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April 2010

Share with Confidence

I don’t know about you, but I have never in my life found a substance…

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The One Gift

Young Living’s International Grand Convention is fast approaching! I have been on a grand and…

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Balsam Fir Experience

We have had so many wonderful letters and e-mails come in regarding distributors’ experiences at…

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International Grand Convention – Get Ready

For me, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than reuniting with members of the…

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March 2010

Experience the Balsam Fir Harvest

Take a moment to witness the hard work and care that goes into each and…

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A Week in the Balsam Fir Forest Part 2

Balsam Harvest Diary, part II My good friend, Raymond LaVoie, joined me for a memorable…

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A Week in the Balsam Fir Forest, Part 1

Balsam Harvest Diary, part I My good friend, Raymond LaVoie, joined myself and Young Living…

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January 2010

Panama City training meeting with Gary

On our way home from the Balsam Fir Harvest, Mary and I will be stopping…

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September 2009

Gary Young: Come Join me at the Convention!

Dear Young Living Friends, 2009 Young Living Grand Convention is almost upon us, and this…

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August 2009

Lord Gary Young’s Last Joust?

Young Living’s employees and families got together for a day filled with adventure and festivities…

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