Gary Young is "In Love with Lavender"

The first lavender I grew in 1989 came from seeds I brought back from a trip to France. The variety is Lavandula angustifolia. This species of lavender has the most health-supporting benefits.

I can’t think of another essential oil that is as popular as lavender. A well-known saying about lavender is that it is the “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils. It is renowned for its calming effect as much as it is for its heady fragrance.

I talked with a lady who attended our annual Lavender Days at the farm in Mona, Utah, this past June. She told me about buying lavender bubble bath at a specialty shop that sold bath foam with the title of “Fresh Lavender.” On the label it said that the company had “combined this classic and traditional scent” to “take you to that beautiful and fragrant place where the calming benefits envelope you while you bathe.” The bath foam had the right soft purple color but the sweet scent hardly smelled like lavender. When she got home and read the ingredients, this lady was angry! There was no lavender in it at all! There was just a lot of chemicals and fragrance.

Up close with lavender
Up close with lavender

Sadly, this is true of many “lavender” products. A chemist can whip up a batch of chemicals that resemble lavender’s scent and this is done all the time! But a chemist cannot bottle fresh air, sunshine, pure water, and rich soil. He may duplicate the chemical constituents found in lavender: linalyl acetate, linalool, cis-beta-ocimene, etc. But his concoction will not match what natural lavender can do.

I have told the story many times of the woman who angrily accosted me at one of our conventions because the lavender essential oil she used actually burned her skin. It didn’t take me long to confirm that she wasn’t using Young Living lavender but a cheap bottle she bought in a drug store. All too often, what is called “lavender” is either totally synthetic or cut with the less expensive hybrid essential oil.

Raising lavender without the use of chemical herbicides and synthetic fertilizers is expensive. But what comes out of the distiller is so pure and valuable, it’s worth every penny. Just can ask the thousands of people who came to enjoy our Lavender Days this past June. Many of them participated in the 5K Run through the Lavender. They made lavender wreaths and bought lavender essential oil that was distilled on this very farm. It seems I’m not the only one who loves lavender!

I am excited to hear the ways you have benefited from lavender oil in your life.

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  1. A few years ago my family was camping. We were cooking in dutch ovens for dinner. My little 2 year old walked over and touched one of the dutch ovens. He screamed, I ran, I looked down at his little hand and it had started to turn black on a little part of his finger. I told my husband to get the first aid kit (where there is always some lavender) and a brother to get some ice. I soaked his hand in the lavender and put ice on it. Every hour I applied more lavender. The days to follow we bandaged it with gause pads soaked with lavender and wrapped it up so that nothing could get in. And his little hand was just fine. No damage at all!
    last month my little 10 month old crawled outside and put his little hands on a metal plate that had been in the sun. He left them on the plate until someone came to get him. There were instantly huge blister covering both hands, one worse than the other (I have pics if you want to see them). And again I grabbed Lavender and ice and did the same thing as I had done with my other child. By the evening he was crawling around on his bandaged hands. And they look great today!
    We are true believers in Lavender and the healing that can take place if you use it.

  2. My granddaughter grabbed the hot end of a sparkler last 4th of July. I immediately poured lavender on it. The white mark was gone the next day! Both my grandchildren and the little boy I nanny, love the oils! My oldest granddaughter inhaled Inspiration right before her water baptism. Her face coming up out of the water is just glowing! Now she wants to smell it every Sunday before her worship service.

  3. Hi Gary,

    I have LOTS of stories about how we’ve used the oils. We use half a dozen different ones every single day (morning and night)!

    About using lavender: we’ve enjoyed diffusing lavender and using it on our pillowcases for a sleeping aid and we’ve used it for skin care. Both my husband and I use lavender as cologne too.

    It’s a very basic oil to use for healing.

    Did you know that diffusing Lavender in a nursing home situation helps people get off psychotropic drugs? It’s used to calm people down and make them able to come off drugs/meds. I’ve written about that situation in my blog just this week:

    Since I have experience with bipolar disorder management using Young Living Essential Oils, I was very excited to hear that there have been records kept about people being able to stop taking psychotropic drugs because of using our YL oils. I’ll bet you’re proud too!

    Hope you’ll take a look…



  4. I once burned my hand while trying to pour a cup of tea – I actually slipped and poured the boiling water right on my hand! I never felt such excrutiating pain. I reached for my Lavaderm spray (which I always keep in the kitchen) and started spritzing my hand. Immediately the pain stopped, but it would start back up again a few seconds later. I just kept spraying it every few seconds, and then it would be a few minutes before I needed to spray again, and then a few hours. It never even raised a blister!! The next morning it only felt a little uncomfortable when I took a shower and got hot water on it. I tried my YL Lavender straight, too, but the Lavaderm seemed to be even more soothing. Then when the pain subsided I also added the straight Lavender on my hand. I was so thankful to have these products – I’m certain they saved me. I’m a massage therapist, and there is no way I could have worked the next day without these products! Thank you, Gary, for bringing them to us!

