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YL Einkorn Fields and Products

France_GaryHarvesting copy
Here I’m cutting einkorn at our farm in France, where we made the Einkorn Flour and the Einkorn Pancake Mix.
This is the old steam engine that we use to thresh with. We're rebuilding it so that we can get it back into service.
This is the old steam engine that we use to thresh with. We’re rebuilding it so that we can get it back into service.

Einkorn has only 14 chromosomes; other wheats/grains have 28 to 42. The extra chromosomes create new proteins that man was never meant to consume. These foreign proteins cause confusion in the digestive system and increase small intestine permeability, which starts autoimmunity and inflammation throughout the body.

einkorn granola

We also gave you your newest product, Einkorn Granola. I had this for breakfast yesterday morning, and the only reason I didn’t have it this morning is because Jacob and Josef ate all of it. You’re going to have problems in your home if you don’t put it in unmarked containers that the kids don’t know about, so beware. It is so delicious that they will eat it like trail mix. It’s just wonderful. Great taste, very satisfying, nutritionally and in every aspect.einkorn rotini pasta

Then we brought you one more. This came out of popular requests for another pasta. Isn’t your Einkorn Rotini Pasta fun and delicious!

wolfberry crisp chocolate pkgHow many of you like Wolfberry Crisp Bars? We added some einkorn to the Wolfberry Crisp Bars, because the einkorn is so balancing and nutritious. I just want all of you as often as possible to be eating foods that contain einkorn. What would you think if I decided to put a little chocolate on the outside? Yeah, I did that. So, they’re yummy. Again, they disappear very quickly. So you will enjoy your new Wolfberry Crisp Bars. We also did one other thing. We reduced the sugars by 70 percent, creating a really beautiful, healthy, and enjoyable treat.

Einkorn growing on the farm in Mona.
Einkorn growing on the farm in Mona.

Discovering Einkorn

Einkorn field in Mona, Utah.
Einkorn field in Mona, Utah.

Next I’m going to share with you a little bit about einkorn. How many of you are eating einkorn? Do you like it? It is the oldest grain in the world. They don’t even know how far einkorn dates back yet, because every time another discovery is made, they discovered that what they said before was wrong. Five years ago they said einkorn was about 3,500 years old. Three years ago it was 5,000 years. Then last year they discovered a new finding in Turkey that dated back 10,000 years.

Pakistani einkorn threshing
Einkorn threshing in Pakistan

Here’s something I want you to think about. Everything has DNA. Every substance has a blueprint. The blueprint of einkorn is perhaps the oldest blueprint in our food chain that exists today. When you’re eating that einkorn, you’re partaking of the oldest ingested food, blueprinted for the support to the physical body; and therefore it was designed to give you the nutritional support that your body needs in every aspect, from protein to vitamins, to fiber, to amino acids, and to enzymes. No other grain today has all that, just einkorn.

So if you have some compromise to your digestive system with the gluten intolerance from the hybridized grains that are grown today and you start eating einkorn, you might need to go a little slow introducing it, take a little time, because your body has to adapt to the new blueprint. Does that make sense? You’ve got to reprogram your body back to the way that God created it and find its homeostasis, and you will find great satisfaction in your nutritional needs with that.

Einkorn at the YL farm in France
Einkorn field at the YL farm in France

I found einkorn the first time in the Karimabad Valley in Hunza Land [in Pakistan] in 1996. It took four years before I was able to get the word translated from their language to discover it was einkorn. I looked all over the world and finally found some seed in Jordan, on the east bank of the Jordan River across from Israel.

We took the seed to France, where Jean-Noël was investigating einkorn. We started planting and it started to grow, and it is flourishing there today.

Creating Live Your Passion Blend

live yr passion convention ctr

Histoire_et_culture_des_orangers_A._Risso_et_A._Poiteau._--_Paris_Henri_Plon,_Editeur,_1872 wiki commonslive yr passion 5 ml bottleNow we come to something that might be important to you, and that is your new convention blend. In this blend I used Orange. Why? Your citrus oils, particularly Orange or Tangerine, invoke the feeling of childhood. They bring out that feeling of innocence when we were children and had so many happy times. How many of you are old enough to remember at Christmastime when they made candy orange slices? Oh, there are a few of you as old as I am. So Orange oil recreates those happy memories of childhood.

