The Person You Really Need is YOU!

GARY: It’s also really, really important to understand this: you don’t need anyone else in order to succeed.

MARY: That’s true! Knowing who you are is the greatest power you have in your life. Take your power back and start to grow!

GARY: Here’s what’s really important in what Mary just said. Everybody has to start the same. I have not yet seen a child born who just shot out of the womb and stood up and started walking. Many of you are the same. You were introduced to Young Living, and now you’re just trying to catch your breath because you’re in overwhelm, right? That’s good.

So what’s the most important thing to do if you ever feel stuck? You start preparing. I use this simple analogy: I love Mother Earth because she birthed us, she gave us life that continues every day. So you need to start preparing how you’re going to build, but what does it mean to prepare to build?

I’d like to share with you on another level. How many of you, when you joined Young Living, had people around you say, “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”? “Essential oils? Sounds like snake oil to me.” “You mean you’re joining that voodoo company? What are they, a bunch of witch doctors?” I’ve heard it all, and you probably have too.

If you’re going to build, you must clear your landing strip and your building site. When we were building the distillery in Fort Nelson, we had to dig down 12 feet to get below the frost level of 10 feet before we could start laying the foundation to start up. It was so critical.

So you have to know where the frost level is in your terra firma [solid earth]; and by that I mean, what is the frost level of your ancestral DNA? What is the frost level programing of your life that you must dig below and eradicate? Whatever is negative, remove it so you can start putting in a solid foundation and building upwards. That’s what I mean when I say, prepare to build. It is so important to your success.

Building the distillery at the Northern Lights Farm in Fort Nelson, BC, Canada.


A Leader Shift

GARY: Today we’re in the early stages of another trend, a shift I call a “leader shift.” We’re just now starting into this transition that started about five years ago. How many here can remember when I talked about it four years ago? A few of you, yes. So now it’s here and we’re here. What does leader shift mean?

I’d like to see a raise of hands, and please, know that you are safe to raise your hands. You’re our Young Living family—our family—and you’re safe to talk. How many of you feel like you’re stuck? Yes, look, honey.

Attendees at Awards Night, 2016 Convention, honoring their leaders.

GARY: And you need help! You want help!

MARY: Gary, what does that say about the leadership we have in Young Living—all our Diamonds, our Platinums, people who have risen so well in the ranks? People want their help. They have some work to do.

GARY: A lot of work to do.

MARY: These leaders need to get acquainted with people in their organization and see how they can help. Do you hear me? Do you know how many people in Young Living don’t know who their upline is? We want to change that. The minute you sponsor one person, you become a leader; and you need to be willing to take on that responsibility.

Learning from the Great Ones

GARY: So during the 1980s and 1990s, society transitioned from managers to leaders, influenced by sages like Buckminster Fuller, Earl Nightingale, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, James Tillman, and who did you listen to yesterday? Brendon Burchard. Was that enjoyable? Did you appreciate that? What a bundle of energy. What a beautiful person. I went to one of Brendon’s classes four years ago when he was teaching a program on publishing, and I came back and told the guys, “You need to go and take a seminar. You need to meet this guy, and here’s the reason.”

Brendon Burchard speaking at the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention

I’ve been to a lot of seminars with a lot of people over the years. How many of you in this room are old enough to know a gentleman who taught classes at the Crystal Cathedral 40 years ago named Robert Schuller? Yes. I was a student of Robert Schuller, because I wanted to just learn. My library was empty and I wanted to fill it. I went and learned from who I thought then was the best. I think it was four years ago when I brought Bob Procter to Young Living.

MARY: Yes, four years ago.

GARY: Yes, I brought him here so we could all hear him and learn from his wisdom and life experiences. There are so many good people to learn from. All these people I mentioned were my mentors over the years.

I invited Brendon Burchard to come to Young Living and share with you because he’s a clean, moral-speaking person. You didn’t hear one foul word come out of his mouth, and you never will. Yes, he respects and honors people, and he speaks with integrity. He is a self-made person, and these are the kinds of people we want to look to and learn from as we go forward in life.

The Best of Business Building

GARY: Some of the old business-building techniques were valuable! This is why it’s so important for you to look at some of the older distributors who built decades ago in Young Living. But here’s the real precious value, and that is that when you take the knowledge from the past and incorporate it with the new technology of today—it’s win/win/win for everybody. So use it, understand it. However, we can’t build a business totally the way we did 20 years ago. If we focused that way, we’d be behind the eight ball. We’ve got to build for tomorrow, not just for today.

This is why I say to study the trends, what’s going to change, and what’s going to happen five years from now. You need to be studying and reading and understanding that the trends will dictate the outcome. Watch the trends; you want to be ahead of them. It’s like getting on a surfboard. You don’t get behind the wave; you get in front of it. Be sure that you’re in front of the wave.

Gary and Mary Young at 2017's Grand Convention.

Gary and Mary Young at 2017′s Grand Convention.

We’re headed into a new wave of business building and leadership. I’ve been talking about this for the last five years, and it’s very exciting when we understand the dynamics of the change in the mentality of building a business today. It’s not the old way. We need to be prepared for change in the trend of business and leadership. Looking back, we see the need to look into the future. Right, Mary?

MARY: It’s a good combination.

GARY: It’s a great combination. So here’s something that’s interesting with the switch from kings and chiefs to community fathers such as doctors, lawyers, and town merchants. From the 1880s to the 1920s, business transitioned from fathers to titans of industry like Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller. From the 40s to the 70s, there was another shift from business tycoons to managers that was spurred by the work of Edward Deming and innovators like Sam Walton. All of you know of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, right?

I mention this to make my point that we have to be prepared to continually look at how we can go into the future and keep growing. Young Living is the oldest and fastest-growing essential oil company in the world today. Do we want to rest on our laurels now that we’ve reached over $1 billion in yearly sales? Not a chance. We’re just at the point where we can light the rocket. We’ve made enough mistakes that now we know how to get it right, right? Yes!

We Have Something to Believe In!

New sign at Simiane-La-Rotonde farm in Provence, 2003.

Celebrating having a new sign at the Young Living Lavender farm in the Simiane-la-Rotonde Valley in Provence, France, in 2003.

GARY: I don’t care what other companies say, because I know this business better than anyone out there. I’m in it every day. And if you question what I say, then jump on the plane this afternoon, go to France, call Jean-Noël, and have him give you a tour of Provence. All you’re going to see everywhere you drive on the plateau is Young Living, Young Living, Young Living, Young Living farms. No company in the world can boast that, and I’m not about boasting, I’m about stating fact.

You have something to believe in. You have something to be proud of, because I looked at the trends 30 years ago, I looked at what was going to happen. I looked at medicine and knew that it could not sustain itself going forward the way it was. The future is natural medicine, and it’s growing more and more every year.

Do we still build a business like we did a decade ago? How many say yes?

The Young Living Lavender Farm in the Simiane Valley in Provence, France, is the largest true lavender farm in the world!

The Young Living Lavender Farm in the Simiane Valley in Provence, France, is the largest true lavender farm in the world!

MARY: Not very many.

GARY: Good, thank you. But are there facets of business building from a decade ago that should be incorporated today?

MARY: Yes.

GARY: Yes. And what Mary said about doing it one-on-one, in your home, is so fantastic. What you people have today is that you have the best of both worlds. You have the knowledge from the past, from some of these seasoned builders. And you know, when I listen to Mary talk, I think “How could she have done all that at 39?”

MARY:  Oh, isn’t he sweet!