    Jackie McLaughlin

  5. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Young for all you and your family do. I have been working with Young Living Essential Oils for ten years now. These little bottles of oil have transformed my life. I am healthier, happier (and a lot better looking!) since I started using them.

    Lavender is something I never travel without. For a long time, I suffered with terrible insomnia. Lavender was a huge help in assisting me to getting sleep and rest. I just rubbed many drops of the oil on the soles of my feet and lower back and temples. Before long, I would be counting sheep…

    Thanks Dr. Young; you’re the best!

    George Koury

  6. I’m new to blogging so I hope this is the place to put this.

    An associate of mine has a pregnant mare who is going into kidney failure. She also has pneumonia and stomach ulcers. Her owners has her on ‘Mare and Foal’ feed which she didn’t want, but ate it anyway as they wouldn’t give her anything else. Her last pregnancy was troubled with kidney problems, too. They are about to send her to the horse hospital.

    Gary, would you give me some recommendations?

    Seane Malone

  7. Dear Gary –

    Smelling your lavender oil for the first time (four years ago) convinced me immediately that Young Living oils were in a class all their own. I had used many brands of lavender over the years (I am 63), but yours is the absolute best and others are not even close.

    I just LOVE the smell of lavender. Nothing calms me or brings me more joy than smelling your lavender oil. I do a lot of cooking and have healed so many burns in mere hours! I especially love the lavender you grow at St. Marie’s and one day soon I will come there to work at the harvest.

    At the 2008 convention farm day I bought a bottle of the lavender-peppermint blend. I wasn’t going to buy it at first because I thought I could just combine them myself. Well, this is now my VERY favorite oil (and I LOVE them all!)… I carry it everywhere with me and cannot tell you how many people have had instant relief from a headache or stiff shoulder or neck. And everyone is in love with the smell. I keep stocking up from the farm, but it would be great to have this blend available permanently.

    A million thank you’s would not be enough to express my love and gratitude for the work and dedication you have put into these oils. Maybe your great spirit is part of their secret!

    I am a published author and very good at computers, as well. If you ever need any help in any way, it would be my honor to be of assistance.

    (Ms.) Dale Vinicur/Audrey’s Dream (#794432)

  8. Dear Gary and Mary,

    Lavender is the swiss army knife!!! My son vincent got a melted wax burn
    on his shin at a boy scout camp. It was the size of my hand. I was not with him when it happened. I found him in the first aid tent 10 minutes later. they had alread bandage him up. I ran to my car for the lavender and Proceeded to open his bandage to give it the lavender. The first aider was very nasty to me told me not to do it. I stood up and said he is my son and I can do what I want. I turned to him and said vincent lets go. Once I got him inthe car he was in alot of pain. I had my mini reference book, I had to look up pain (when you are on overdrive and knowledge you have is in excessable from your brian) I put panaway in the vitaflex points of his foot. With in 2 minutes, his pain was alleviating. Once we got home, I un bandage his leg and we misted Lavaderm on it and put lavender oil along the perimeter of the wound. He rested drank lots of water.
    Later that night dad ( a dentist with trauma training in his residency) debrised the wound (removed the dead skin) so an infection would not be able to set in. the skin carries the skin bacteria on it. We continued lava derm and lavendar for 4 more days. On sunday vincent (11 at the time) went to a week long summer camp. I called the nurse before we went so she knew what to expect. We arrange vincent caring for it and reporting to her once per day for a visual check. I called her on tuesday to see how he was doing and she wanted to know what we were using because that is the best healing burn wound she has ever seen. He came home on Saturday.
    He took of the ace bandage and I was shocked to see that he have a beautifully healing , perfect pink new skin completely down his leg. An 11 y.o. did it by himself. When he left it was still an oozing wound. This lavender oil is amazing and my favorite. Karen schembari

  9. I had just returned from the convention (I was a newbie of two weeks when I attended the event). I was so impressed and totally on board with the oils, that I had complete confidence in them. My next door neighbor is a 67yr old grandmother who cans her own food with a pressure cooker.

    She called me at 8 pm (calm as a cucumber, btw), and told me she had burned herself and did I have any of “them there oils” that would work on a burn, her pressure cooker had blown up and scalded her. I grabbed the Lavender and off I went. I was not prepared for the sight. She cried softly as I applied the drops of Lavender, the oils didn’t hurt, my fingers spreading the oils were hurtful. Once I was finished she laid for a while, and then got up. She was amazed to have NO PAIN! She could feel the tight skin, and new she had been burned, but the stinging pain was gone.

