The Essential 7: Lemon

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways the Essential 7 kit can enrich your life.

customer with lemon oil

Who knew the fragrance of lemon essential oil could be so calming?

DOUG:  An essential oil that jumps off the page to me with regards to the Essential 7 and emotions is lemon, which is an oil on which we have a lot of research in regards to mood and emotions.  Maybe you could talk about that, Karen.

KAREN: A study was done at the Mie University School of Medicine in Japan, where they found out that lemon seemed to have the ability to calm people down. Lemon not only calmed their anxiety, but it made people feel happier and able to deal with problems better.  They also found in the study that lemon oil would restore balance following stressful incidents. So I can’t think of anything better to have in a little emergency kit for when, as an example, the kids just took a huge can of peanut butter and slicked down the tiled hall to make a slide.

DOUG:  You’ve been in my house, I guess!

KAREN: I mean, there are all sorts of incidents that happen! Sometimes in a stressful moment, you try to calm down and count to 10. Instead, grab a bottle of lemon oil, take a deep breath of it while you count to 10, and you will be able to deal with that stressful situation more calmly.

DOUG: A lot of times our digestion is poor because our liver and gall bladder sometimes need to receive a little stimulation, and that’s when using lemon oil is great to start the day. Drinking a little lemon oil in your water can really help the detox process and start your day on the right foot. Instead of drinking some coffee, which is exactly the wrong thing to do for your digestion, why not stimulate your digestion with a little lemon oil. Then all of a sudden your body will be ready to take on everything that’s coming its way, instead of starting the day in the red, as far as health goes.

KAREN: Finally, this is just a purely household hint.  I just get so irritated with price stickers that are on things I buy. When I get home, I try to scrape them off but to no avail. Lemon oil dissolves those stickers and leaves the product, whatever it is I bought, clean as a whistle.

To be continued.