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Essential Oil Production (Farms)

April 2014

More on Young Living Research Departments

I will just briefly mention that the Research and Product Development departments work on the…

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What Our Scientists Do: Part Two

There’s one room of the lab that has three GC’s and a mass spec in…

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What Our Scientists Do: Part One

I didn’t have enough room last week to add the names of all of the…

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March 2014

YL Invests in Scientific Equipment & Personnel

Step No. 7: Laboratory Analysis and Research. Test for quality compound percentages. Identify new compounds…

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From Taiwan to Idaho via Hawaii

Here is our first distillery we put up last September in Taiwan; now we have…

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Young Living’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

Here is our distillery in Oman when I built it three years ago. Now we…

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Distilling Challenges in Ecuador

This is our distillery in Ecuador. I built three chambers, 14,000 liters each. The next…

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February 2014

Distilling Know-How: Learn by Doing

Last week I explained that a master distiller needs to know the temperature necessary to…

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Step 6 to Produce a Good Oil: Distillation

In this blog series, I have been explaining what I have learned in order to…

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Ylang Ylang Trees in Ecuador

Land in Ecuador was cleared and prepared, and many of you came and planted ylang…

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