    The next day she got in with her Dr. at 8 am (12 hrs later). The Dr. refused to believe the burn was only 12 hours old, and said it appeared to look a week old at least! She insisted my neighbor tell her how this was possible. She told her about the oils. The Dr. said her aunt had been raving about them for years, but she had ignored it as a new age fad. Our good Dr. said she was calling her aunt that evening to sign up.

    She did go on to say, “you will blister probably and have a scar”. My neighbor smiled and said “no it won’t, TinaMichelle said it wouldn’t.” (Talk about pressure! I was just repeating what I knew to be true).

    Its been 5 months, and there is no scarring a all. You wouldn’t even know this occurred if she didn’t live to tell the tale herself.

    The oils are restoring my faith in healing being available to everyone. Thank you YLEO!

  10. Good Evening Gary,
    Thank God for Lavender! Thank God for good people like you and Mary! I make a body & room spray with Young Living Lavender. I call it Lavender Love! Makes sense!
    I wish to report that at 2006 YL Convention, Gary offered Lavender plants from the stage to take home! That lavender is a show piece here in my Kentucky home and Glory Dayz Garden.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the convention, though it almost caused a divorce when I told my Husband that I wanted to go to Ecuador to live and volunteer in your work there. My Husband was mad for about 3 months until I assured him I wouldn’t leave.
    At that time, I thought I had to go to Ecuador to see first hand the miracles possible with Young Living Essential Oils but I have found that with some training and going to bed every night with the EDR, I saw miracles everyday without leaving my home.
    Thanks Gary & Mary for your faithful service to mankind and the world.
    I was so excited to get the Lavender but I also got to meet Mary. Wow, a very kind a lovely lady she was when I presented her with a book for you and your family; “The Nature of Hope”. I believe that you and your family enjoyed the book, as I hoped it would comfort you with the pictures of this great land called America.
    I am very proud to be affiliated with you and Mary and Young Living! I always tell people, “You are in good company with Young Living” and that’s the TRUTH!
    I Bid You God’s Mercy & Grace! God’s Power & Love!
    from Carol

  11. I live in the mountains of Colorado so winters get pretty cold. We heat with a wood burning stove on the extremely cold nights. It’s just a small stove, so it has a lid on the top of it that you open to put more wood in instead of going through the small door in the front.

    I burned my arm severely, twice now, because of that hinged lid. Both times the thermometer on the top indicated the temp of the stove was above 600 degrees F. That’s pretty hot! Each time I burned my arm it happened so fast I couldn’t prevent it from happening. I hit the hinge on the lid with a piece of wood as I was dropping it into the stove. That caused the lid to drop on my arm. I finally figured out how to avoid having that happen any more. I bought long armed leather welder’s gloves and also hold the lid with the poker at the same time.

    With each of the burns I had to clean black soot off the burn first, which really hurt, but then I grabbed the lavender and LavaDerm. For days I would use them in a rotational manner. Immediately after the burn, I applied one or the other about every minute. The time span of using them lessened as time went on, but I definitely had to continue until it was healed. The burns never blistered, but I had raw skin that had to heal. LavaDerm was what I had to use to keep the wound moist. I know the lavender was healing, but the LavaDerm soothed the burning and stinging.

    Even today I have absolutely no scar from either burn.

    I am so absolutely grateful to Gary Young and the loving support you’ve always had from Mary to give us such beautiful gifts from God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  12. Happy Thanksgiving Gary !
    May your brilliance be reflected in the eyes of all you meet.
    May the blessings of Life be felt in thought, word and deed.

    May you drink deeply from Wisdom’s cup.
    May you see the gift in every challenge, the sacred in every step.

    May laughter roll your belly as you delight in Creation’s mystery.
    May you breathe freely, Love deeply, rejoice wildly and create

    May you be at peace, whether your bowl be empty or full.
    May the Light of Love shine brightly upon your soul.

    May you listen deeply within, faithfully heeding the guidance of Spirit.
    May you wake to dream each day, remembering NOW is all there IS.

    May you feel the energy of co-creation flowing through each hand.
    May you remember to honor and give thanks for our Motherland!

    May you experience the bliss of a well-lived day …
    Forgiving ignorance; releasing regret, guilt or shame.

    May you be sovereign, and to thine own Self be true.

    May you remember each person make a difference …
    … and that person is YOU!

    Many blessings always and all ways …

    With Gratitude,

    Michael Dyda

    Steve Fillmore

  13. I too had a burn on my finger from picking up a hot item without thinking. It was just after I started using essential oils & I tried the lavender. It really made a believer out of me! You could see where the blister should’ve been but it stopped it in it’s tracks! I’m loving the learning process & have been giving out samples right & left of the different oils in hopes others can benefit as well. So far, my massage therapist has come on board & ordered the raindrop technique so now I can benefit from that as well! Loving the oils!
    Diane Womack

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