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Don’t Go Farther Than Your Commission Check

GARY: This is one of the things I taught years ago when I was building my business as a distributor in two different companies: never go farther than your commission check will take you. If you try to stretch beyond your commission check, and you live in California and want to help somebody in Tennessee, how much would it cost you to get there and back? Is your commission check going to pay for that? If it’s not going to pay for that, then don’t go there. Never go beyond your commission check; let it grow until it meets your needs.

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Mary and Gary Young at Grand Convention 2016

This is what happens in network marketing so much of the time. People go beyond their commission check, and all of a sudden they’re out of money, and then they’re taking money out of their savings account. If you’re married and your husband or wife hasn’t caught the vision and suddenly they see you taking money out of the bank account to go see Jenny Brown in Timbuktu, then you’ve started a little bit of contention in your home.

Irrespective of whether your spouse or your partner has bought into your dream, your home life is the space you protect first. It’s up to you to teach those who reside in your home why you have this feeling, why you have this vision. Help them to understand it.

I listened to one of our brand ambassadors last night at the dinner talk about how his wife got into the oils, and he just thought it was absolutely total foolishness. “This is silly and I don’t want anything to do with it.” Then he got hurt. Sometimes when people are in pain, their pride reduces a little bit. In his misery, he humbled himself and let her put some oils on him. Today he’s a brand ambassador.

So this is our responsibility, because sometimes we have to lead people slowly.

Build at Home First

blogpic 061517GARY: Are you creating a business that will span the globe and last forever? How many are building globally? Yes! Now I’m going to say this—in fact, Mary, I’m going to let you just jump in here and tell them when they start, what they shouldn’t do. You have always told everyone, “When you start, build at home.”

MARY: Oh, yes! I find it fascinating that somehow people get in their minds the idea that when they live in say Colorado, they’ve absolutely got to sponsor somebody in Florida. Or they know somebody living in Germany, and they’ve got to sponsor that person in Germany. It makes no sense at all to do that. Number one, it costs you a lot of money in shipping if you’re sending out things. It costs you money and time if you’re going to get on an airplane and go there to help them. My goodness gracious, you can be become a Royal Crown Diamond within a 50-mile radius of your home. Build within your own environment.

GARY: And ability.

MARY:  It will automatically spread. It has tentacles, and you’ll find yourself going to Florida, going to Germany, going to Malaysia, etc. But don’t intentionally put that on yourself when you’re just starting. Let it grow peacefully, easily, when you can go with it, and you have lots of knowledge and understanding and know how to teach. When you go to those faraway places, you can’t just go to teach one person. You’ve got to teach 20, you’ve got to teach 100, you’ve got to teach 200. Make it worth your time and expense. So, begin at home. You will find many who want information, want your guidance and direction, and you don’t want to deny any single person who wants to know what you know.

GARY: Thank you, honey. Absolutely. It’s really important.

Paint the Full Picture

GARY: The next thing is to start building a structure on which to build your Young Living business. You’ve dug down below the frost level and eradicated all of the dream stealers around you. Maybe you had to choose new friends because your old friends wouldn’t support you, or they didn’t approve. Some people won’t approve of anything that’s different: they are afraid it might challenge their comfort zone, or they’ll lose power over you as their friend. So don’t go there. A true friend is somebody who empowers you and lifts you, even if he or she doesn’t have the same opinion.

Seeing a piece of your vision is all you need to start building your structure.

Seeing a piece of your vision is all you need to start building your structure.

It’s the same with your spouse. Mary doesn’t always agree with me and some of my decisions, because she doesn’t always see the full picture. But after I paint the picture, then she always supports me. Sometimes, for those of us who are that way, we need to take just a minute, slow down, and help our loved ones see the picture a little more clearly. That helps us lay the foundation to build greater and better things.

What kind of a structure are you building? Look at your commitment from the very beginning. Are you truly committed to your path, or are you just dabbling in it?

Those who do not commit are people who have not bought into the vision. Those who do not commit 100 percent are those who are insecure with their own decision. That happens because the decision wasn’t between you and your Creator. There wasn’t a connection there; there was a disconnect or disharmony, and your mind is talking back and forth to you in your head. “Oh, is this a good idea? I don’t know, maybe so. Well, let me think about it, I’ll talk about it, yadda, yadda, yadda,” and you give yourself a headache and wear yourself out.

If you want to be successful, grab it and go for it. Mary has often said, “Gary, it’s easy for you because when you see something, you see the whole picture.” That’s not 100 percent true. I don’t always see the whole picture. However, I see enough of the picture that I know that the rest will fill itself in as I go down the path. But, I’m not going to wait until the whole mural is painted before I start because it might take several years before that mural gets finished.

So start now. If you can see a piece of the vision, that’s all you need to start building your structure.

Embrace Your Power

GARY: When I decided to build Fort Nelson, I didn’t care how many people told me how cold it was. I didn’t care how many people had other opinions and ideas. I did my research, I made my decision, and I never looked back from the day I started.

There will always be dream stealers around you, but are you going to let them steal your dream? Thank you! You agree. You’re going to build your dream, and no one is going to stop you.

Scott and Brenda Schuler

Scott and Brenda Schuler

I remember a couple that was right here on stage today. I love them to pieces and wouldn’t ever, ever mention the names of Brenda and Scott. I know their story and I know how Brenda started out, and I know how Scott kind of thought, “This is snake oil; thisis weird.” Scott is a chiropractor and he had a good practice. It took a few years for him to come around, but he grabbed onto it because Scott also is a truth seeker. Now look at where they are. It’s so beautiful to see.

Let me give you something else to think about. You women have power in you, because you were given something special that the guys weren’t given by the Creator, and you need to understand what that is. You were given the power of co-creation; and when you’re given the power of cocreation, you’re given the ability to be in touch with the spirit 24/7, and many of you will get information before we hardheaded guys will.

Embrace it and be proud of it. That doesn’t mean we men can’t be guided; it means that sometimes men are a little slower on the draw because we’re busy trying to figure out how to put food on the table. But those of you who are in tune with the Spirit will grab it and run with it, and that’s what you feel. It will change your life—and that’s good.


Be a Truth Seeker

GARY: When you embrace something, second thoughts may arise; and this is what causes failure. If you make a choice to embrace something, many thoughts have run through your mind. Mary, you made a choice to join Young Living nearly 23 years ago.

Mary and Vonn Harting, 2001.

Mary and Vonn Harting, 2001.

MARY: Yes, I did.

GARY: How many thoughts ran through your mind and for how many months?

MARY: For a couple of years, I had been looking for a company that I could really believe in that offered high value to mankind. I became excited when I learned about all the biblical references relating to essential oils. I have always said that people who look for truth recognize it when they hear it.

I am a truth seeker and I absolutely heard truth. I knew I had found something really great, and so I signed up immediately and started on my quest for more information.

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Mary Young at LEVEL II Training, 2001.

I always told people in my organization, “If you hear about something and you’re curious, go to the meeting, go see what it’s about.” I didn’t say, “Oh no, you can’t go there; oh no, they might try to take you away, they might try to change your mind.” If you are a truth seeker, nothing can change your mind. That very attitude is what brought me to where I am today.

GARY: Thank you, honey. And this is my point. When you made the choice, you had already thought it through, and then you made the decision to join Young Living.

If you want to be successful, you throw your heart and soul into it 1,000 percent. Don’t pretend. If you’re trying to hide it, trying to keep it away from your family or friends or somebody else because you think they’re going to ridicule you, you have not fully engaged emotionally and spiritually, and you end up building a wall around yourself.