Gary Takes the YL Foundation to Nepal

Editor’s Note: This week begins a new blog series taken from Gary’s presentation at Foundation Night, Young Living Grand Convention 2016.

No matter where we go, there is suffering, there is hurting. We find people who go without and live without every day—all while we have so much. I travel the world constantly and see it all the time, and I’m trying to understand what is wrong with our systems that allow this to happen to people, good people.

Why did I go to Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of April 2015? At first, I felt that with all the money that was being raised for Nepal and the donations that were being made that Nepal was being taken care of. We sent a sizable donation to the Red Cross division in Nepal the week after the earthquake on April 25. That was a Saturday, and thankfully it was a Saturday because there were no children in the schools that collapsed.

There were 600 villages with 400 to 3,500 residents per village that experienced 100 percent destruction to every building in their villages. There were thousands of villages that had 40-50 percent destruction. Even Katmandu experienced 30 percent destruction.

Gary’s response to Nepal’s earthquakes? He put his feet on the ground with equipment and begin to rebuild homes and a school.

Gary’s response to Nepal’s earthquakes? He put his feet on the ground with equipment and began to rebuild homes and a school.

It was horrible, and not just because of one earthquake. They recorded having four. The first one was 7.8, second was 7.3, the third was 6.7, and the fourth was 6.3; and in between and right up until February when I was there the second time, they had many aftershocks that registered over 5.

When I was there in February, I got to experience an aftershock that was 5.5. It shook the buildings pretty hard and caused some landslides.

A commercial airliner flying out of Katmandu flew into a dust cloud from the mountainside that slid off from that shake and sent up a dust plume. The pilot tried to divert around the dust cloud but couldn’t climb above it fast enough. The dust went into the jet engines and took them out. The plane crashed, killing everyone on board. Just terrible tragedies.

Leaving a Legacy

My great-grandfather told me when I was 10 years old, “My boy, whatever you do in this life, leave something behind that will make this world a better place for those coming.”

Gary and Mary Young’s faith and commitment continue to inspire.

That is my quest in life, to leave behind me a legacy of something greater and better for the children coming tomorrow.

So here is the key that allows me to do what I do and to take me to where I go; this is the key element. If you don’t get to this ingredient, you’re going to miss out on life.

Believing is one thing. Faith in your belief is another thing. You have to create a relationship with yourself and with God. The final key is knowing that you can do it.

Editor’s Note: This is the conclusion of Gary Young’s “Live Your Dream” presentation.

Gary Learned to Dream In Order to Share!

I would have given everything I had if I could have had someone teach me about dreaming 40 years ago. But perhaps I had to go through what I did and pay the dues to learn these principles, so I could share them.

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With the same focus as when he taught Raindrop Technique for horses, Gary is sharing what he has learned about dreaming with all of you.

If I can do it, anyone in this room can do it a whole lot easier; we can do it together, and that even makes it more fun. I was alone when I started my journey.

I had a lot of loved ones around me saying, “Gary, don’t beat yourself up. Gary, this is ridiculous. Gary, don’t do this. Oh, Gary, you can’t; this isn’t possible.” Sometimes you just have to pack up and move away from everybody, so you can focus on your dream until you can live it and believe it.

Convention Dreams

I dreamed about this day 25 years ago. I’ve dreamed about the day when we will sit 150,000 strong in the stadium tomorrow.

Over 25 years ago, Gary envisioned crowds like this for a Young Living Grand Convention. He has since dreamed of a Young Living stadium crowd of 150,000! Learn to dream BIG dreams!

Over 25 years ago, Gary envisioned crowds like this for a Young Living Grand Convention. He has since dreamed of a Young Living stadium crowd of 150,000! Learn to dream BIG dreams!

A dream is never too big to fulfill. Your dreams will be proportional to the size of your self-belief. If you don’t believe in yourself and you don’t feel good about yourself, then your dreams are going to be tiny. Instead of dreaming about being a Royal Crown Diamond, you’ll be dreaming about being a Star. Or instead of being a Diamond, you’ll dream about being an Executive. Your dreams are proportionate to how you see yourself.

So every day when I get up and walk in the bathroom, I look in the mirror and talk to myself. I talk to myself more than Mary talks to me. It is important to talk to yourself and keep yourself tracking forward. Mary often asks, “Why do you always commit to doing so many things?” Because if I don’t, I won’t do them. It’s as simple as that.

Dreaming for success must become a habit. It’s not an act; it’s a habit. If you want to be successful, then let it become a habit. But spend time learning to dream.

Pursue Your Dreams with Passion

Close your eyes and see your dreams complete. If you don’t see them complete, they will never happen. It’s just like writing a book: there has to be an ending paragraph and an ending sentence.

Whether formulating blends, welding equipment, or refurbishing an old building for the Young Living office, Gary does it all with passion. He has dreamed every step of the journey.

If you want to manifest your dream, then there’s got to be a completion to it. That does not mean you cannot dream about it the next night and expand on it and add more sections or more volumes, but you need see your dreams complete before they will go into the universe and become fulfilled.

The secret of creative dreaming is to believe in your dream and then see it as a reality. If you cannot see your dream and feel it as a reality, it definitely is not going to happen.

You’re never too young to dream. You’re never too old to dream. Pursue your dreams with passion. Never let someone steal your dreams. If you dreamed it once, then it has value. Pursue it, grow it, and turn it into something magical.