Sandalwood seedling

Of course I added our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. It is so anchoring and grounding and beautifying to the soul, both spirit and physical.

Myristica_fragrans_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-097Nutmeg. Why did I put Nutmeg in it? Because I knew if you’re going to live with passion, you have to have that little extra support for the endocrine system to give you energy to live your life with passion.Citrus_×aurantiifolia927505341 wiki commons

Lime. Lime and Orange complement each other in those childlike qualities that those beautiful fragrances bring out in us.

Then I had to pick two other oils that are very special to me.

6942037168_88dc6f8f05_zIdaho Blue Spruce. This oil really helps to enhance the masculine energy in both male and female. Ladies, you need a little more of that, so you can keep us guys in line and remind us of our place.

A_mist_rises_from_a_black_spruce_forest wiki commonsI also added Northern Lights Black Spruce to complement the Idaho Blue Spruce, just to bring that balance between masculine and feminine energy. Oh, what a magical combination!

Ylang Ylang fields in EcuadorThen we had to have a little romance in that passion, because nobody likes to be passionate without romance, right? What did I put in there to bring out the romance? You’re right, Ylang Ylang from Ecuador. Eugenio and his distillery team distill Ylang Ylang 6 days a week, 11 months of the year. Oh, it’s fantastic.

Omani Frankincense TreeThen, when you are living your passion, you’ve got to be creative, think outside of the box. The best way to do that is to be in the spiritual realm. So what did I put in there for that? Frankincense!

PeppermintThen there’s one more oil that needed to go in there, just to round it out and push the effects of all the rest. Peppermint. You’re right again. Oh my goodness, you all get A pluses.

So, that’s your Live Your Passion blend. Use it and see what a joy it can bring to your life.

Ecuadorian Expeditions

This 2005 photo shows Gary investigating palo santo after which he began distilling the wood.
This 2005 photo shows Gary investigating palo santo after which he began distilling the wood.

We were in Chongon in 2005 when I started teaching at the university there and doing research and looking for plants. On one of my expeditions into the desert jungle, I was looking at palo santo. I was the first to distill Palo Santo essential oil.

Here’s Mary, watching the workers chip ruta for distillation in 2006.

Mary Young in 2006 watching the chipping of ruta for distillation at the Young Living farm in Chongon, Ecuador.
Mary Young in 2006 watching the chipping of ruta for distillation at the Young Living farm in Chongon, Ecuador.

About that time is when I started cultivating rosa morta and dorado azul. Then when I was teaching at the university, I brought students out to a field of rosa morta to teach them about cultivation and distillation.

I was the first to domesticate dorado azul. In fact, it had no botanical identity until I found it and gave it its name. When you create a botanical name, you have to give it its origin. Guayas is the province, so it’s guayafolius. If it’s officially a wild plant, then it’s called officianalis. If it’s not a wild plant, then you don’t put officianalis behind it in the botanical identity. So its official name on record now is dorado azul Guayafolius officianalis.

Be Sure You Get the Real Thing!

At last! A yummy syrup with berry juices and essential oils.
At last! A yummy syrup with berry juices and essential oils.

Spelt, kamut, and there’s another name that I almost forgot to mention, farro. It’s all explained in my book, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life. These are also ancient grains but were some of the first hybridized grains through nature’s cross pollination. They have 28 chromosomes, double the chromosomes of einkorn. Are they a better source? They’re a better source than wheat for sure, but they’re still double the chromosomes.

If you think you can order einkorn online, the websites will tell you they’ve got it; and they’ll send it to you and collect your money. I’ve done it, from a farm in Idaho, one in Montana, and three in Washington. I received kamut or spelt from all of them.

I went all the way to Italy last year because a farm was advertising it was growing einkorn. So I flew to Italy to see the fields. They were growing spelt and selling it as einkorn. A big difference. So beware. I explain it in my book.

Love your spaghetti, love your pancake mix, and more will be coming.

Then you’ve got the beautiful NingXia Berry Syrup, which makes these pancakes even more delicious. It has the juices of blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, and raspberry. It also has orange and lemon essential oils and wolfberry seed oil.

Enjoy the wonderful, new Ningxia Berry Syrup and the delicious, healthful einkorn pancakes and spaghetti.

Editor’s Note: This is the final entry of Gary’s Einkorn Blog. Next week we begin sharing Gary’s inspiring 20th Anniversary Convention Address.