Open Your Mind to Start Inner Discovery

A lot on my mind? Yes! But enzymes help me think more clearly.

A lot on my mind? Yes! But enzymes help me think more clearly.

In the convention break-out session I taught, we watched scenes from the movie, “Iron Will.” Young Will Stillman wanted to win a dogsled race back in the early 1900s. All the odds were against him—1,000 percent. What helped him accomplish his win? An emotion. An emotion that stirred a passion.

Can you find your emotion to stir your passion? Or do you choose to find an emotion that stirs the negativity and paralyzes you in lack, suffering, misery, pain, disease, poverty, or loneliness?

Develop a passion for life and living. Get to know who you are. Know your inner space. Develop your relationship with God and self. Be persistent with your focus in life. Was Will Stillman persistent? Being committed to “good enough” isn’t good enough—accepting just $3,000 was not good enough, even with the risk of losing everything, including his team. His life. His home. The family farm. Everything was at risk. But for Will Stillman, good enough wasn’t good enough. He fought for and won the $10,000 prize.

Invest in your self-discovery and inner strength. See yourself as God does. Embrace yourself where you are and then move beyond it.

Emotions. Heal the mind to heal the hurt and the heart. Is there anyone here who has never had any hurt?  Where does the emotion start? In the mind. So how are you going to access that, to start your healing process? How are you going to open the mind to start the inner discovery?

Frankincense is one of the greatest stimulants for your spiritual communication. In ancient times the people never labeled emotions; they never labeled disease. They didn’t create a bunch of labels so that they could create a bunch of drugs. Everything in ancient times was spiritual and involved the deities. If you were sick, it was because it was an evil deity. If you were healthy, it’s because you were living in a high spiritual form. If you were negative, it’s because you were possessed by a deity. It wasn’t called emotion. Everything in ancient times was spiritual.