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December 2018


EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Gary Young’s passing, we have been taking stock of the tremendous contributions…

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February 2017

Eugenio Tells His Story

MARY:  Gary, I think it would be very interesting if Eugenio told them what it…

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The Ecuador Team

GARY: This is the distillery in Ecuador. I want you to meet our Ecuador team,…

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December 2016

An Overwhelming Farewell

GARY: This was the day that Jacob and I were leaving to come home. But…

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Just One More Thing

GARY: I must say one more thing. Jacob, while we were in Yarsa, I gave…

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The YL Foundation Lays a Home Foundation

GARY: This is our first foundation laid for the first home. It was really interesting…

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Rebuilding the School in Yarsa, Nepal

GARY: What was I doing here, Son? JACOB: You were clearing the remains of the…

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Gary’s Brick Factory in Nepal

GARY: This is the brick factory and the tarp we put up, so we could…

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November 2016

Gary’s Yarsa Motel

GARY: What was this, Son? JACOB: Oh, that’s the kitchen. GARY: Yes, it’s the kitchen…

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Living Conditions

GARY: This picture shows the typical conditions inside the houses they are living in. If…

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