Understanding Energy

Gary and Mary Young in 2007

Think back to when you first saw your sweetheart. Gary reminds us that the emotion and connection you felt was instant and propelled by energy.

In order to understand emotions and spirituality, we must understand energy.

How many of you have been in love at least once in your life? How many times can you remember back when you saw that first sweetheart across the room, across the hall, over the store aisle, in the parking lot, wherever it was, that your heart just went tweeter-patter? Was there an exchange of touch, was there an exchange of feel, was there an exchange of smell, or was there an exchange of taste? No. What caused that tweeter-patter in the heart? What caused the blood pressure to go up a little bit? Was it delayed action over a period of 2½ days, or was it instant?

Energy is instant. Energy is consistent. Energy is nontiring and nonfatiguing. How do you learn to channel it?

The groundwork for understanding energy was laid in the 5th century BC by Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who expanded the knowledge of mathematics, geometry, musical harmonics, health, and of all things, spirituality; and his discoveries and philosophies are still impacting the world today.

Musical instruments produce a musical note, which corresponds to a mathematical proportion, which represents quantity. All you musicians out there understand this very well. Quantities are converted to measurements, which can be expressed through color, sound, touch, sight, and of all things, smell, even to the point that quantitative odor measurement is now real; and we now know how it works in the body.