Learn to Show Gratitude

Gary Young with horse at Balsam harvest
This photo of Gary is with one of his horses at the balsam and cedar harvest. Many years ago, when he was cutting hay with a team of horses for his father, he received the one and only compliment his father ever gave him.

The single most important ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get along with people. Without it, most achievements are not possible, and even what we do achieve will feel hollow. Show gratitude to the loyal people in your inner circle today.

This is an area in my life that I have to really work at, because I get so dialed in to what I’m doing that sometimes I don’t take the time to back up and really show gratitude and appreciation to some of my closest people. I know that part of the reason why is because of what I’ve had to deal with in my life.

The only compliment my father gave me was when I was 9 years old. My sister Nancy’s father-in-law lived down the canyon from us, and he bought a tractor that later broke down. He came up to the farm where I was out in the field cutting hay with the team. Dad was bringing out my lunch and another team, and we were changing teams as this man came by. He said, “You know, my tractor broke down and I’ve got hay that I’ve got to cut, or I’m going to lose it.”

Dad said, “Yeah.”

So he said, “Well, I was wondering if I could hire your boy to come and cut hay for me.”

My dad thought about it and said, “As soon as Gary’s finished with this field, I suppose he could come down and cut your hay. But it’ll cost you the wages of five men.”  That’s the only compliment he ever gave me in my life.

8 thoughts on “Learn to Show Gratitude

  1. Yes, Gary, and we must first remember to give gratitude to the Highest Spirit that is within us and glorify and safeguard that. This means being very careful about the people with whom we choose to associate, work and play. “Watering” their good may bear fruit and help them along their path, but sometimes the timing of each “spirits'” growth is off with our own.

    First, honor thy God and the right people will be there for you. This is truly what I’ve learned.

    God bless you, always, Gary ~ and Mary and the wonderful people you surround yourself with now.

    Highest Essence of Life,
    Kara Harman ~ #762343
    New York City
    [St. Maries Lavender Harvest, ’04’

  2. I know exactly where you are comming from. I totaly love my Dad as I know he did the very best he knew how.

  3. It sounds like you had quite a childhood. It didn’t matter what I did right Mom always said.” you could have gotten 100 on that exam”. I got 98. Then my husband took over for the next 44 years.
    I am making a concentrated effort at 66.5 to go forward. I like your blog.

  4. What a compliment that was Gary and so sorry that you heard so little after that. What you have given the world and so many in terms of your courage, faith and raw determination as a shining light for all ~ hopefully offers a balance from the past. Showing gratitude and offering a compliment can be a simple, altho difficult thing to remember. Thanks for your honesty.

  5. what a compelling and also a strong message to so many of us who have had parents who could not share how they feel towards their children and how it affects us as an adult. Thanks for this D. Gary Young.,

    a new young living distributor

    Donna Kirk
    from Saskatchewan, Canada

  6. I want to express my gratitude for the assistance you have given those of us in Oklahoma. Not only by sending oils to be used on our First Responders, but free shipping on my orders has been a wonderful blessing. I have already used several bottles of oils that release negative emotions. Just driving through town brings negative thoughts due to the magnitude of destruction. To make matters worse, we have had much rain which has stalled clean-up efforts. It will be many months before Moore is back to normal, but we will return for we are Moore Strong.

    Lela French, Distributor
    Moore, Oklahoma

  7. Thanks for sharing the compliment from your father. Worth remembering!
    So sorry it was the only one you remember. Perhaps his father never did compliment him either.
    I will work on giving more compliments…starting now. Thank you so very much for your dedication to helping others with their health concerns.
    Where would we be without Young Living?… we would be in the dark, so to speak.
    I am eager to learn more about replacement hormones for men, as the Progessense Plus for women is awesome. Looking forward to other new products, as well as trying more of the traditional ones. My 2 favorite oils are Helichrysum, and Melissa, and I love Dream Catcher and Valor.

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