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June 2018

The Codices: Mayan Written Records

The written record of the Mayan people is called a codex. The Mayans made their…

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The Gumbo Limbo Tree and Its Cousin

The gumbo limbo tree (Bursera simaruba) is from the same family as our frankincense varieties:…

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May 2018

The Mayan Gumbo Limbo Tree

The gumbo limbo tree (Bursera simaruba) grows from southern Florida, through Mexico and Central America,…

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Basic Laws of Mayan Medicine (Continued)

Continued from last week’s blogpost… Third Principle: The Mayan people recognized the natural cycles of…

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The Six Laws of Mayan Medicine

We have to ask, did the Mayans have essential oils? It is doubtful, as no…

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The Mayan Civilization

Mayan civilization began in 1800 BC and lasted until 900 AD. No one knows why…

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Learning Ancient Mayan Health Wisdom

Editor’s note: This blog is a presentation Gary prepared for the 2017 Global Leadership Cruise….

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April 2018

Take a Risk, Get Out of Your Rut!

We can always find excuses and reasons to give up and quit. It’s easy to…

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The Timely High Five!

Now, you will have interruptions. So, I’m there; it was 17°F below that morning, and…

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Take Time to Sharpen Your Saw

To be successful, we need quiet time. We need to disconnect from the world. This…

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