Taught by the Experts: Now an Expert Myself!

Dr. Husnu Baser and I were invited to speak on essential oil chemistry in West Cape Africa two years ago.

Dr. Husnu Baser and I were invited to speak on essential oil chemistry in West Cape Africa two years ago.

We use other instruments to detect essential oil problems, and I’ll talk about those as we go along. I trained with Dr. Hervé Casabianca in France. Dr. Cole Woolley, Young Living analytical chemist and vice president of global science, has also trained with Dr. Casabianca. I went to Cairo, Egypt, for four different years and trained with Dr. Radwan Farag in Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and bio-organic chemistry in developing my knowledge. I also studied with Professor K. Hüsnü Can Baser at the Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Why did I invest so much time and money in all this training? The following information will show you why it was vital!

Nature-identical oils are made entirely in the laboratory and are used mainly in cosmetics and food flavoring. However, they have greatly migrated into the essential oil/aromatherapy industry because there is so little knowledge about them. Analytical training is crucial if these synthetic compounds are to be detected so that the adulterated oils can be rejected.

You’ve seen the photo that shows Dr. Casabianca sitting beside me training me in my own laboratory at the farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Everyone who has visited the farm has seen this laboratory, and those who are yet to visit will see it when you do.

I don’t just take an instrument out of the closet and set it up for view and then put it away or give it back to the university where I rented it. Why would I say that? Because some of the stories out on the street are that Gary just rents the equipment, sets it up and takes pictures, and then gives it back to the university. Well, talk to my accounting department and ask them how much money they have paid for my equipment.

You have seen a photo of me in the laboratory with Chris Packer, who we trained as an analytical scientist. You’ve seen photos of me with Chris, Dr. Cole Woolley, and Dr. Hervé Casabianca in his lab in Lyon, France, three years ago this November. This photo is of Dr. Hüsnü Baser, my professor that I trained under in Eskisehir, Turkey. Guess where we were speaking together two years ago? West Cape Africa on essential oil chemistry. Why did I get invited to go there and speak? It is obvious that I have paid my dues in order to receive an invitation like that!