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Essential Oils from Farm or Laboratory?

Distributors Learn Wildcrafting in France

To obtain essential oil crops, we think farming is the best. Sometimes we say the very best is wildcrafting. However, I will show you some things and let you decide if wildcrafting is the very best in every case, because I can tell you that it’s not the best in every case.

Consider poor farming practices: people growing the plants and distilling in poor countries don’t have adequate equipment. They cannot afford to do crop rotation, they cannot afford to let fields lie fallow for a summer, they cannot afford to do organic farming, and they cannot afford the expense of fertilizers. So they plant and they grow, and whatever they get is what they distill. Whatever they distill, they try to sell. And lo and behold, there is a buyer out there for every drop of an essential oil, regardless of its quality.

In 1878, the perfume industry first started synthesizing compounds and realized that they could start duplicating compounds, like phenol, found in many essential oils.

Today, 135 years later, they can duplicate every molecule in every essential oil that they can identify, although we do have compounds that have not been identified yet. So they’ll take these substandard oils into a lab, they will manipulate them with synthetics, or they will even take compounds from another oil; for example, lavandin.  Lavandin is the greatest example of a structured oil in the world, and companies will sell it but call it something else.

Quality in Every Step of Essential Oil Production

river and mountains
Gary loves this photo that  illustrates the idea of God’s creation with man’s management. Both are needed to create an essential oil!

Why is Young Living the No. 1 choice for essential oils in the world? It’s because here you will find the true, highest quality essential oils beyond the label and marketing hype of other companies.

Where do quality and purity start? Do they start with the broker? With the vendor? With the marketing? With the sales people? With the lab and chemists? What determines a genuine, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil?

Step No. 1: It starts with photosynthesis. That’s very simple. It’s the electromagnetic energy from the sun that combines within the plant, simulating the chlorophyll to produce carbon dioxide, combined with the sugars.

Poor farming practices produce low-quality oil. Proper cultivation, nutrients, crop rotation, and soil building are required by the plant in order to produce an essential oil that harmonizes with the body chemistry, creating spiritual awareness and emotional stability.

What You Must Know!

NOTE: Gary gave this presentation at the 2013 International Grand Convention.

Gary Young speaking at the 2013 Grand Convention
Gary warns that adulteration in the essential oil world is rampant. His presentation will be featured in this new series of blog posts and will show you the steps he has taken to ensure that the Young Living essential oils that you purchase are genuine and pure.

I created this presentation to give you in‑depth knowledge about essential oil production, so you realize that it’s not just about picking up the phone, calling a mail‑order catalog, ordering an oil, and believing that whatever it says on the label is correct—because we know for an absolute fact that it often isn’t!

Adulteration in the essential oil, aromatherapy industry is probably the biggest and largest adulteration in the world in any industry. And why do I say that? Because there is no regulation for it at this time. One of the reasons that the AIRASE foundation was created is to establish certification and regulation that can be accepted by the government. Three years ago I was told that if someone didn’t do this who had authority and knowledge of essential oils, the government would wind up putting sanctions and regulations on them.

I was also told by these people who were from a regulatory organization, “Dr. Young, you’re the foremost authority in the world, and everyone recognizes you as such. If anyone creates a certification, it should be created by your standards. And if it’s not, we will be forced to do it.”

If you call them and ask them if they said that, absolutely they would say, “No, we know nothing about that conversation.” Of course not. But it illustrates the seriousness of the problem.

Celebrating Pioneers!

Gary Young and Mary Young in covered wagon celebrating Pioneer Day
Over a decade ago, Gary and Mary in western garb took part in a wagon train near the Whispering Springs Farm in Utah. Gary’s real-life pioneering activities include homesteading in Canada, founding a multimillion-dollar company, building essential oil distilleries, and planting trees and herbs to distill on farms from the Americas (North and South) to Europe to the Far and Middle East. Whether operating farm equipment or the GC-MS instrument in one of his laboratories, Gary is ever grateful for more than 250,000 dedicated Young Living distributors and wishes them—Happy Pioneer Day!

Every year on July 24 Utah Pioneer Day is celebrated with a large parade, rodeo, fireworks, and many other family, community, and state activities. Pioneer Day honors the first wagon train of LDS pioneers driven from their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois, that finally arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847.

Challenged to make their new desert home “blossom as the rose,” pioneers by the thousands continued for decades to trek across America’s plains from their homes in England, Europe, and Scandinavia.

The word “pioneer” describes people who step out of their comfort zone and change their lives to initiate a new business endeavor or discover a new modality to bless the lives of others.

Drawing on his pioneer heritage, D. Gary Young crafted his own increased health with the then little-known modality of essential oils. Finding out that quality oils were difficult to find, he learned the art of distillation and founded farms, partnerships, and distilleries for the production of essential oils in countries throughout the world.

By lecturing, writing books, and conducting scientific studies, Gary has shared his discoveries with people worldwide who are determined to find wellness, purpose and abundance through using and sharing their knowledge of essential oils.

You, too, are an essential oil pioneer as you share your own experiences with essential oils. Every conversation has the potential to ripple out and reach untold numbers of people.

On this Pioneer Day, Young Living Essential Oils salutes you as Essential Oil Pioneers for your courage and tenacity in sharing Gary Young’s vision with the world. Thank you!

Happy Pioneer Day!

Our Opportunity to Make a Difference

Gary Young with his Jordanian Bedouin friends
Gary with his Jordanian Bedouin friends who helped organize a large camel caravan into Petra. Participants on Gary’s 2014 World Peace Caravan will experience a new respect for other cultures and beliefs as they travel from Petra to Jerusalem.

So this project is underway, and the kickoff will take place on March 26, 2014. We’ll have a one-day conference for the prelaunch of the caravan in Petra, where we will have guest speakers like the King, the Senator of Jordan, and the Mayor of Petra. I have personally sent a letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to be one of the speakers. We are also contacting other leaders of religious organizations to be speakers, not only during the conference but also during the caravan trek itself.

We have organized it so that every person who would like to attend may attend, even if it’s just for one day. So, if you can make it for one day or two days or a week or the full journey, we invite each of you to participate in stimulating the desire for world peace by uniting all of the nations in the cause of peace, to walk, ride, be at peace, sit around the fire, eat, talk, listen, sing, play, engage with each other, and realize that we are all humans, have the right to our individuality, and have the right to our own belief systems, while respecting others for what they believe as well.

Some of my greatest friends are Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists, as well as Christians. I would neither fight with them nor shoot them, nor would they fight with nor shoot me, because they know who I am. They respect me for who and what I am; and I, them. All people are beautiful people because they’re all God’s children. We can’t brand somebody because of what some violent minds choose to do. This is our opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Registration opened on June 19, 2013. Now that you have the information, you’ll be able to start getting ready for it, planning your time, and being there. The World Peace Caravan website has more information:

Buses will operate from Petra every day to the caravan camp, so if people can go for only one day, they can get on a bus and ride to the campsite, travel the caravan, and be bused back to Petra. We’ll do the same on the Israeli side.