Live Your Dreams!

children at Young Living Academy in Ecuador

Gary built a school for these Ecuadorian children at the same time he was building his farm, a distillery, and a clinic. Gary accomplished all this because he learned to live his dreams!

Don’t stop just because there’s an obstacle. Find a way around it. If you want to change the paradigm, then find an answer to what your need is and what you want. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it. Find a way around it and make it happen.

I was an immigrant in Canada. I was the last person and the first foreigner in the Caribou District ever to homestead in Central British Columbia. I lived my dream and carved my ranch out of the wilderness. Why? Because I wrote it down when I was 8 years old.

Know what it is you want and write it down. So many times we don’t even know what we want. When you write down what you want, look at it and ask yourself, “Is that really what I want?” You might be shocked to discover that it is not what you want. You might have written down, “I want a new husband.” And after you looked at it you said, “No, forget that; I don’t want to be told what to do.” You might have written down, “I want to be a Diamond.” You look at it and say, “Whoa, I don’t want to be a Diamond.”

Now, here’s the other thing, and Mary can tell you this, she gets upset with me at times because I have such high expectations. I say I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that; and Mary has often said, “Gary, why are you going to do that?” I remember when I told her I was going to build a school in Ecuador. She said, “Do you have to do that now? You’re building a clinic and you’re building a farm, and now you’re going to build a school and travel around the world, all at the same time? Why would you want to do that?”

Did we build a school at the same time? Yes, and at the same time I was building the school and a farm and a clinic, guess what? We made a movie and I wrote a book in my spare time!