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Enzymes Can Help with the Stress of Travel

Gary Young and family with plane
Gary's family poses for a photo before he leaves on another trip.

I can tell when I haven’t taken my enzymes for a couple of days, because I’ll start feeling a little tickle in the back of my throat, or I’ll feel a little congestion in my head, especially when traveling.

Nothing is harder on the body than traveling, particularly if you are traveling internationally. You are exposed to so much when you travel—radiation exposure, elevation changes, climatic changes, environmental changes, and going in and out of hotel rooms that you don’t know who was in the night before. So how do you do that and stay healthy?

Recently, I was gone for six days and only slept in the same bed for two nights. Then I came home for two nights and then traveled to Florida. That is stressful on the body. That would be okay if that’s the only thing I had done in the last year, but that is just a sample of my life every month.

So, know how to take care of yourself. Enzymes are the answer. They are also a possible answer to many of today’s health problems.

Essential 7: Peace & Calming™

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways the Essential 7 kit can enrich your life.

woman smelling Peace & Calming essential oil
A distributor takes a moment to relax and recharge with Peace & Calming at a convention Product Expo.

DOUG:  Every one of the oils in the Essential 7 kit can cause an emotional response, so when we smell any of the single oils or blends in this kit, we will likely have some kind of an emotional response, and for the most part, these are tailor-made to really boost our emotions and help us to manage our stress and anxiety. What is the research telling us about what these oils do, specifically in the area of emotions and stress?

KAREN: We talked earlier about a study that shows how the scents of lavender and orange diffused in a dental office actually calmed people down before their dental work was done.

DOUG: When I think of orange, I think of what a great blend we are going to talk about today—Peace and Calming, which has a couple of citrus oils, tangerine and orange. It’s a blend that we use a lot in our house. What I love is that it has a combination of a couple of other more base-note type oils that are mixed with the citrus oils of tangerine and orange, from which we get a lot of the uplifting type of scent but not uplifting to the point where it causes us to feel anxious. Quite the opposite, it’s uplifting to where we are calm and feel that our minds are clearer.

KAREN: I have a friend who witnessed a child having a “meltdown” on a plane and very quickly asked the mother if some oil could be applied to the child’s feet. The mother at that point was certainly willing—I think she would have done anything! So she accepted having Peace & Calming put on the little one’s feet, and the child settled down and was peaceful for the rest of the flight.

DOUG: I know that on long road trips or anytime we’re in close quarters with the kids, Peace & Calming is something that we’re constantly diffusing, rubbing on the soles of their feet, and seeing that we get great results. I think some of that response is due to the citrus, but the other part of that response is because of the ylang ylang. What are some of the interesting studies with ylang ylang, patchouli, blue tansy, and other oils found in Peace & Calming?

KAREN:   In the interest of time, I’ll just share one study in the journal Planta Medica, where they found that volunteers who applied ylang ylang essential oil to the skin were calmer and more relaxed than those who were in the control group. But there was also an increase in attentiveness and alertness. The study said that the effects could be characterized as “harmonization.” The people were calm but alert and not sedated. Gary Young has truly captured Peace & Calming in a bottle!

To be continued.

Part 2 of Disease & Emotion by Gary Young

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Now let’s just come forward and look at the times when we have just been traumatized by events in our life. Think back to when you may have been broad-sided at an intersection or discovered that the bank didn’t keep proper track of your account, or your check just bounced, or you just found out you got laid off from work, or you lost thousands in the stock market, or the business that you were building failed.

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