The Beauty of Sacred Mountain

Gary Young smelling Ylang Ylang flower

Gary checks the fragrant scent of ylang ylang prior to the harvest in Ecuador. The balancing and harmonizing power of this essential oil perfectly complements the spruce and balsam in Gary’s Transformation blend.

Another beautiful oil blend that I really like sharing is Sacred Mountain. It was one of my early blends after I made Valor. Why? Because at that time I was living in the city, and I missed my mountains, so I felt the best way to bring my mountains to me was to create a blend called Sacred Mountain.

For me, the mountains are God’s living room. When I need to have quiet time to just think, brainstorm, connect, listen, get information, and download, I go to the mountains.

Anciently, people believed that the great trees were the antennas of the earth and that they would bring information to the earth from the atmosphere, the universe, the divine Creator, the Great Spirits, or whatever they were called; and if you went and hugged and laid underneath a tree, the ancient people believed you could absorb this information.

I have always felt very partial and very close to the trees; I love the trees. So I chose spruce and balsam fir as the two powerful oils of the conifers to bring that connection to me.

In addition, I wanted to balance the yin and the yang, the male or masculine energy with the female or feminine energy, so I added a little ylang ylang to the energy of the conifers.

I also wanted to add a world feeling to the fragrance from the Asian and oriental countries, so I added a little rosewood that comes from the South American countries, just to bring the energy of the three continents into the power of the conifers.

I also wear Sacred Mountain as an aftershave and as a deodorant. I love it and it’s really special when you use it with Transformation.