What Might Have Been

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Gary’s father owned hunting land in the most majestic territory in Idaho, yet he wouldn’t capitalize on the greatest opportunity of his life.

Folks, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to write a volume about what you don’t want to be. Just identify one thing that you don’t want to be. You know, for me, I didn’t want to be poor. I watched people make fun of my dad behind his back because we were poor.  And yet my dad had the greatest opportunity in his life.

When I was growing up as a boy, he was a big game guy, an outfitter, and had the largest territory in the state of Idaho. After he sold it, the man who bought it from him divided it into six regions, sold five of them, and kept one; he made a great living off of one-sixth of what my dad had.

I was just so frustrated to watch this. I said to my dad when I was 15 years old, “Dad, let’s go to the bank and borrow the money to build cabins down along the creek so that we can rent them out to hunters. Let’s get some new pack gear and set up some camps in the mountains, and let’s start advertising and taking people in the summertime on fishing pack trips and photo pack trips.”

We lived in the most majestic place in Idaho—among the mountains. Where we lived, we were right at the foot of Twin Peaks, which was the second highest mountain in the state. We were 9 miles from it. Our hunting territory went from our home all the way to the Sawtooths in western Idaho, and it was just huge. I had ridden almost every mile of that country on a horse. It didn’t matter whether it was Rocky Mountain big-horn sheep that we hunted, or cougar, or bear, or elk, or big mule deer–it was all in our territory. We had such a phenomenal opportunity!

I had said, “Dad, if you will do this, I’ll take a full-time job from school, and I’ll make the payments on the loan; but they won’t make the loan to me at age 15.”

But he said, “No, I am not going to go into debt.”

5 thoughts on “What Might Have Been

  1. What an inspiration you are to the rest of us to stay free from the banks and debt. As I build my YL business I know one day I will be free from the debt and free to be and live! Thank you for leading the way!

  2. Had your father capitalized on HIS opportunity, YOU may never have taken the journey of your life in essential oils! If you were helping to lead pack trips in Idaho, you’re thumbprint on this world would most likely be much smaller. Thanks to your dad for YOU!

  3. Gary

    What an inspiring and yet tragic story. We need more people like you who can ‘think bigger’ for others AND be able to do something about it, like what you do by creating Young Living. You make it possible for others to MAKE it big by helping others.

    thank you!


  4. Wow, what an amazing insight you have Gary. To make this world a better place. Those dreams are what carry one forward in life. We all have them and an opportunity to do our best by them.

  5. Gary, I know you don’t know me but I am am a YL member and so impressed with Young Living. You have created an atmosphere e for many member to use the oils, to share the oils and gain more knowledge. Recently I attended the Raindrop training in Liverpool NY and learned just a little bit more.
    I just read your story and was touched. I have been impressed with the YL products since I joined several yrs ago. I attended the YL conference once when I first started.
    I was a nutritionist for 18 yrs, went to nursing school late in life and then had the pleasure to work for a holistic MD and a major medical center.
    I used to use the holistic MD’s infra-red sauna on Fri. nights when everyone went home, his laser, etc. I used just a few of my favorite oils in the sauna at work a few times….and I noticed signs all over about using ‘perfume’ and how it was offensive to others, etc. I thought…they can’t mean my oils? (they did) I got a few others to use the oils in the office so it was almost a losing battle…and now the doctor has diffusers and diffuses YL oils in the office and in the IV room where many people come when they are sick, or just for preventative measures to get a Meyer’s IV or vitamin C IV. When I am in the IV room and people ask about the oils I give them an oil or information and tell them to call me still to this day. I am generous with my oils in order to spread the knowledge to others to promote holistic health.
    After nursing school I got a used EO Desk Reference as a gift, I found two distributors names and numbers in the book, called them both and signed up under one of them and the rest is history.
    I recently moved and felt so sick after I moved. I attributed it to the move and all the work needed to complete such a big task…but after a lengthy hospitalization (that almost killed me) I was diagnosed with a double (two species) West Nile viral infection. Nothing helped me as much as the raindrop treatment when I got home. I had encephalitis and probably meningitis and those antiviral oils really did the trick. I am working on a health care proxy now to include the Raindrop, Vitamin C IVs , my diffusers and private homecare in case something as serious ever happens again. I basically laid in a bed for 30 days, I got one IV of regular fluids in the last 14 days of my hosiptalization, I couldn’t eat and was told they were “just going to let me die!”. I was using a walker…and so weak from all the traditional pain meds they gave me.
    My home physical therapist that I had for a month after my discharge is also “into” the YL oils. I gave him my old desk reference, the first one I got as a gift..and a few oils to have fun with at home on my last treatment day as a little gift for his kindness. He kept texting me over and over again about how the oils were making him feel, how he got better after the flu using the oils..and they were helping!
    Because you did what you believed in a long time ago you have just helped (and saved) so many…you have not only helped me and I am always lucky like that, but…. have influenced so many others in my immediate circle.
    I am making the Bug Spray I saw on the YL site, I just ordered more oils for my Physical Therapist…I gave a diffuser and oils to a young man just going into medical school and I will keep on spreading your word…

    West Nile Virus is in more places than the typical places….even in Buffalo in a suburban back yard! The bug spray recipe can save a lot of others from getting severely ill…and maybe even save someone from death.

    I am glad I had the oils and many other holistic things in place to use after I got home. I got Raindrop treatments twice a week after I got home. Now I am doing very well compared to others I have read about on line!
    Thanks for your personal story and continued quest for better things in life, for your determination and for your expertise many others have led better and healthier lives.
    It is truly a privilege to be involved in Young Living….
    Nancy K

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