but I did have to. Here’s the reason why I chose to keep jousting. I did it to be an example to you. I won’t stop because it hurts a little bit.

I will always do and I will always stand in front. I work every day to be an example to you, and I’ll never ask you to do something I won’t do.