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Build Your Dream - 20th Anniversary

April 2016

Build Your Dream!

Yes, my dream launched Young Living, but all of you are sharing in that dream….

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Growing Pains!

God opens doors for you, if you listen and pay attention, and you don’t look…

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March 2016

Twenty Years of Growth

How many can remember this building in Riverton, Utah? Before Mary and I were married,…

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The Family Vacation: Finishing the Distillery

We had Christmas morning in a little cabin, 16 by 20. Yeah, things haven’t changed…

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Being Together: The Best Vacation!

We had planned a two-week vacation because I had been gone for five weeks traveling…

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Building the Highland Flats Distillery

Of course for 16 years, we chipped and trucked the chips all the way to…

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The Beginning of the Highland Flats Farm

How many have been to the Highland Flats Tree Farm? Oh, yes. Well, this is…

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February 2016

Partner Distilleries Around the World

This is one of our partner distilleries in Kenya, Nairobi, for the distillation of Frankincense….

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Young Living Global Partnerships

The first photo is in northern Australia with blue cypress. We do not just cut…

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Finding Frankincense from Yemen to Somalia

I took a trip into the mountains on Socotra Island looking for the sweet myrrh….

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