What Is Your Source?

Today begins a new blog sharing Gary’s encouragement to members from his life story. Are you just starting on your road to success or ready to make the leap to Crown Diamond? Gary’s positive thinking will provide the motivating spark, while his stories will keep you smiling. Enjoy!


Gary Young

Do we have a belief system or a case of excuse-itis? Gary teaches about the joy that comes from being successful at what we love to do!

Every one of us has habits. Every one of us has belief systems. But every one of us also has excuse-itis. When we don’t achieve what others tell us we could achieve, we have excuses for that, right? “Well, I was busy raising kids.” “I had a difficult job.” “I was driving a school bus.” “I’m just not a salesperson.” My point is that we all have excuses.

The bottom line is, do you want to be successful or not? How many of you want to be successful at what you love? So then write it down. There’s no greater joy than being successful at what you love to do.

How many of you hate paying your bills? Come on, be honest. Ask yourself, why do I hate paying my bills? Is it because there’s generally not enough money to go around or none left over after you do pay them?

Write down why it is that you don’t like paying your bills. Is it because there’s not enough money left over for other things after the bills are paid, true or false? Okay, so you resent paying your bills because it diminishes what’s in your bank account.

How many of you believe your bank account is your source? If you believe your bank account is your source, then write it down.

However, I’m here to tell you that your bank account is not your source.