Surrender Negativity & Unconscious Manipulation

Gary Young passport photo

Gary explains that if we feel “stuck,” we need to surrender that attachment, surrender that control.

When I was sitting in the wheelchair, I didn’t have to cough, I didn’t have to holler and say, “Somebody out there, could you bring me a glass of water.” One of my children was there, my wife was there, my mother, my father, whoever was in earshot was right there asking, “Gary, do you need your pills? Gary do you need your pain meds? Gary do you need this? Gary can I help you, do you need to go to the bathroom?” Holy cow, talk about power and control. Who in their right mind would ever want to give that up?

So that’s why I say that when you feel stuck and it’s not moving, it’s because it is serving you in the pits of your negativity. So then surrender, create the energy of giving it up, surrender that attachment, surrender that control.

Disease is nothing more than manipulation, becausey disease creates control and gives you power over everyone around you. It doesn’t matter how negative it is; people say, “Oh, I just don’t want to bother you with my problem.” What is that telling you? I want to bother you with my problem.

Where do you put Surrender? Put it on the sternum, on the heart, on the shoulders, on the back, on the head, and on the feet so that it saturates every part of your being.

This information can then translate on a physiological cellular level, resulting in behavior, physical activity, mood elevation, and energy changes.

Here, right here is the locus coeruleus, right at the brain stem. If you go right up your spine to that indent just above your hairline, that’s the locus coeruleus. That is the switchboard for all signals and messages throughout your entire brain and body.