Be Filled with Love & Enthusiasm

Gary Young discusses love and enthusiasm in this inspirational blog post.

A great man once said, “Everyone has two choices. We’re either full of love…or full of fear.”

The man was Albert Einstein, and his message is as valuable today as it was during his lifetime. Considering everything that’s going on in the world, perhaps it is even more important now because, regardless of the season of your life and the circumstances that surround you, you always have a choice when it comes to the way you approach life.

Do you begin each day filled with enthusiasm and love? Or have you surrendered to outside influences or things in your past that have instilled fear in your heart and given you a negative, pessimistic attitude? If the latter is true, then its time for a change.

Life is too short to be wasted on limiting thoughts and beliefs that bring you down. Your true spirit wants to spread its wings and soar. Let it. Use the oils and techniques that are available to help heal your heart-they are powerful. Then open yourself and let love take over all the spaces that used to be boxed in by fear.

Studies have shown that thoughts can and do affect others in important and measurable ways. If everyone who reads this message determines to make a positive change in his or her attitude–to increase the love in their hearts–their lives will improve and the world around them will be better too.

Right now, choose to fill your heart with love.

Gary Young

8 thoughts on “Be Filled with Love & Enthusiasm

  1. Thank you , thank you a million times Dr. Young for being here for the world! I am so very grateful for you and your research and suberb example and dedication…an existence quite like none other in the 14 worlds and so very blessed!!

    Thank you for helping my son through a fourth successful heart surgery and giving us unlimited hope and joy daily!!

    The Supreme Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita Ch.7 tx.9 ” I am the original fragrance of the earth….”

    God bless you, Mary and all that you love for all of Eternity!

    Your aspiring servant in all humility,
    Kanti Selig

  2. Munay
    Thanks for your blog! And also thank you for the convent in Vienna.
    I have some questions for you that I hope you can answere:
    I live in Sweden and I have a client, a young girl age 13 with scoliosis, I´m giving here raindroptreatment every second week and shes improving. The doctors in Sweden are surprised. But when can I start to use the Ecuador Oregano, you told us that it should be a very very good oil for scoliosis. And do you suggest som other oil for her except for the ones in the raindropkit?
    When does the university studies start in Ecuador? I really wish to be part of the program. Where can I find information about it?
    All the best from Jenny
    (mrs convention guest, if you remember:-)

  3. Good Morning Gary & Blog Visitors!

    Thank You Gary for your sharing from the heart! You and Mary & Young Living are a great blessing to the world!

    Thank You for your faithful service!

    I have used YL oils and supps personally for 2 1/2 years and have extended the benefits to my dogs and now wish to share the benefits with my CHICKENS. Yes, our little farm in Kentucky has now added a Roaster and 7 pullets to raise simply for eggs. It was so funny, 2 city folk with only 3 years living in the country, and we built a chicken coop. It took like a month to build and may be mistaken for guest quarters! LOL!!!

    Anyway, what would you or do you add to chicken feed. I plan to mix my own and would like to supplement with YL rather than other options, though they may be good, I trust Young Living.

    Recently I have added Power Meal to my day and LOVE IT and I thought to add to the chicken feed! Power Meal is the best! Like to tech sheet suggest; Power Meal redefines “Meal Replacement”

    Power Meal with Essentialzyme, ComforTone (lovingly called by me: ComfortZone) and NingXia Red, I am good to go; so I thought why not for the chickens!

    Also, I have a special request; will you consider offering a Wolfberry Meal or direct me on how to make a meal or what YL product to use. I plan to also supplement the chicken feed with himalayan sea salt & calcium benenite clay. Any thoughts that you care to share are appreciated!

    Big Smiles & Much Love to All!
    Carol Tonne
    my blog is

  4. Beautiful and truthful words to live by! Now that we have the blends that master blender, Gary has created for us, it is easy to shift our energy and our perceptions and our experience into JOY with ease and grace through application of:

    Believe – to know who we truly are
    Valor & Chivalry – to have the courage to stand in our truth
    Highest Potential – to remember we can experience our life fulfilled
    Abundance – to receive love, joy, blessings in relationship with life
    Joy – to spread our enthusiasm to all we contact
    Harmony – to live in the flow of life rather than against life

    We are the infinite potential and the beautiful creations from Gary in collaboration with nature enable us to share these vibrations with the universe, internally and externally, for all people to be inspired and know their own potential and live it for all to see. We are experiencing amazing times in which the phoenix will rise from the chaos because chaos creates change.

    Thank you, Gary for being the way-shower so that each of us can experience being the “100th monkey”. Choose to empower yourself and your life – I love the oil blend Transformation to affirm my choice for life, my choice to use these oils and my choice to transform old patterns into brilliant streams of possibilites.

    Miracles and blessings are everywhere…
    Diana Ewald, LMT
    YL Member 534462

  5. Gary,
    Thank you so much for reminding us of this powerful truth! A verse that I like is, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” Thank you for this timely reminder, Gary!

    This blog is a great way to hear from you, Gary! I know your time is limited and we appreciate you spending some of it to keep in touch with us. Mary, thank you so much for supporting Gary & giving over and over for all of us! We think of you often and trust that all of you are doing well! (we’re expecting snow possibly by next week here in Minnesota….. Ecuador sounds inviting!)

    Karla Berger

  6. Hi Gary,

    I come to your blog every couple of days, just to keep track of what you’re sharing. You’re very important to me.

    At this time, I’m going back through a lot of my old tape recordings of your early teachings, the ones I have are from the 90’s, as well as the more current ones. You and I are quite often on the same wavelength! Here’s something I recently wrote on MY blog that I think is similar to what you’re saying (it comes from Simplify Your Bipolar Mind…

    “As your day progresses, take a break and get out into the sunshine or the daylight. Smell any fresh breezes you can locate, listen to natural sounds, feel the air. Get grounded! Touch the ground and appreciate your world. Find an animal to talk to…or a baby. They are totally accepting of your unique personality and the way you express yourself! You’re a fabulous person and they know it.”

    You’ve taught me MUCH, Gary, about the appreciation of life and of people.


    YL member #605520

  7. Love ,Light and Healing to You Gary and Mary-
    You made my life so much more beautiful and meaningful.
    Your teachings make sense in a special way and they just ring true.

  8. Your writings are an inspiration, and we all Thank God for you and your vision. You are indeed a man before your own time, (Just ask
    Mary- a wife always knows) It is hard to be truly enthusiastic up here in the frozen chosen part of Canada with the S L O W delivery system, I encourage you and your staff to look at different options. I order something on the 22 of August and it arrived here the 27 of Sept (DHL mail) The girls in the office laughed. well I find it hard to get people interested when the delivery takes so long. Purlator takes 2 days to travel to our door from across Canada in Ontario to BC where we are.. I asked Purlator what gives, they tell me they are dropping DHL as of the new year and going UPS with the States and they can arrarange to have UPS pick it up for me then UPS passes it to Purlator at the border.. much faster than DhL. even after Fed Ex gets it to Canada in a timely fashion DHL takes 3 days from Edmonton (12 hours driving time from here) and then won’t deliver to our door. can you look at this problem.. thank you otherwise I have so many people enthusiastic about your products, just upset about the delivery so they won’t latch on.

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