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The Essential 7: Lavender

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways the Essential 7 kit can enrich your life.

Introducing lavender's enticing scent to a friend.

DOUG: I can’t emphasize enough that the Essential 7 kit is geared to the main areas where almost everyone is going to have a problem. Take sunburn, for example. This is a problem where lavender can be really helpful.

KAREN: I agree. I recently had a phone call from my youngest daughter, who had taken her kids out on a lake, and they were boating and having a great time. She talked about having taken along a bag of some of her oils that contained the Essential 7 kit, including Purification, lemon, and lavender, plus other favorites. Her four-year-old daughter is very fair, so lavender is a must for her to have on hand for sunburns. With her oils kit she is covered to handle most situations that come up—a headache, stomach ache, scraped knee, or sunburn—all those are covered with these versatile essential oils.

KAREN: Now let’s talk about stress—think about a root canal. To me, that’s right up there on the stress meter.

DOUG: That IS bad!

KAREN: I was excited to find out that researchers discovered that diffusing lavender and orange essential oil in a dental office calmed people down so that they were not so anxious about having a root canal.

DOUG: That’s great! You also mentioned headaches earlier.  People will often get a muscle type of headache, and that’s exactly when lavender can be applied. Lavender and peppermint can be a great combination.

DOUG: Lavender has another use you might not think of. If you get a slightly sour stomach, just a little bit of lavender on the tip of your tongue can help. It doesn’t taste quite as great as peppermint, but it does work.

DOUG: Here’s another great tip. One of the things I do that is a daily regimen for me with regards to lavender is that I love to put it on my pillow at night, and because of the lavender, I just sleep better. There is some science out there that talks about how lavender increases REM sleep.

To be continued.

Essential 7: Peppermint Part 2

Peppermint essential oil is pure bliss on aching joints and it is helpful for easing headache discomfort.

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways the E7 kit can enrich your life.

DOUG: You mentioned peppermint, Karen, how it impacts us topically—especially with its powerful phytochemical menthol.

KAREN: Peppermint is multifaceted. Anyone who gets to that certain age where joints start creaking a bit will find that that peppermint on the knees is just bliss! I love balsam fir for that as well but peppermint is really the one that has worked on my knees. I think this is a key point for people to know, that oils impact us all a little bit differently. We need to find the ones that work best for us, and like you, I’ve experimented and found out which ones are helpful for me and my body chemistry.

DOUG: But don’t forget headaches! When I have a headache, I see a great response to the headache pain from lavender and peppermint. This is a really great yin and yang combination. If you’re not sure where that headache is really originating from, try a little bit of both lavender and peppermint and, from what I’ve experienced with the problem, it will resolve itself.

KAREN: A North Carolina doctor read a German study where peppermint was applied for tension-type headaches. The randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study showed that just 10 percent peppermint oil applied locally was effective against the headache just like 1000 mg of acetaminophen. The doctor decided to try it the next time he had a headache. He bought a small bottle of peppermint oil in the baking section of his grocery store, applied it, and within 15 minutes his headache was gone. Imagine how therapeutic grade peppermint oil would have acted on that headache.

To be continued.

Essential 7: Peppermint Part 1

Refreshing peppermint oil is helpful for increasing mental clarity and for easing digestive disorders.

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways this kit can enrich life.

DOUG: You mentioned peppermint, Karen, and how it impacts us topically and aromatically.

KAREN: Peppermint is such a fabulous oil. I use it for a number of things. But I was really excited to read one of the studies on peppermint, to learn about the increased mental clarity that it gave people. It significantly helped women who were proofreaders so that they were able to spot misspellings. (Interestingly, lavender was the scent that produced the greatest effects for proofreading in males.) Peppermint also improved performance for participants during typing, memorization, and alphabetizing tests.

DOUG:  It seems that 20 percent of the U.S. population has some kind of acid reflux problem at least once a week. And there are 14.5 million people with ulcers and 3.7 million with gastritis. Peppermint again comes to the rescue. When we take it internally, what happens?

KAREN: One study that discussed that was done at a medical college in Bombay. They found that if people who have dyspepsia (stomachache) from eating too much were given peppermint oil, it would accelerate the gastric emptying rate. Peppermint helped the digestive tract move food through so that the people were comfortable again.

