Essential Oils Produced on YLEO Global Farms

Guayaquil, Ecuador, Farm: Amazonian Ylang Ylang, Dorado Azul, Blue Eucalyptus, Ruta,

Lemongrass, Ocotea, Vetiver, Rosemary, Basil, Plectranthus Oregano, Mastrante, Geranium, Palo Santo, Ishpingo, Rosamorta, Cardamon, Hyssop, Thyme

Mona, Utah, Farm: Lavender, German Chamomile, Hyssop, Clary Sage, Goldenrod, Peppermint, Juniper

St. Maries, Idaho, Farm: Melissa, Lavender, Tansy, Yarrow

Highland Flats, Naples, Idaho, Farm: Scotch Pine, Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Fir, Grand Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Balsam Fir,

Iquitos, Peru, Farm: Rosewood (coming soon)

Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, Farm: Lavender, Lavandin, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Helichrysum.

Salalah, Oman, Farm: Sacred Frankincense, Myrrh, Sweet Myrrh

Following the Seed to Seal commitment, many Young Living partner farms worldwide produce pure, genuine, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Young Living's lush lavender fields at the Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, Farm.

Young Living’s lush lavender fields at the Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, Farm.


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