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December 2010

Part 9: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Our research and quality control laboratories in Utah have three gas chromatograph (GC) instruments.  Two…

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Part 8: Finding Pure Essential Oils

In November of 2006, I found myself in Ecuador expanding Young Living’s farmland.  I purchased…

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November 2010

Part 6: Finding Pure Essential Oils

In 1995 I expanded my farming adventures into a third farm in Mona, Utah, where…

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Part 5: Finding Pure Essential Oils

About this same time, from 1992 until 1994, yet another door opened to me when…

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Part 4: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Over the next several years, I returned to Europe many times to study at several…

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October 2010

Part 2: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Annemarie had come to my clinic with her sister, who was diagnosed with cancer. After…

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Part 1: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Every company and individual selling essential oils in the marketplace today claim to have the…

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June 2010

Thank You from Everyone at Young Living

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who came to 2010…

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October 2009

Find The Products That Work For You

In today’s post, Gary Young encourages Young Living members to experiment in finding the products…

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February 2009

Reflections from the Balsam Fir Harvest

Gary, corporate staff, and field members brave cold weather for rich oil. While most spent…

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