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The Magic of Enzymes

Gary Young at Young Living convention in Orlando, FL
Gary taught about enzymes at the recent Florida and Australia conventions.

Enzymes are found in every living cell, whether in plants, animals, or humans.

Ancient people believed that plants were magical. They watched them come out of the ground or watched a tree that put on a bud and sometimes a flower; then a leaf; then change color over the spring, summer, and fall. Then the leaves fell off and turned brown.  Ancient people believed that plants were magical because they saw this process.

They also learned that when they killed an animal and hung it in the trees, the longer it hung there and the more it aged, the better flavor the meat had and the more tender it was.

Why did this happen?

An enzyme releases into the meat when the blood stops circulating, which starts the aging process. The meat eventually starts to rot and smell because it’s decomposing. Enzymes are there just like they’re in the leaves of the trees to turn them brown, decay, rot, and go back into the soil. It’s part of the cycle of life where everything is nurturing and feeding life.

Without enzymes, plants, trees, and grass could not grow. Seeds would not germinate, flowers would not bloom, tomatoes would not turn red, and bananas would not turn yellow.

Enzymes are involved in every process, like digestion, breathing, and even thinking.  To go through a process of just thinking about getting up this morning even required enzymes.

Thank You from Everyone at Young Living

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who came to 2010 International Grand Convention and everyone who supported us from afar. Convention was a huge success. I have heard so many wonderful and complimentary comments from distributors. Please know how much I appreciate all of you. Whether you were with Mary and I at convention, or at home, we wouldn’t have had a convention without each and everyone of our valued distributors and customers. Thank you for being part of the Young Living family.

Warm Regards,
Gary Young

Gary Young: Come Join me at the Convention!

Dear Young Living Friends,

2009 Young Living Grand Convention is almost upon us, and this year’s convention will without a doubt be the best convention we’ve ever held—I cannot wait to share this experience with you! If you haven’t heard by now, we’re going to be launching five new products that will simply amaze you and bring a new level of health and wellness into your life.

With more than 20 educational workshops ranging from how to manage everyday stress to building your Young Living business online, we have packed this year’s convention with more information, more products, and more energy than ever before!

Remember: It’s not too late to join me and the thousands of Young Living family members for an experience you will never forget. I invite you to watch my personal invitation and we’ll see you in Minneapolis, September 16-19. Click on this link to register now!