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October 2016

Making Bricks to Rebuild Yarsa

GARY: Wasn’t that amazing when the brick factory arrived finally? Incidentally, the brick factory I…

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Gary and His Son Jacob in Nepal

GARY: I’d like to invite my son Jacob up on the stage with me. Jacob,…

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Meeting the Man from Nepal

The trip to Nepal came about when I was on a speaking tour. I was…

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Devastated Nepal

The people in Nepal have experienced pain on a level that most of us will…

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September 2016

Gary Takes the YL Foundation to Nepal

Editor’s Note: This week begins a new blog series taken from Gary’s presentation at Foundation…

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June 2016

Worldwide Travel Dreams

I dreamed about exploring the jungle and finding new plants, and I made eight expeditions…

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February 2016

Partner Distilleries Around the World

This is one of our partner distilleries in Kenya, Nairobi, for the distillation of Frankincense….

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Young Living Global Partnerships

The first photo is in northern Australia with blue cypress. We do not just cut…

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Finding Frankincense from Yemen to Somalia

I took a trip into the mountains on Socotra Island looking for the sweet myrrh….

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Explorations from Egypt to the Amazon

This is Dr. Radwin Farag who I studied biochemistry with at Cairo University from 1991…

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