The Essential 7: PanAway™

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways this kit can enrich your life.

woman applying PanAway essential oil

Tense and tight neck muscles will relax after applying the soothing essential oil blend PanAway.

Doug: Let’s talk a little about headaches. The most common type of headache is known as a vascular headache. Migraine headache are a form of vascular headaches when you get constriction in the different blood vessels which causes a lot of problems including blurred vision and of course, the extreme pain. Then there is the muscle type of headache and traction muscle headache when there is tightening in the neck and other areas causing pain. Inflammatory headaches are caused by areas that are inflamed like sinuses, spine, neck, ears, even the teeth—all of these can lead to headaches.

Doug: One of the things I like to use for headaches is PanAway because I’m not always so certain where the headache is arising from. I see the same response from lavender and peppermint. This is really a great yin and yang combination. If you’re unsure from where that headache is coming from, try a little of several oils.

Karen: I think that’s a really key point for people to know, that oils impact us all a little differently. We need to find out which ones are the ones that work best for us. Like you, I’ve experimented and found out which oils are helpful for me.

Doug: Absolutely! We also all suffer at one time or another from joint or muscle discomfort. If you’re active or an athlete, it’s just a part of life. For that discomfort, it’s PanAway, hands down. A huge majority of Young Living members’ favorite products are PanAway and Deep Relief™. It’s an endless debate as to which one is preferred. But there’s a real case to say that it’s PanAway to the rescue in almost any of the instances we’ve talked about.

Doug: The mechanism that causes discomfort in tissue has many different pathways. And PanAway has a blend of powerful oils that are effective in those different areas. You have peppermint which has a really great effect because of the menthol that’s in it. But you also have wintergreen which has as its chief component methyl salicylate. Many of you will recognize methyl salicylate as the main ingredient in aspirin. So you have it in a natural form in wintergreen without the drawbacks of a synthetic form like aspirin. Then there are two truly legendary oils: clove and helichrysum. Clove oil has a tremendous antioxidant capability and helichrysum has free-radical scavenging effects while it inhibits some enzymes that contribute to discomfort.

Karen: I think you hit a key point when you mentioned that wintergreen has methyl salicylate, which in PanAway, you can apply right to the spot where you have discomfort. It doesn’t have to go through your digestive tract like aspirin which can cause stomach upset. No wonder PanAway is a favorite oil blend for many members!

To be continued.