DOUG: Peppermint stops cramping and as a part of a natural cleansing program, it acts two ways. It is antispasmodic, stopping that wrenching feeling of spasms, and it takes care of that bloating and gassy feeling. Peppermint is maybe nature’s top carminative next to ginger. It’s antigas and actually quiets things, dispels gas, and neutralizes it. One thing that keeps occurring to me is that as we are seeking natural solutions, the mainstream’s solution is causing more trouble than it is helping. With digestive problems, they are going at it backwards, trying to block some natural processes in the body.

KAREN: Peppermint is a great, natural solution for stomach upsets. Proton pump inhibitors (as advertised on television) that stop the production of stomach acid have an unexpected adverse effect: pneumonia. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that of 500,000 Dutch patients surveyed, those taking acid-suppressing drugs had four times the incidence of pneumonia as those who did not take the drugs. Stomach acid kills swallowed germs in addition to digesting your food.

To be continued.

The Essential 7: PanAway™

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways this kit can enrich your life.

Tense and tight neck muscles will relax after applying the soothing essential oil blend PanAway.

Doug: Let’s talk a little about headaches. The most common type of headache is known as a vascular headache. Migraine headache are a form of vascular headaches when you get constriction in the different blood vessels which causes a lot of problems including blurred vision and of course, the extreme pain. Then there is the muscle type of headache and traction muscle headache when there is tightening in the neck and other areas causing pain. Inflammatory headaches are caused by areas that are inflamed like sinuses, spine, neck, ears, even the teeth—all of these can lead to headaches.

Doug: One of the things I like to use for headaches is PanAway because I’m not always so certain where the headache is arising from. I see the same response from lavender and peppermint. This is really a great yin and yang combination. If you’re unsure from where that headache is coming from, try a little of several oils.

Karen: I think that’s a really key point for people to know, that oils impact us all a little differently. We need to find out which ones are the ones that work best for us. Like you, I’ve experimented and found out which oils are helpful for me.

Doug: Absolutely! We also all suffer at one time or another from joint or muscle discomfort. If you’re active or an athlete, it’s just a part of life. For that discomfort, it’s PanAway, hands down. A huge majority of Young Living distributors’ favorite products are PanAway and Deep Relief™. It’s an endless debate as to which one is preferred. But there’s a real case to say that it’s PanAway to the rescue in almost any of the instances we’ve talked about.

Doug: The mechanism that causes discomfort in tissue has many different pathways. And PanAway has a blend of powerful oils that are effective in those different areas. You have peppermint which has a really great effect because of the menthol that’s in it. But you also have wintergreen which has as its chief component methyl salicylate. Many of you will recognize methyl salicylate as the main ingredient in aspirin. So you have it in a natural form in wintergreen without the drawbacks of a synthetic form like aspirin. Then there are two truly legendary oils: clove and helichrysum. Clove oil has a tremendous antioxidant capability and helichrysum has free-radical scavenging effects while it inhibits some enzymes that contribute to discomfort.

Karen: I think you hit a key point when you mentioned that wintergreen has methyl salicylate, which in PanAway, you can apply right to the spot where you have discomfort. It doesn’t have to go through your digestive tract like aspirin which can cause stomach upset. No wonder PanAway is a favorite oil blend for many distributors!

To be continued.

Part 13: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Bananas, papaya, lemons, and coconuts grow on the Young Living Oman farm

I met with Saud Salim Al-Harthi, Director General, Ministry of Agriculture–Dhofar. I have also visited with the Manager of the Salalah, Oman, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, I have visited and become friends with the sheikh of the entire Dhofar frankincense region, Sheikh Hamden, and continue to search and discover new information.

Young Living has now leased land for farming in Salalah, Oman, and has a major investment there. It didn’t come easy and it didn’t happen overnight. I spent months with Mahmoud Suhail, M.D., writing papers to apply for an export permit for Boswellia sacra because there had never been one issued before this time.

With that said, how can you know if you are buying the highest quality essential oil? Let us review some facts.

1. Are there different grades of pure essential oil? Yes, of course!

Plants can be grown in different areas where the soil has different compositions that will change the oil. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, wrong time of harvest, or even a different way of harvesting will change or determine the quality of oil and compound percentages.

2. Are all pure essential oils therapeutic? No!

A plant harvested at the wrong time or distilled the wrong way can destroy the therapeutic values of the extracted oil, but the oil is still pure. Example: peppermint essential oil should contain between 38 and 47 percent menthol to be therapeutic. If the summer is wet and rainy, menthol will be approximately 24 percent but will still be pure. It is just not therapeutic.

To be continued . . .